22 thoughts on “Update Vlog Nov ’19 – Shifting Shelf & Impressions vlog change results

  1. We appreciate your high standards for production which, I guess, put you in this bad mood if something goes wrong. Maybe you shouldn't be that hard on yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also wanted to say, I'm a fan of the new impression vlog format. It is easier to find time for a shorter video than for an hour-long one.

  2. I like the new shorter impressions! I'm able to find the time much easier now to watch them, when before it would be harder to watch when they were about an hour long. Plus since they're more 'digestable' I watch them even though all the games may not interest me. Also I want to thank you for your hardwork & dedication ๐Ÿ™‚ Your high production value definitely shows.

  3. Hey buddy,your play-throughs are the best i watch on here to give me an idea of various strategies via your normal 3 player examples.So what if you make a rule mistake now and then,it really isnt a big deal.How many of us can say we never get a rule wrong.Don't worry about the Mr Perfects who love to show they spotted a mistake..screw em'.Your style is really good to let us decide if a game is one we want to play ourselves.Don't change,you are doing just fine.

  4. I can imagine those hours of lost work was so frustrating! I hope the rest of 2019 treats you well. Since you're keeping Barenpark in your collection, have you played the expansion? The extra crunch is fun.

  5. As a former healthcare professional, I can say your wife is right about sleep. The brain clears out toxins while sleeping, and lack of sleep affects mood, as well as basically every body system. Also, dog walking outside is great therapy.ย 

    I also agree with the comments that suggest being less hard on yourself. Like The Broken Meeple says, "It's only a game". I know it is also your job, but if you get a rule wrong, people get annoyed, but no one really gets hurt. For perspective, a 2016 study estimated that medical errors caused over 250,000 deaths in the US alone.

  6. For what its worth, I enjoyed your pret-a-porter playthrough! That is how I learned the game. It honestly didn't bother m!e that you made a mistake.

  7. I like the short format too, and your explanation of why some games leave your collection is better than a lot of other people's reviews. Although I have to complain that you didn't notice the obvious pun when you talked about having the 3 kickstarter games one after the other…and the first one was called "ducks in a row"! Come on Jon๐Ÿ˜

  8. I love your openness about your struggle and I really love your content – so I am hoping saying yes a little less will help (great to see you being so proactive about it!) as I would hate for this to be getting you down. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Your vlogs are great, but I also really like your long playthroughs. Really sorry to hear about your prรชt-a-porter and related issues. Don't worry about it, Radho has made tons of goofs (he even calls it his signature!) and he's still very much loved in the community, we're all humans and make mistakes, mistakes make us even more humans and less robotic! Sleep more, health and family should come first, take care.

  10. I really like the "shifting shelf" section of your vlog, it's fairly unique and very valuable. The comparison with other games you keep is great, it's a great format, very concise.

  11. Positive thoughts to you for your stress and mental load. Your own sanity is important. Your videos are highly entertaining and appreciated.
    I'm enjoying the shifting shelf too.

  12. Jon, I love your content. I believe your Hansa Teutonica review was the first video I watched, and I have been watching ever since.
    The shifting shelf is one of my favorite segments. I enjoy your VLOGS as much as the board game playthroughs you create.

    For a few years I have considered starting my own board game channel, partly inspired by your excellent content. I have never pulled the trigger on starting it partly due to some of the reasons you mention. I worry that my fun hobby will become stressful, but maybe some day. However I do hope you continue to grow, become more successful and work through the stress.

    In addition to board gaming, I enjoy woodworking (I am a novice) and watch channels about that content as well. One of the channels I watch just posted a video talking about the struggles and challenges of running a Youtube channel. It reminded me of many of the things you have been talking about lately, so I thought I would share. Maybe it will help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YQguhFKSWY&t=0s

    He also mentions another video about the Algorithms used by Youtube that can help make channels grow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHsa9DqmId8

    I am not affiliated with either channel. These are just some videos I found very informative as I consider whether or not I want to jump into creating Youtube content myself and continue to research how it works. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  13. Sorry to hear that, man. Really appreciate what you do!

    Yes, definitely do what's fun for you. I'm confident it'll help maintain the very high quality of your content. Keep up the great stuff, mate!

  14. Stay well Jon. I hope you learned enough about your needs to do this without damage to yourself. You are more important than either of your jobs!!

  15. Youtubes algorithm means videos that are spaced at least 1 day apart have better view and advertising, if you can delay the KS video 1 day.

    Sorry to hear of the stress. Hope you stay strong since you have the best bg youtube channel imo (and i watch a lot of bg channels)

  16. The time stamps on your videos, thanks for taking the time and effort to include them .
    Incredibly handy.
    Even here. I wanted to watch only two sections of this video (shifting shelf and upcoming) and it was dead simple.

  17. Iโ€™m enjoying the shorter impressions Vlogs, theyโ€™re perfect length for me at the gym ๐Ÿ˜… much easier to digest and take in the games being shown.
    Thanks for the work you do ๐Ÿ˜ keep looking after yourself and get some sleep!

  18. Jon, I have been watching your videos for over a year now. I really appreciate how open you are with every aspect of your life: future plans, monetization, struggles at your job, challenges you're facing etc. This brings you closer to us, viewers than other content creators in the niche.

    The Shifting Shelf segment is by far my favorite because you talk concisely about 10-20 games. In January I want to debut the second season of my channel and am planning on adding a similar segment because of you. So, you are not only helping gamers but inspiring them as well.
    I would have a suggestion here, if I may: instead of listing every game from the beginning, try listing only the one you're talking about. It may be the case that now people just skim the list and stop the video if they find nothing of their interest. But, if you time-stamp your video in the description only adding something like "First game – xx:xx, second game yy:yy etc", I am confident it will lead to more view time as viewers will need to click through to see the title of the game.

    Make sure you get enough sleep and keep in mind that you have followers all over the world. I wish I could say I know how hard it is to be a one-man-band, but I'm publishing much less frequently than you are. Still, try cutting back on your work load. Saying "no" to requests is often needed.

    Keep the spice flowing!

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