100 thoughts on “US military wife writes an open letter to Kurdish soldiers

  1. Enough is enough those that choose not to respond to the requests of the House should go to jail now! No more games for this moron in chief!
    TRUMP for PRISON 2020

  2. Wow! Pretty amazing bringing the reality home to us. trump only sees friends who are our enemies. Upside down everyday!

  3. Is Trump wrong – I believe so – but I don't think any of us realize how utterly screwed up the mess Trump just created. I think what pains me on this one is: 1. The Kurdish fighters have been ardent supporters and it turns my stomach to see us turn our back on someone that has been loyal to not just us but to the world in this fashion. When they fought ISIS they didn't just aid American National Security they aided every country on the planet lest we forget how many British, French, German, American children were getting sucked into that cult of death. 2. Turkey is an Ally and NATO member. In this mess we have to accept that they have a valid concern due to terror cells they have faced in their own southern boarders (think of it like this – how nuts would we be if rather than basically decent people immigrating in from Mexico, what if they were suicide bombers blowing up Malls, Coffee shops and school bus stops? Do you understand why Turkey is as put off about the situation as they are?) 3. Russia has a treaty with Syria. If Syria and Turkey don't see eye to eye then you tell me – do we no longer just have Proxy Wars going on between the US And Russia? Anyone who understands history might take a look at how small of a thing it takes to give this planet a World War. 4. When Turkey steps over the boarder into Syria to secure itself from terror cells that formulate there and move into Turkey it is infringing on Syria's national Sovereignty lest we forget – the Kurdish people are a people without a recognized nation. That invasion steps onto the Syrian Russian treaties. Turkey may be acting against the Kurds who have aided us greatly but in the mater of sovereignty, Turkey is actually attacking Syria unless Syria has given them express permission to have armed soldiers cross the border, conduct military operations, take lives, destroy property, occupy a portion of their nation and detain persons of Syrian citizenship. 5. The sadder thing still is why Kurdistan is no longer a nation. In essence the Kurds were promised a homeland at the end of WW1 in 1920 (a large part of that to come out of southern Turkey, Northern Iraq and Iran); however, in 1923 with the treaty of Lausanne we neglected to give them what was promised only 3 years earlier and next year will mark 100 years they have basically been homeless as a result of that.

  4. Trump is a bumbling coward who is making Putin very happy. First, he withholds aids to Ukraine, knowing Putin is invading Urkraine. Then, he withdraws abruptly from Syria and leaves the Kurds to die, because Putin is the KingMaker and propping up Assad. Trump betrayed our allies. But you know what, Trump blasts many of the ex-cabinet secretaries who served him faithfully – General Mathis, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Scaramucchi, Spicer, .. he called these people morons or whatever. I don't like these Republicans, but Trump not only ditched them but insulted all his loyal men. Trump stands only for Trump, and no one else.

  5. People are literally getting killed and to him it's just a school yard fight?!
    "Donald Trump: Profile of a Sociopath"

    1. Anti-social personality disorder:

    No conscience
    No empathy
    No remorse
    No guilt
    No respect for others
    No respect for commitments
    No integrity
    No compassion
    Will Lie, cheat or steal
    Over-reacts to smallest Slight
    Superficial charm
    Emotionally shallow
    Grandiose sense of Own worth
    Fails to accept responsibility for his actions

    2. Narcissistic personality disorder:

    a. Exaggerated feelings of self-importance
    b. Excessive need for admiration
    c. Lack of empathy

  6. Abandoning the kurds? We should have never been to Syria in the first place. Syria belongs the Syrian people not any other terrorist group as what their president has said. The Kurds is just used as an excuse to invade syria they are part of the syrian opposition like any other militant group that the CIA created in order to topple Assad. Spending millions upon billions of american tax dollars training and arming these groups. All the kurds want is the territory of northern syria to complete kurdistan. Eventually they will go back to their own like they always do and all it takes is just a slight push, a major power that would threatened the kurds. When the SAA was winning against the FSA the majority fighters among commanders went back to side with the Syrian government and the same will happen with the kurds. Talks between the syrians and the kurds is what should have happened.


  8. Cadet bone spurs talking about fighting what a joke you are Trump one more thing no Trump ever served in the military

  9. The occupant’s HUGE investments in Turkey are safe. A massive, despicable betrayal all for his investments. Erdogan owns Trump alongside Putin…. what a tragedy for our allies, The Kurds.

  10. Do ya'll stupid ass Trump supporters see what ya'll are doing other country taking us as a joke cuz of Trump. He doesn't know what the hell he is doing

  11. All of his bullshit, his shit policies, his shit executive disorder, lies the corruption, the law breaking this is the worst. He chose to abandon an ally that has immediately led to the deaths of men women and children of the of only true ally in that region we had. In one tweet he showed his cowardness and his greed. How compromised he is by money and dirt on him. He has allowed the slaughter of innocent people with an attitude of i don't give a fuck. This must stop or we will lose even more on the World stage.

  12. it all boils down to petrol flowing thru turkey…kurdish lives dont matter…Erdogan wants the cash which went missing from isis

  13. The ONLY honorable thing we could've done for the Kurds – our faithful allies- would be to airlift all of them, fighters and families and relocate them to the United States.

  14. The fate of TRUMP and his CRONIES – What should we do? I think we could make a world wide reality show where votes are taken to see what happens to each of Trumps people and save TRUMP himself for the season finally ! We could get all kinds of money from internet gaming. Maybe the catch phrase could be "you're fired!" or "READY AIM FIRE" wonder if PUTIN would play?

  15. As an American Kurd I am shamed of what Trump has done to image of America around the world and betrayel of the strong and loyal allie the Kurds! I dont know what else Trump has to do for us Americans to understand that this moron ( Donald Trump ) is a russian elected presedent to the USA where he puts our county is danger from islamic radikals, russia, iran, north korea and every possible country that does not like our way of living! He has got to be the most retirted person in the worl!! He wants our troops to come home so the russians and iranians can control the region and benifit from it!!

  16. Pro war CNN creating propaganda so more people will get killed, so that CNN ratings can improve. A sick war mongering propaganda arm of the Democrats.

  17. Wow Trump is such a moron. He comparing War to a school yard fight. What a clown. Haha. He is hilarious will messing with peoples lives.

  18. Pelosi and Schiff working on the COUP  visiting with leader from Jordan and Afghanistan . The American workers and President Trump have the right to be mad as hell.
    “It’s pretty clear to me that Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the leftwing Intelligence Committee Democrats colluding on this attempted  COUP. Now I know as a fact that anti-Trump attorney Mark Zaid with Adan Schiff’s committee was working with this leftwing democrat CIA whistleblower, changing the whistleblower rules to include "rumors" "gossipy" a Month before the report. Now anybody can write a complaint just for the hell of it. I know more corrupt CIA officials will write complaints. 
    “Concerning the complaint, it looked like it was written by a team of anti- Trump attorneys. Intelligence doesn’t write that way. We see the very detailed legal footnotes to this. This, I think, was a setup job, a coup that included others, probably activist attorney  Mark Zaid, Adan Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and attorneys with the House Democrats Intelligence Committee.”

  19. So let me get this right; we complain about world policing and we are finally getting out everyone's up in arms please…

  20. I have an anonymous open letter to the Main Stream Media from a high level DNC leader. She says in it that indeed the Main Stream Media has been working in conjunction with the DNC to spread FAKE NEWS aka OUT RIGHT LIES to corrupt the political process and confuse the Citizens of the United States.

  21. In the past 3 years I have felt many new feelings about who I am as an American, and a lot of that has been feelings of shame, regret, fear, etc but, this thing we’re doing to the Kurds & Syrians is a whole new kind of shame..its disgraceful. It’s so un American that I could barely identify these feelings because this is unprecedented! This is not who we are ! Well, I guess it is now.

  22. This is why you do not put a conman in office.Despite the fact of the mans record the information was out there.That he is a crook.Well now the world will look at the us.As no longer to be counted on.For those of you voted for this man.Know this the trouble that coming our way is because of you.And you will suffer a long with every body else.You have given your kids a darker more dangerous world.You will try to blame others but you know you had a hand in this mess.And some day your kids are gonna ask you why did you vote for this man?And I thought you were way smarter than this!!!

  23. How can anyone with any level of intelligence still stand by this Pres. I have a hard time just calling that. He has done everything he can to KISS Putins ASS and why
    Did Putin tell him he can build his hotel when this is over. The most selfish money hungry dick I have ever heard of

  24. It would be funny as hell to hear what he tells himself while he looks at himself in the mirror. He already gives himself fake awards. F. A. S.

  25. Trump supporters can't admit to themselves, that Trump is a treasonous, cowardly, sick,sad, pitiful, dangerous, sell-out to Putin, they feel no shame listen to Trump it's very, very sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. This president is a traitor to our country and a murder in my opinion. No one wants war forever, but there are ways to leave your allies when it’s time and this is NOT it. His reasoning is BS!! Don’t tell me you give a crap about our soldiers when you sell them to Iraq!! and WHO will benefit??! RUSSIA, TURKEY, AND IRAN!!! This President is selling us out for his own interests. Period.

  27. Need for Impeachment/ 25th Amendment gets more urgent DAILY for Captain Corruption Mulvaney & Trump's CrimesR-Us! "Get Over It!" (We're even selling T-shirts)  $$$ "Administration"!

  28. I wouldn't be overly concerned about the Kurds, they've been stealing land from people for ages, like the Armenians. They got to keep the homes of any Armenians they killed, which of course was plenty. Most recently they've been stealing land from the Assyrian Christians. Maybe someone should thank them for that, huh? Kurds home is Kurdistan, so that land in Syria is obviously not rightfully theirs. It's the Assyrians. Notice how the word Assyria has the word Syria in it, while Kurdistan does not?

  29. This letter was writing by a woman that as all the personal traits missing from the President of the United States of America.

  30. I'm a war veteran who fought side by side with allies. I've shed tears everyday since this decision from Trump. My tears are for the Kurds and for the U.S. soldiers and their families. I pray that God forgive me for the HATE that I feel towards TRUMP.

  31. I've noticed that when trump speak at different rallies there are black supporters behind on both sides. My question is who are they,? Are they offered a chance to be on national TV? Are they paid? Are they told when to show their teeth? How can a black American, especially a dark skinned black person living in America that watches the local or Nstional news stand or sit sit behind this president and cheer him on with a smile? Its shows the stupidly of a race of people that smiles and support a president that has the least number of Black people working in his White House. He fired Bkack staff that had been working in different positions f poi r many y re ars, and called the only Black woman on h iui s staff and called her a Bitch, and call black football as ll players who these same black supporters watch on TV SOB'S. I really dont understand how a Black person can stop so low to be seen on national TV to support a President that despises and has tried to repeal everything the Black president before him did to make life better for lower income Americans?.I worked in the adv. commerical industry once and I wouldnot put my face on a product tha I did not believe in. I look at the blacks showing all their teeth smiling behind Trump and I ask myself what people will do to be on TV…….

  32. The U.S. Senate is the key to removing tRump….write or call your Senator…let them know if not for yourself for the Kurds and humanity….

  33. I am a christian from indonesia always support the kurds in order to gain victory against bastard aggressor ….stupid turkish president. God never let kurds alone. They'll fight with dignity…never feel fear….they'd proved it in long time war. Shame on u erdogan….cruel killer

  34. Saving those troops by sending them to the MIDDLE EAST. This guy is a prostitute if you ever seen one. I mean the guy wears a wig on his head.

  35. lol, Dear Deplorable, here you have your orange traitor's REAL line in the sand.

    I remember all the Deplorable after Trump ordering the useless and harmless firing of some 50 missiles after Syrian chemical attack as Trump being tough and drawing a line in the sand as President Obama couldn't. Yet, it all ends with Trump giving away EVERYTHING to Russia, Syria, and Iran. What a tough "treasonous" guy the con man is. Just like the Deplorable themselves.

  36. Aww…Poor CNN. Trying so hard to get American soldiers into more conflicts so they can make money reporting on it. Warmongering corporate SCUM!

  37. Yet her identity must be protected because Trump would attack her. How about that? The so called president would go after a military wife for disagreeing with his stupid move.

  38. Trump is "Everything We Do Not Want Our Children to Be!" Go Away Trump for the sake of his sorrowful passion!!

  39. I fully support Trump decision to withdraw US soldiers from Syria. It was Obama that sent US military to Syria. We do not have business to be there.

  40. Goes to show how trump supporters support this crap, to me they are all communist that think everything trump is doing to the Kurds is okay, after trump will they still wear their red communist hats?

  41. Zionist Evangelical criminal Enterprise 😂 the new revised Machiavellian edition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,the word of lies, corruption and betrayal, ordained by God no forbidden

  42. What Kords want from us? Blood? We helped and saved them from I.S.I.S and payed them more than they deserve to defend themselves.

  43. What they won't tell you is that some of our brave special forces and rangers have broken ranks and refuse to leave them. Much thanks and gratitude for that letter… the majority of The People stand with the Kurds… Trump RESIGN and face the music. Erdogan is not welcome back on American soil after his thugs attacked Americans… there is a BOLO out and they will be arrested…. NO DPL privileges.

  44. What a compelling, meaningful letter! I'm sure a lot of other military wives feel this way even if they can't express it so eloquently! Beautiful, well worded letter.

  45. The one comment was correct! You blow up the base, when your falling back (USMC Terms) or retreating (US Army term) this is a a retreat!

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  47. As awful as it is to to suggest it is a continued thought that if and when ISIS returns to the United States very likely as a reaction of their bother for being imprisoned and to avenge the deaths of some of their own, Trump Tower stands out and strikes as the first and only location to pursue.

  48. This man's behavior is beneath the office of a president. He sound like a mafia boss.This gangster has no morals and no value for life .saying let them fight. He will have to answer to God for all the evil he has perpetuated.

  49. The people in the United States military have a choice. The president of the United States can't force you to be gutless, treacherous, trifling, cowards. I could not come home. Look my children in the eye. Knowing that I lead other precious children to slaughter. Punish me as you please. I wouldn't and couldn't do it.

  50. Not the withdrawal of troops to leave Kurdish forces haning , but when you set out to strike in any military campaign you automatically create opportunities to be struck …same in assassination warfare amongst assassins …when you hold a position in war much as a wrestler if you do not finish it and make them tap out while you lock the position you will suffer atrophy and your opponent will turn you and beat you , so it does not match this isolated case but …people should delve into deeper aspects of war and the laws of osmosis , when stripping patterns to their origin ….great reporting ..keep kicking. ass free press

  51. tRump knows he is lying. tRump is making sure that he keeps his businesses in Turkey paying out to him. Plus he will get a cut of the oil that Turkey will steal from the Kurds

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