US plans to relocate troops from Germany to Poland | DW News

US plans to relocate troops from Germany to Poland | DW News

things are looking up for the u.s. polish alliance Trump welcomed his guests polish president Andrea Duda with an f-35 fly over the polls want to purchase more than 30 of the u.s. made fighter jets a deal like that gets a reward over a fireplace chat Trump suggested a thousand additional troops could be relocated from Germany to Poland we have 52,000 troops in Germany and Germany is not living up to what they're supposed to be doing with respect to NATO and Poland is have to congratulate you thank you very much Poland is seeking more security from the u.s. to quell its concerns about Russian activity as well as military equipment the two leaders signed a multi-billion dollar deal for the sale of US liquefied gas to Poland for duda the international visit is also about national politics Poland will hold parliamentary elections later this year shortly before the vote Duda wants Trump to make an appearance to take part in world war ii commemorations mr. president we all hope that you'll visit us in Poland in September when we mark the anniversary of the invasion by Nazi Germany Oleg Lee is Genaro gave our initiative extra Trump says he'll consider the invitation for what would be his second official visit to Poland let's get more on the story now with our political correspondent Thomas Farrow he's standing by for us hi Thomas we heard Donald Trump again lashing out at Germany over its military spending what did you make of his comments well the key word to me is again it is not necessarily new what Trump has indicated he uses every possible chance to lash out at Germany's defense spending he says Germany hasn't been spending enough on the common defense he has also criticized Germany once again on North stream Donald Trump is particularly critical of Germany's planned nordstrom through projects because he believed Germany would be hostage to Russian interest so these are not necessarily new words from Donald Trump but they do reveal once again the difficult situation that the transatlantic relationship is facing you mentioned North stream that's the pipeline that brings gas from Russia to Germany and as you said Donald Trump has some particularly strong words to say there let's listen to what he said I mean Germany made a decision to buy a tremendous percentage of their energy from Russia Germany whether they should be doing that or not they're the ones that have the power to block it they shouldn't buy it or if they want to they can but that's really a decision of Germany I'm not saying that I would be in favor I think the German people aren't very happy about it because it really makes Germany a hostage of Russia if things ever happen okay Thomas these comments are not new from the US president but still should the German government be worried about them and warnings of a potential sanctions as well I think in a way they are worried there are political implications here there are economic implications here as well so obviously the German government and German authorities in general are looking at these statements very carefully but when we look at Donald Trump and his comments on Nordstrom too we have to also understand that there are economic interests for the u.s. at hand Donald Trump posted about the u.s. becoming an extremely important energy supplier and in fact the u.s. signed a contract with Poland when it comes to LNG to liquefy national natural gas so it's not only about politics and his criticism of Germany and Russia it is also very much about the US economic interest as well he assuming our political correspondent Thomas Sparrow reporting for us good to talk to you Thomas

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  1. That's because Poland actually pays their required amount towards NATO defense spending and Germany does not. Poland buys US gas, Germany buys Russian gas. Germany will have to fend for themselves if/when Russia turns off their gas supplies (and they will now hold Germany hostage because of this). Merkel is really screwing things up for Germany. I feel sorry for the Germans that don't want her in office anymore.

  2. That’s good US out from Germany so if they want to fight Russia let it be for Germany that’s what they always want poke poke Russia

  3. It was not said during the video, but the United States also agreed on helping Poland in the construction of their first nuclear power plant.
    In the meantime Polish government also decided on the construction of Baltic Pipe between North-Western port city of Świnoujście and Denmark, that would supply the nation with neutral Norwegian gas. Polish energetical strategy is not really to rely more on the US to become less dependent from Russian gas, but the diversification of energy sources in general. The Polish government is doing a great job in this field.

  4. There have been protests from the population against the US-military-presence in Germany for years. American nuclear weapons are stored in Germany to keep russia in check. It makes Germany a target. It were the german politicians defending the presence of those troops, even after the NSA wiretaped chancelor Merkels phone, an ally that sent soldiers into a US-war after they triggered articel 5 after 9/11. No other NATO member has triggerd that articel so far by the way.

    I don t think most Germans will be too sad with those troops leaving. Its basicially the US hurting themselves… I am curious how Putin will react with US troops moving closer to Moscow, not even mentioning the russian territory that is right next to Polands eastern border (Kaliningrad ?)

  5. USA has paid the expenses for many NATO forces, and supported Europe since before World War 2. 9.5 Million Polish Americans support the President's promises to Poland.

  6. I really support such idea, before the Russians could enter the heart of Europe it should passed and destroy the ultimate buffer or checkpoint which is Poland. And Germans should be happy for that cause if there is a war between the EU and Russia it will be fought first in Poland and not in Germany and the Allies could have a time to prepare to counter for a coming invasion to the respective EU countries. Wir vertrauen einfach auf Gott.

  7. Germans are a hard-headed but generous people–actually they are like Americans and English in this regard. Down through the years GIs have married German girls, have developed close relationships with German families. Pains me to see this political rift getting so serious.

  8. When Poland had lower taxes all the companies were leaving Europe and going to Poland because it was cheaper now with higher energy prices all the companies will be leaving Poland and going back to Germany Poland will not be able to compete with higher energy prices. When they try to stop buying American ng The US will threaten them with the military that they have there and use the military base to undermine the Polish government and control the society

  9. This is great. Everyone gets exactly what they want. Poland gets more troops, more war planes and more expensive LNG. How cool is that? The Polish citizens can be a hostage of the USA now; and in the future, they will be an excluded state from the divided European Union.

  10. Relocating American forces to an increasingly reactionary, Christo-fascist regime conveys a bad message.

  11. poles are not smart people, ask the koreans and the japanese people they will be very happy when the american left because they are a leech that just don't want to go away.yankee soldiers has been raping the local girls and the rapists could not be arrested by local polices,poles wake up

  12. Does it make sense to keep the troops in Germany? Poland is closer to Russia and last time east Germany and Poland suffered a lot from Russia. Maybe this movement of Troops will keep the front closer to Russia and less suffering for our European brothers and sisters in the next step of Russian aggression. (Also I am not a trump supporter)

  13. I think the US should give NATO an ultamatum, either Germany is kicked out or the US Quits. The US can form a new alliance with countries that don't just use the US the way Germany shamelessly does. Germany is no ally of the US. It's also time for tariffs and sanctions against Germany.

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