Update: Vietnam, California, Philippines & Green Spaces

Update: Vietnam, California, Philippines & Green Spaces

32 thoughts on “Update: Vietnam, California, Philippines & Green Spaces

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  2. Beautiful place, beautiful, friendly people with class especially the youth.

    Of note: Nobody throwing trash on the ground and they respect their community standards.

    A wonderful country with unlimited potential!

    Nice video Reekay….

  3. Thanks again for another fantastic episode!!! You make me want to travel abroad and experience all the beauty that comes from such adventures 😛 With all the good and the not so good Keep up the great work!! 😀 Cheers

  4. Beautiful. If the Vietnamese could do something about the air pollution their big cities would truly be livable. Electric motor scooters might be the answer.

  5. That's the first time I hear you got your motorcycle stolen. That's not a good thing. Did they sell you any loss insurance?

  6. Nice video Reekay, it does look like a nice place to live, and Im glad Vietnam lived up to your hopes and expectations. Maybe in 2020 you can find a way to make it even better, by combining the best of both worlds.

  7. Good Good, Nice parks, excellent infrastructure is all fine but if you are looking for a relationship, go to the Philippines.

  8. Excellent show, love your information! Question… why we only need a passport to come from United States to the Philippines… but they need a passport and visa to come from the Philippines to United States?

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  10. Saigon does have great parks. Essential to escape the heat and traffic. I suspect we can thank the French for this aspect of sensible urban planning. I also discovered the park lands near crescent mall on my recent stay in district 7 HCMC. Very impressive place to chill out.

  11. I've spent much time at parks in my life & enjoy a land that embraces it. VN seems focused on learning English & it makes you wonder how different the culture may become in 5-10 years.

  12. Hey Guys, Fellow Travelers,

    Going back to the RP early this December first time since 1986 Navy days. 😆

    Retired and good health, feelin' good.

    Manila airport question: Do we have access to money exchange on way to Immigration? Plan to disembark and go straight to airport immigration, but only have USD. Get the 29 day extension right away. $63 deal.

    59 days to explore all the old memories brought back to reality. 33-35 years ago. Christmas and New Year's in the R.P. Wow.

    Another question: Is Palawan island worthy to stay for 30 days? Puerto Princessa home base to settle in and explore all the island has to offer. Or would you get bored?

    God Bless the Philippines.

    Palawan question not for Rick. Reekay. Recently heard him say hasn't been there yet?

  13. Wow, there's nothing even remotely like that here in Cebu. In fact, lately they've been busy cutting down the relatively few trees that remain in this city for road widening and the like. As you mentioned, cemeteries are practically the only green spaces left here. Cebu is destined to be a case study in how NOT to do urban development.

  14. Manila has a big park called Rizal Park it’s near the American Embassy in Ermita.
    Also Bangkok has some really good parks big and small, Lumphini Park is beautiful with 2 lakes where you can rent boats and it’s in the heart of the city.

  15. Beutiful great videos and info like always, have you notice any, let me call it strange or funny look from the elder taking into consideration the vietnam war?

  16. Yes, Ho Chi Minh City`s parks are far superior to Manila`s. Really struck me when visiting for the first time in 2008. The French can be thanked for some. eg Saigon Botanic Gardens. Others were created after removal of redundant structures. eg 26th September Park on Pham Ngu Lao Street was created after the removal of the old Saigon Central Railway Station. A small number were created after the removal of politically incorrect memorials. eg Le Thi Rieng Park on CMT8 was once a military cemetery for the ARVN.

  17. I live in Consolacion in the Philippines and one thing that's sorely missing are Green Spaces. I lived in Manila last year and it was the same thing except I lived near a business district that had a Green Space but that's just because it was a business district but the city itself like here doesn't have parks.

  18. Reekay, I have been advising A LOT of foreigners to NOT go to Bui Vien for their tours and travels…..the businesses there are very expensive!! They know foreigners will pay and NOT haggle! There are many many tourists place everywhere in other Districts that you can book….Much much cheaper and friendlier!!

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