22 thoughts on “Update Vlog Oct ’19 – Advertisement update & 6 games removed

  1. How about splitting and making “shifting shelf” its own thing so that we can hear your thoughts why you’re culling those games?

  2. I will add to the no-doubt thousands of viewers who have never had a problem with the sound on any of your videos whatsoever. Your production values leave a lot of channels devoted to this hobby in the dust.

  3. I love Pipeline, probably my favorite new game this year. I also love how much better I keep getting every time I play it. As hard as it is to find, you probably made someone very happy when you got rid of your copy!

  4. Yes split the vlog more please! That way i can search via title. Two weeks is fine too.

    What microphone do you use atm? Why not get one of those clip on ones to your shirt?

  5. I had laser eye surgery years ago, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done – makes doing any form of sport much easier.

  6. Yes Trismegistus and Terramara can't wait. FYI Trismegistus is from the same designer (Danielle Tascini ) as Teotihuacan and Terramara from the Italian's that you mentioned when talking about Trismegistus.

  7. While I personally think it's nitpicky to focus on your audio, I've noticed on other "professional" sites that the ones with the best audio are the ones with the mics clipped to their shirts or one sitting there right in front of them. The "problem", I believe, is just your voice bouncing off solid surfaces, so a clip-on would be your best solution.

  8. I have listened to you for years using numerous different computers and devices, and your sound quality is fine; a 100% "non-issue" for me. Never have I had a problem with your audio. Never. Craig

  9. Some comments:
    I personally like the longer podcasty videos, I listen through headphones while cooking/cleaning and not having to change videos is a plus!
    Snipping them up a bit would be ok, but please don't do a video per game, it's really annoying to browse subscriptions and 90% of the videos there are from one channel.

    I've never had a problem with the audio on your channel other than when things broken.

    Hope to see Cloudspire playthough, liked the look of that but couldn't justify the high price.

    Your production value is second only to Rodney, don't sweat it!

  10. I totally support you breaking up the impressions videos. I actually don't mind the length, but I like the idea of having them be more frequent. Weekly would actually be awesome, but I understand if that often doesn't work with your schedule.

  11. I would much rather have an hour-long video about 8 games than four 15 minute vids about 2 games each or something. I think if you did smaller videos, they would add up to more time than one longer video.

  12. I kickstarted Town Builder: Coevorden and just received my copy in the mail. I look forward to your play-through. BTW, well done on your pronunciation of Pret-a-Porter (sorry I don't have accents). I have heard so many people butcher the French and as a former Spanish and French teacher, it drives me up a wall!

  13. Hey Jon. I am an audio professional. I do sound design for video games for a living. There are no issues with the audio quality on your channel. If you are looking to get into learning an effect that could potentially improve your dialogue quality, look into EQ-ing. Our ear can pick up sound frequencies on an approximate scale of 20-20,000 Hz. An EQ will give you a visual representation of this scale and how your voice relates to it. From there, you'll be able to adjust the volume of incredibly specific dialogue frequencies. If your voice sounds "nasally", you can cut certain frequencies in the low thousands band range to emphasize the elements of your voice you'd prefer. EQing can also be invaluable for removing room tone and electronic hum.

    While some of that may have sounded like jargon to you, my point is than an EQ is an extremely powerful and useful audio tool. I'd recommend popping open an EQ and fiddling around with it. Once you find settings that you like, you can simply apply those settings to every dialogue track going forward.

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