Updated Skincare Routine for Dry, Sensitive & Oily Skin Types | Clear Skin Routine

Updated Skincare Routine for Dry, Sensitive & Oily Skin Types | Clear Skin Routine

Not good for hippopotamuses. No 😀 hahaha Hey guys, welcome back! It’s Rowena. It’s Felicia. And today we want to share with you guys our current favorites, because we haven’t done this in a while. Yeah. And because our skincare routine chops and changes with the seasons. And now that it’s getting really hot and humid in New York, our skincare reflects that. My pores are stuffed! Yeah! They’re so
full of life. And I think like, you know switching up in terms of consistency, going from thicker creams and moisturizers to really hydrating, watery gel consistencies. So that, we’re gonna see that in our favorite products. So should we just get into it? As always let’s first start with cleansing products, because that’s the first step of any skin care routine. Hehe 🙂 So Rowena has the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser. I actually just bought this, and I want to share it with you guys because, the texture is so unique. It’s like you’re putting lotion on your face. And I had to, while I was washing my face, I had to look at the product packaging to make sure it was a cleanser, not a lotion. But then, when you wash it off, it’s just like, it’s SO hydrating. (Fel: mmm) It’s made with three ceramides as well as hyaluronic acid, and it’s so hydrating. The only thing is, it doesn’t do a good job of removing makeup. And I don’t think it’ll really help you like, cleanse your face if you’ve been out and playing in the mud, not that… (Fel: with a full face of makeup) yeah! Yeah, so this is good as like a second step. Not good for hippopotamuses. No 😀 hahaha Like hippopotamuses go like this in the water, hahaha 😛 But okay, it’s really good for your skin barrier. So that means it’s good for anyone with sensitive skin, dry dehydrated skin. What I’ve been doing lately is skipping cleansers in the morning and just using micellar water and a cotton pad. And I used this one. Actually, this is the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water. It is SO good! I haven’t used a micellar water as a cleansing ever, until one day in the office. I was just desperate to wash my face, because I got here and didn’t wash my face. And it was SO clean. It didn’t feel stripping. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. It’s really hydrated and you can go straight into toning. I like using it on the Klairs cotton pads. They have two textures actually. One is a compressed, it’s like double compressed cotton pad. Which is much more thicker, and I use that with this. And then they have a really soft plush cotton pad, which I use for toner. I’ve been using Beauty Water too. (Fel: Yeah!) Like, I don’t wake up super oily. I just… yeah, and it feels even cleaner and faster! Question for you! What’s the difference between the Garnier and the Bioderma. Yeah, because I know this one’s for oily skin. (Fel: This is for oily skin)… oily combo skin. To me, they actually work the same. I think there’s fragrance in this one though, right? Yep. It’s not a fragrance that’s like too overwhelming. But this one’s completely alcohol free, fragrance free, oil free. So if you’re looking for an affordable, no fuss — because the Bioderma is more expensive. (Ro: Yeah) Um, and it usually comes in a bigger bottle. This is just the mini one, the travel. Basically how micellar water works, it, the micelles are like little balls of magnets that pull dirt and debris. One is oil attracting, one is water attracting. So it just pulls it all out like a magnet in the most gentle way. I feel like if you have dry skin, if you have oily, combination, whatever… Definitely try using a micellar water in the morning or beauty water in the morning, instead of washing your face with harsh cleansers. Going back to the CeraVe, You know how earlier we were talking about how it’s not as strong what taking off like dirt and grime? Some people will use micellar water before, and then use this. And that works really well for them. Yeah like a two-step cleansing process. (Ro:Yeah) This is the new cleansing balm that I’ve been using. It’s from Versed, and we went to their launch actually. And what I liked was that everything is like fragrance free. They don’t use a lot of those chemicals and ingredients that are questionable. And I was so surprised by how well it melts off makeup. And it turns into a really light film of, just like oil. It already is kind of like, the texture is kind of jelly. Yeah!! It turns like jelly. It’s so lightweight, but this is SO light. So if you like using cleansing balms, but you don’t like that really heavy feeling, highly recommend this. It has eucalyptus oil, vitamin E. It also has jojoba oil. And when I first tested it, I put on waterproof makeup because that’s always the real test for any sort of makeup cleanser, and it took it right off. So this is really affordable and you can get it in Target. And it smells like a spa. Yeah it does. It smells very natural. And that’s what they were kind of going for with the brand. Affordable, natural, no questionable ingredients, and very pleasing to the eye. And we’ve also been loving a facial steamer for when your face is feeling kind of congested and plugged and you just, you need to do something to quote-unquote open up your pores, to get the gunk moving a bit and let it come out a little quicker. And this is kind of like going to a facial but at home because of the warm steam that helps to open up the pores and loosen all the debris. So how we like to use it in our skincare routine is: Starting with a clean face after you push the little power button on, you hover your face around the opening and the soft, cloudy steam will come out and you can do this up to 15 minutes. Just depending on what feels comfortable to you. And this also helps with the nasal passages. And afterwards, you’ll feel that your face is slightly flushed and pink, and ready to be cleansed, and for products to seep in better into the pores so that they can actually do their job. And this is definitely something that’s a great addition to your self-care, skincare routine to help you wind down after a long day, or a long week. And this one we’re using is from Vanity Planet, and you can get a discount if you go into the description box below, and use the code: BWSPA. Moving on to, toners! Hahaha. It’s always the 1, 2, 3 ratio hahah. 😀 Well, not always. This is the Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Essence Toner. It targets dull and uneven skin tones, and is suitable for all skin types. And I love how the texture isn’t like a serum-y texture that’s like kind of thick, kind of bouncy. It’s very similar to Hada Labo Premium Hyaluronic Acid. Oh, the thicker one. So it’s super hydrating. So in this is Glutathione, which is an intensely whitening ingredient. And in Asia, it’s actually a pretty controversial ingredient because it’s something that you can get injected into your skin. Yeah, kind of like how hyaluronic is, can also be injected into the skin. So topically, this works great. And this toner comes with a serum as well as a moisturizer that I’ll get into. Both are, I think the whole package works really well together. I used this consistently for a few weeks and then I stopped because we were trying products, and then I used it the day before I flew to LA. And then that day, plane ride, and when I got back, I was like wow My skin is so bright!! Like yeah, probably because of that. Based off that, so you actually got me this. So Dr. Wu is actually a Taiwanese skincare brand. When she…Oh my gahhh… 0.0 When she got me this, I started trying it every single day. And, oh my gosh! So I actually used it after the Ling facial we got, so I don’t know if it was because of a combination of getting a facial and then using this, but my skin from that point on has been so good, like the best that it’s ever been. There was a period of like three weeks where I didn’t get one breakout. And guys, if you have oily, acne prone skin, that is cause of a celebration. So what this one is… (Ro: tea tree, it’s all I smell.) Yeah. It’s actually got 17 key ingredients that help to control your oils, help to manage the sebum in your pores, and calm and soothe breakouts. So some of the ingredients are tea tree, mandelic acid, puramex Zn which is zinc, niacinamide, panthenol, and salicylic acid. And like, when I first looked at this I was like, oh my God! That is an intense concoction of ingredients. (Ro: Like I want that!) Yeah, but after using it, I think what’s the craziest is that it’s so gentle on the skin. Like, there was no peeling. Normally that sort of ingredient will be very kind of, stripping; but it’s so soothing. The puramex Zn is a zinc salt of lactic acid. And it’s shown to reduce oiliness without stripping, and it’s also a natural moisturizing factor that helps to control your sebum. So this toner basically works in, getting to every source of any potential break out. I was like… This is crazy. It has transformed my skin! (Ro: You’re welcome) hahaha 😀 So the next two that I’ll just briefly mention that I really love is a toner essence. And a lot of you ask about essences. So you use, you can use toner, essence, and then serum, if you really want to, like, up your hydration game. But it’s not essential, I don’t feel like. This is the “four seasons” bio enzyme Essence Toner Serum, and It’s called four seasons because it’s designed to be used all year round. It’s for brightening, tightening, strengthening, and soothing. And the key ingredients are caviar, sugar-free lemon enzyme, kakadu plum, centella asiatica, sodium hyaluronate, and plum extract with niacinamide. That’s good! That’s all the ingredients? It’s not all of them, but those are like the key. Yeah. If you are looking for like pore refining, brightening, but really soothing with like all natural ingredients, I so recommend you try this out because they also use the water from the Blue Mountains. It’s like the natural spring water from the Blue Mountains, straight from Australia. hahaha 😛 This is another one of those clean beauty brands, and they believe that everything starts from within, when you know, start to believe in your skin and know more about your skin, that’s when your beauty really flourishes, which is something that we vibe with. And then another one is this Uri…or… Uri-oy? Uruoi. (Ro:”You-ri-oy!”) Uruoi. (Ro: No you-ri-oy!) Hahaha no you-ri-oy! (Ro: No you-ri-oy!) hahah 😛 This is the skin lotion. And this brand, it was sent to us. And when I started researching into it, they actually created their own patent hyaluronic acid, (Ro: patent) sodium, yeah. patent sodium hyaluronate. Hahaha>.

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