100 thoughts on “US defense chief: We didn’t sign up to defend Kurds from NATO ally

  1. Trump is protecting his commercial interests in Turkey, he doesn't give a shit about IS, about security in the Middle East. Trump cares about his property interests only. One wonders what was REALLY said in that phone call!

  2. So he's admitting ISIS is an uncontained threat that could capture and generate revenue from unattended oilfields, and yet ISIS isn't a threat, so we can go home now?

  3. Why do I feel like everybody's forgotten that the real villain here is Assad. The way he handled the initial protests was brutal, and led directly to civil war. I'm ashamed that the US only intervened under pretense of fighting ISIS, we should have been fighting Assad. The whole region needs to be reworked to acknowledge the fact that the Kurds are a people who deserve self determination.

  4. Hey CNN, on August 21, the Syrian military had attacked rebel-controlled areas of the Damascus suburbs with chemical weapons, killing nearly 1,500 civilians, including more than 400 children. Obama's Red Line was crossed and he DID NOTHING!! How do you feel about that? What's your view??

  5. I hope people realize we didnt leave and then they got invaded. They got invaded and we left.

    Gotta love freedom. 'Murica!

  6. I feel ill… I thought we valued freedom and human rights. I thought we valued allies fighting a common foe. I remember a number of articles crediting the Kurds for much of the offensive against ISIS. This is their reward…. ugh….

  7. EXACTLY. you liberals are so excited to see Americans die in northern syria defending terrorist rebels for nothing, and it's gross

  8. It's all smoke and mirrors with these Trump apologists. Can ANY of them give a straight answer to a straight question? Or is the cognitive dissonance and obfuscation so deeply entrenched that it's strangling their consciences?

  9. This guy is a joker… what the hell is he ranting about? 30k ft strategy? he's sold his sole… from a soldier to a politician… shame on you. worthless dog.

  10. I get the feeling that if this guy had been in charge during the cold war and the Warsaw Pact sent troops into Germany heading for the ports in France, he would have ordered the evacuation of all US Forces in Europe and left the Germans to fend for themselves.

  11. How did we wind up being led by such scum? This is a stain on our country that will not go away. Come next election day, remember the party that enabled this behavior.

  12. We didn’t sign up to defend Saudi Arabia, while they stab us in the back.
    This administration is full of lies. All liars who have a following of 35 percent of “ I really don’t believe trump, but I’m a racist who hates all but white christians”
    Roy Moore as well, screw Kurds as they didn’t help in Normandy, screw trump, he didn’t help in Vietnam!

  13. Are you kidding me? More then 100 isis fighters escape?!!! To even loose 1 isis member escape is dangerous!! I mean look at the past attacks… it only took 19 terrorists to cause 9/11 and they killed maybe 3k people either from the attack itself or the side effects from the attack and now imagine what 100 isis members can do???
    maybe I have a odd way of looking at but that does worry me… and then how this is all being handled just seems sloppy and irresponsible

  14. Why can't American journalist confront this administration like European journalist do. If they did we probably wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. How can he say we have a bond with the Kurds and applaud them for fighting with us then say we have no obligation to defend them in the very next breath? So it was ok for them to die helping us but now we shouldnt stop them from being completely wiped out? Mark my words there will be a large terrorist attack in America over this dumbass decision by trump. Don't know when, who, or how but it will happen.

  15. Great interview Mark. You handled her well and give a view that they do not discuss – the other side. CNN always has an agenda. Often to subvert the administration, and thus the nation's business and office of the President. With approaches like CNN who betray their beginnings, journalism, and the right of the press, we are considering a petition to regulate CNN. CNN wants Facebook regulated. CNN needs to be regulated, since by their inflammatory words, acts of divisiveness that disturb the peace at home, embarrassing our nation before the world for entertainment value, and all bring harm to people. In the past when entities abuse rights, so much to harm people, the government must step in – it is time. CNN is helping to divide our nation or are a cutout for some force unwittingly.

  16. Lets put some things in prospective. When Nancy Pelosi asked Trump why Troops were being sent to Syria Trumps response was, they are paying for it.

    Now remember Trump has always blabbed his mouth talking about why we fight other peoples wars and how they should pay us.

    So Trump basically sees our Military as his personal group of mercenaries, who will simply be sent to the highest bidder.

    This is why troops were pulled out. To babysit Syria's Oil Fields. Trump will bring a few hundred soldiers home for appearance and PR. But thousands will now be Syria's personal bodyguards now.

  17. So now the Trump Vladministration suddenly loves NATO!? Convenience diplomacy is the surest way to gross incompetence and imperilment of the nation. Erdogan is milking NATO status for all its worth.

  18. Don’t shake the hand of Mark Traitor Esper for his has the blood of our allies, the blood of slaughtered Kurds on his hands.

  19. Actually Sir, when you enlisted you signed up to complete whatever Mission that was assigned to you. So yes you did! If you don't feel that way then get out of the military! We serve the people, not just Americans, but humanity! That's what we do! As a veteran I'm appalled by this Trump racist rhetoric! This is about World peace .

  20. Finally!!! Finally, a U.S. politician is telling the whole truth, almost the whole truth—he has to water it down because of domestic pressure (I refer you to phrases like irresponsible
    behavior of the Turks,” etc.)!!!

    Here is a brief list of events in chronological order:

    1) Syria under Assad was deliberately destabilized—this goes at least as far back as under Georg W. Bush and Obama (Hillary Clinton) did not put an end to it (let us not forget, however, that other regional countries, including Muslim countries, contributed immensely to this destabilization).

    2) The destabilization created a power vacuum in which ISIS could establish a Caliphate.”

    3) The United States supported the PKK/YPG terrorist organization—recognized as a terrorist organization even by the United States—by providing airpower, training, weaponry, money, and political support, DESPITE strong Turkish opposition (the PKK/YPG terrorists not only has killed tens of thousands of Turkish citizens but it also threatens Turkey’s territorial integrity, making fighting these terrorists Turkey’s
    national security priority number one)

    4) Turkey waited for several years but finally saw no other option but to conduct a military
    operation (the strength of the PKK/YPG terrorist organization increased the risk to Turkey’s national security to an unbearable point and Turkey cannot shoulder anymore the burden of caring for almost four million Syrians inside Turkey’s borders and some three million internally displaced Syrian refugees inside Syria [hence the need for a safe zone inside Syria]).

    5) The Trump administration did not want to unnecessarily risk the American lives (and
    rightly so) and withdrew.


    a) The Trump administration did not create the problem, it inherited it from previous administrations.

    b) The United States chose the PKK/YPG, a terrorist organization (recognized as such even by the United States) that killed tens of thousands of Turkish
    citizens and threatens the territorial integrity of Turkey, a loyal NATO ally, as
    an ally, DESPITE strong Turkish opposition. Therefore if there was a betrayal, it was
    committed when the PKK/YPG terrorist organization, the archenemy of Turkey, a
    loyal NATO ally, was chosen as an ally.

    c) Mark Esper, the U.S. secretary of defense, is completely right when he says that the United States did not sign up to defend the PKK/YPG terrorist organization against Turkey, a long-time loyal NATO ally.

    Final word: If you search for reasons for impeachment, search elsewhere! Trump inherited this mess, he did not create it.

  21. The Syrians when they run across the rubble of a home of a rebel spray paint…Assad or die. Didn't ISIS cur off a few heads? The Turks want nuclear weapons. Putin and his gang want a way into the Mediterrane Sea. What chance do women and children have? I get the feeling that those who want out of the Middle East at any price are..chicken? Sentiment and honor aside…we either have a stake in this thing or we don't. Stand your ground and fight Trump and stop worrying about the next election.

  22. And with an increasingly powerful and ascendant Assad and Iran, Israel could invade Syria, this time possibly past the Golan heights. God forbid all the way to Damascus. Israel and Iran will fight even harder in Syria and Lebanon, unbelievable these ppl.

  23. They middle easterners can't kick ISIS ass yet? Why is always up to us????maybe convert to another religious view ,less fanatics? They threw crap at us? F 'em

  24. Our military deserves better planning and purpose than these boobs will ever understand. Not just tossed around at Trumps whims.

  25. As a Christian I will refrain from what I realllly want to say but did US sign up to protect Saudis oil😡bye Esper crawl back in your hole with the rest of your lair of demons.

  26. THIS is the SecDef??? "Hey, we didn't sign up to protect any ALLIES! If they trust us, they deserve to be thrown under the bus! We're just in it for the money… and Saudi Arabia pays big, baby!"

  27. There are 4 million refugees in Turkey. Women and children … Turkey defends Kurds and the others. You Americans just think money!

  28. P. S. I spent 28 years with the U. S. Navy, and all I feel for this administration and it's lackeys… like this one… is shame and disgust.

  29. No one is confused but this cnn reporter. she consistently pushed the isis angle to tarnish the relationship with Turkey where Esper had to correct her throughout this whole interview. CNN is a disgrace !!!

  30. Not much oil in Syria…

    And the soldiers have been sold to Saudi (no joke), they do not come home…

    What has Turkey and/or Russia paid, what was the quite pro quo for this betrayal?

    Not a good interview – sir

  31. we started with phase 1. then eventually we will get to phase 2. most likely get to phase 3 later, possibly get to phase 4 after that, not sure.

  32. Just from the first two minutes it honestly sounds like Trump ordered a withdraw out of no where and now they are literally scrambling to get it done now that it's in motion having had no time to actually you know….plan. His answers really do tap dance around that fact trying to sound like they have it under control…when they barely do, and everyone being on a different page of what the F is going on.

  33. Why is no one pointing out that if we had kept air control of area, Turkey would not HV made a move. This has been confirmed by US generals.☹️😠

  34. We didn't sign up to protect the kurds from a NATO ally. Ergo we don't give a fuck if they are ethnically cleansed from a NATO ally.

  35. One of the biggest mistakes in U.S. history! Putin, Erdogan, Iran, Syria, and ISIS all get a win out of this. America gets a big black eye and will never be trusted in the area ever again. Not only did Trump endanger our troops with his diplomacy by tweet, he caused us to lose military assets and endangered our coalition allies in the area. How is this not treason? It would not surprise me one bit to see Iraq turn towards Russia within the next few years.

  36. The new phase of the Defeat ISIS campaign is to allow ISIS to get new life, expand and endanger our soldiers and allies in the Middle East and Europe. What's so difficult to understand??

  37. Yet another face of American dishonour. What an amoral weasel! He should be made to personally bury the damned bodies left behind by America’s betrayal of an ally. …oh yeah they weren’t at Normandy. Putz!

  38. we understand secretary… you signed up to use the kurds before letting them die… and all your allies are listening…

  39. I can smell the bullshit from here, denying ISIS their bad behaviour? WTF it's not a frat party you fool &BTW it was Trumps is Trumps fault this happened, who would trust America again?

  40. He is Clueless. What a mess and so unnecessary. He opposes what Erdogan has done, well that was obvious, so don't act bothered by that as it patently doesn't bother you. Not much strategy going on here, soldiers on the ground know this is not in their best interest.

  41. If ISIS is " defeated " why are you contemplating keeping a MILITARY presence there to prevent ISIS access to oil fields The implication here is they are NOT defeated…i.e. vanquished…. in spite of the PRESIDENT And those who "parrot" him say over and over and over. Just like the "no quid pro quo" defense….doesn't make it true. Smoke and Mirrors presidency.

  42. It's disgraceful to say Turkey is a NATO ally and the Kurds don't matter. Right now they are attacking their neighbor for ethnic cleansing purposes. The Kurds are an ally as well.

  43. Useless fool who is really dumb and deliberately lies He is so dumb he skips that ISL is active in the Maghreb region and has killed several European citizens within the last 16 months all terrorism attacks and are fully operational and active Thats the same further down in Africa where several US soldiers were targeted in terrorism attacks This absurd fool should NOT speak for the EU or Europe until he has actually attended the meeting this week but EU confidence in this absurd fools show is zero and listening to this airhead it’s easy to understand why All US troops should have been sent home a while ago and are now exposed from several sides DELIBERATELY As I said earlier they can try and reach Germany or Scandinavia and simply train jointly or leave and have a safe environment but this fool is too dumb to figure that out and WONT also deliberately Obviously US military personnel can contact the EU themselves since this clown doesn’t care about their safety or safe journey home

  44. The hypocrisy in this is shocking.
    I take you back to the suez canal conflict and that bastard eisenhower!
    The u.s. pulled the exact same bullshit on the uk and france back then too!
    Damned idiots if you're going to poke your noses into something GET THE DAMN JOB DONE!

  45. So Trump went so far as to accuse Obama of being the founder of ISIS because he pulled out of Iraq too fast. “Too fast” was over the course of FOUR YEARS. Trump doesn’t even take FOUR WEEKS to pull out of Syria after the “defeat” of ISIS. And this doofus is actually trying to tell us that ISIS’s defeat will be “enduring.” The lengths this administration will go to attempt to gaslight the American people are both stunning and stunningly stupid.

  46. This man has also abandoned his honor and his credibility with so many other cronies of trump the lying ignorant betrayer. How much warning were our friends the Kurds given that we were going to betray them, did they have enough time to seek other allies, to fortify positions, to hide or evacuate their women and children.
    So, trump conspired with the Turks to ensure the Kurds did not have time to prepare. Hey trump you say the Kurds like you, why don’t you fly over there and walk among the Kurds. This will let us know whether you are a liar or deluded.

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