27 thoughts on “[UPDATED VERSION!] The Trouble With The Electoral College

  1. REMINDER: First past the post is the true trouble for not many votes Republican in New York or California.

  2. That's sport analogy doesn't make sense since it's not the popular vote that determines the winner. That's like having the World Series played and one team wins the four out of seven games required but the other team scored more runs all together in the games played. Doesn't matter that's not how the rules are applied.

  3. It's not a failure, Trump played a different way to win and did so. Comparing it to a boxing match isn't accurate at all.

  4. It's only a failure if you think the election of the President is supposed to be a popularity contest.

  5. In 1960 Kennedy also probably lost the popular vote to Nixon due to the way some southern states counted votes at the time.

  6. The video is based on the idea the US is a democracy. It is not! The United States is a Democratic REPUBLIC which was intentional. Not for a lack of ease of voting, but put checks on the majority. The founders feared the majority would eventually simply vote to give themselves things until the country was bankrupt. Each time we become less of a republic, the more their fears are realized. Lastly, we are 50 states voting for the leader of the union. We are not individuals voting for president. The premise that the election was Wrong, is , well, WRONG.

  7. This is only "failure" because you presuppose that the popular vote should win… That's where you're wrong kiddo.

  8. FYI, 1.2 million votes for Trump were withheld and thus not counted, meaning Trump DID in fact win the popular vote in addition to the college.

    Even while cheating, Hillary couldn't win, which is pretty sad.

  9. CGP Grey- this is the only video (I’ve watched) where you’ve presented incorrect information Electoral College is a hybrid: popular vote + representative vote. Other ways to view the data: #Precincts or #States that voted for Trump vs Clinton. A true ‘popular’ national vote risks high-population states over-running the low-volume states.

  10. It did not fail but worked as it should have. And who is to say the outcome would have been different had the rules of the contest been changed the candidates would have played differently. Purchase the delagets should be allocated by proportion rather than winner take all

  11. I don't see how it is a failure. It is working as intended by not allowing all the voting power to concentrate in a few populous states.

    We aren't a pure democracy. Protecting rights is more important than giving the mob what it wants all the time.

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