UPDATE: Zach Died From an Overdose. Homeless Youth Sleeping Rough in Ottawa.

UPDATE: Zach Died From an Overdose. Homeless Youth Sleeping Rough in Ottawa.

100 thoughts on “UPDATE: Zach Died From an Overdose. Homeless Youth Sleeping Rough in Ottawa.

  1. Your parents needed to be arrested for kicking you out of the house at 12 and under 18 that's illegal. Your ex never loved you so don't get back with her. He is in a better place now.

  2. Nice of you phonies to feel bad for him.
    I bet you wouldn't help and house him.
    With that said, that's the way life goes and oh well.

  3. An overdose is rarely
    Homeless junkies often think about taking the "golden shot" to end it finally

  4. Sooo Sad! I know exactly what he’s been going through,
    It’s sad he didn’t know the tools to help maintain a normal life style!

  5. always forget that there’s an Ottawa in Canada. I always think they’re talking about Ottawa, Kansas 😂😂😂😂

  6. Yeap this is camada
    The country that i hate
    For its stupid bitches and stupid law
    Were is goberment help
    Were is we r canadians
    Young guy died freezing and oberdose
    I hope god make the life of his ex gf hell and she suffer for lomg time so his family
    Fucked up families so children so law
    Shame on you canadians shaaaaaaame no one helped
    Shame on you canadians every bidy walked by this guy and ignored him
    Shame on you canadians your disgusting trash
    Hated worldwide fuckers.
    Fuck you all
    Fuck your poloce and goverment and hells angles and whoores and all
    Fuck you all

  7. Innaa lillahi wa innaa ilaihi rajiuoon. I an extremely disturbed seeing ruined humans and lost souls on tidy sideways and glamorous roads .
    You were not created as cheap and worthless. You have great value in the sight of the Creator. As a civilisation we humans have failed.

  8. Ah… “parents” who kick out their own CHILD when he or she is in a dark pit and needs help. You could almost compare it to a hospital kicking out sick people, because, you know, they’re SICK.

  9. When people die we seem to glorify who they were like somehow they were better than they really were, everyone he knew kicked him out because he was an addict and probably stole and lied through his teeth. I don’t think he deserved to die, but I’ve known a few people who went down the same way and I won’t hold them up like they earned my respect now because they are dead.

  10. These videos are interesting.. but I have to say I find it a little odd how people victimize these people so much. Ya, they’re in a cruddy situation, and maybe they weren’t raised by good people, but your life is your life. You’re where you’re at because of the decisions YOU made. I’m not saying I don’t feel for you, I do. But, at the end of the day, it’s on you. Get off the drugs, get a job, and stop making excuses. The universe always repays hard work and grit. DO IT

    Ps… real excited to see the replies to this :D, please let your opinions flow.

  11. Its not the addiction but rather the love of the dopamine euphoria. Most pot heads smoke the same amount of weed but they arent addicted to it nor is it so to blame it an addiction is a lousy excuse because everybody knows u love that high and weed is not dopamine so people just are ignorant.

  12. It doesn’t matter how bad your child is doing… you just don’t abandon or give up on your own children.. I will never give up on my daughter who has given me headache after headache.. never ever.. if you can’t afford to have a child don’t have one.. be responsible!!

  13. I wonder if his parents know or even care if their son died on the street. Hope it haunts them, but it probably won't

  14. I’m so tired of seeing people pass away it just make me more sadder than what im already am rest up Zach ur soul was beautiful 🙏

  15. how can parents can kick kids out at the age of 13 ?? and no child care or any social work to take care of homeless kids,.?? canada social benefit system isnt that bad ….

  16. I feel compelled to comment on this . I see so many young people like this back in my hometown and my heart honestly breaks for them . They’re so young and no ones out here trying to help them out or take a minute of their day to check up on them . People are always too quick to point fingers and immediately think that the reason why they’re homeless is due to drug addictions or laziness . Which in fact isn’t true whatsoever . There’s so many people nowadays unfortunately, who end up homeless due to the economy nowadays or kids who get kicked out of their houses due to unfit parents . My heart breaks for them deeply . My heart breaks deeper for this young man here , you can see the pain behind his eyes . I wish things would’ve turned around for him .
    So thank you for raising awareness on this and the real reason why people are homeless .
    If you’re ever in the Echo Park area , that’s where I see all these young people .

  17. This is the reality of the world here people. If you could do just one nice thing, just one good thing to someone it could change everything. He just needed some love so whenever you see a homeless person asking for food or money, give them what you can. Doesn’t matter what they use it for. It’s the generosity that counts. We don’t give under conditions

  18. I know his parents are massive shits and I hope there grandchild fucking hates the pair of them, but NO ONE except himself can be blamed for his death but him.

  19. His childs going to grow up and watch this video, and i literally think that is the saddest thing ever. Stay strong lil man!

  20. May GOD have mercy on your soul. I am a meth addict with so many hidden demons wishing and hoping I meet the same faith at the end.

  21. Yo I always have a question how do people overdose? Is it because they cant control it by being too addicted or do they just wanted to end their suffering? Maybe accidental?

  22. sounds like he got kicked out of three different places, I think the true stories with all their challenging complexity will benefit everyone in the long run

  23. Invisible People I feel truly sad for this kid. Unlike the Irish kid you interviewed, please know that addicts unfortunately have little ability to express emotions. Though still positive to some extent, the substance addiction has depleted the drive/fire to change the circumstances. And that is the biggest tragedy/problem addicts have to deal with. An addition goes really deep neurologically/biologically.

  24. I am reading a lot of the comments and all I gotta say is there are 2 sides to every story. A lot of people play victims when In reality they are the ones that run away and get in trouble. Every action has a reaction my friends.

  25. Wait – why do these situations even exist? If his parents kicked him out, why didn’t the social services get involved and take him into care? This makes no sense to me.

    I guess the channel name suggests why. Perhaps he had no one in his life to notice him, hence no referrals made? Unless he got involved with the police when he was a child then maybe they would have made referrals?

  26. I remember watching this when i was homeless in 2014-2015 i was 19/20 years old. I was a drug addict and lost without hope. When i watch this video i remember how lost i was. That was me. Idk how i made it out but i did. I'm still fighting everday but I'm here. it makes me so grateful but so sad for him.

  27. Zach was a nice kid, he had potential. His parents didn’t deserve such a mature man, he didn’t even get a chance in life.

  28. Won't judge the parents. That would be like judging him for not being around his kid–and probably in his kid's eyes–abandoning the child. For all we know, the parents became parents, like him, ill-prepared and way too soon. They could have been drug abusers, too. Or they could have been just as fed up with him as his girlfriend. So, I suspend judgment on him. And I likewise suspend judgment on his parents.

  29. I’m not blaming his parents for what happened to him but if your kicking your child out at 12 their not going the have the brightest future your just throwing them down the wrong path wtf

  30. He has pinpointed pupils in this video with no sun out. I wonder if he was on something here. Sorry about his death.

  31. Funny everyone is condemning his parents and don't know but an addicts side of the story. This kid may have never been kicked out. He may have been a run away. It happens a lot specially with users as when the family tries to get them help/sober and they don't want it. Statistics says if he was kicked out of multiple houses, then odds are he/his addiction was the issue. It is tragic that someone that young passed due to his addiction.

  32. I was also on the street…
    Starting work… and nowe i live in the most expensive neihgberhood😊.

  33. Everything you see is not what it seems! Just don’t take it for face value before knowing the facts dawgs. I for one don’t believe his parents kicked him out at 12 because that is illegal. No way it would go unnoticed and no way the law didn’t do anything for him. So don’t be gullible folks.

  34. This breaks my heart. Heartless society, every day more and more i realise how scary this world has become. No love, only your status and the nr on your bank account counts these days 🙁

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