Upset of the CWC? | Matthews and Malinga On Beating England! | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Upset of the CWC? | Matthews and Malinga On Beating England! | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

[Applause] you know breathing England in England is never an easy task you know we had to step it up the boilers had to and the fielders had to and I'd always really brilliantly I was quite low in confidence because I had you know pretty bad few games I just wanted to go out there and enjoy the moment I knew that it wasn't easy we could to bet on so it made my life a bit more difficult but you know as a senior gone through all these moments and I understand you know you know each and every batter will go through that period at some point of that area we read the situation quite well so we thought 250 to 270 will be a good score when you key in this race everyone can take with him he's sharing that his knowledge and experience most important of that senior play how to be there if we fight then we know itself someone is there if we give up we never know what's going on we do for the fight back bowler or batsman you have to fight inside the game huge a finger goes up its Butler a tea wicked I feel turning point is there yours is a very crucial time his game and I we know how good enough to be his shots and he be kiddin he had to fire him being the most reasonable in I'm the golden unit and he has done it over the past so many years for Sri Lanka and is just wonderful not picking up it up to the new ball and then coming in the middle getting that just bottle of if it was a very crucial moment for us but at the more and 36 is all of my career I didn't have much power to ball then still I feel it's if every last 16 years internet occurred fantastic had ever experienced to handle situations and understand situation but after that I was always use in my variations and we could take an option in between that's why your success at the moment we know exactly how good enough to play the his big hard hitter in African but we always think about de los 7a trickers minimize the boundaries but he bowed to him then they need to get up 10 movies never transfer over we know exactly he can hit but one mistake we win the game [Applause] [Applause] you you

24 thoughts on “Upset of the CWC? | Matthews and Malinga On Beating England! | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

  1. Pls guys read carefully..
    Actually rohit sharma is not out he posted that he was not out on twitter. .
    Rohit sharma is not out very very poor and low level of umpirng in this mega event umpire should retire from umpiring i m very engery my fvrt player is actualy not out but low class umpring in worldcup which comes only ones in 4year umpire should concern that he is third umpire not on field umpire if 3rd umpire not sure to take a decision must go onfield umpirs decision 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 umpire name michael gough

  2. Aj Pakistan🇵🇰 ko khuda is mukaam mai le aaya ki only India can help us reach WCup Semi final….. It's time to realise that we are brothers not enemies.. Even Allah Talah knows it… We are brothers

  3. All the best:::::::Shree lañka
    मलिंगा::::::::::; जबरजस्त गेंदबाज

    Love from INDIA 🇮🇳✔🇮🇳

  4. Srilanka not just upsetting england team also open the every team opportunity including them in fact they were upseting the overall points table& hats off to malinga the legend

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