UPDATE on Trump’s Syria Mess

UPDATE on Trump’s Syria Mess

>>Turkey seized control of a key highway
near the border of northeast Syria. Meaning, US troops in the area may have to
rely on airlifts to get out. Stateside President Trump’s abrupt shift in
policy has triggered a growing bipartisan backlash.>>So Turkey’s latest move in northern Syria
has complicated the situation for US troops who are attempting to leave. And this is of course following Donald Trump’s
abrupt decision to abandon our Kurdish allies in the region and allow for Turkey to move
forward with its military operation. Now, there’s other news, including the involvement
of Russia. But before we get to that, let me give you
the details on what’s going on in terms of Turkey’s latest actions. Trump declared that Turkey’s offensive undermines
the campaign to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq in Syria, Or ISIS, endangers civilians,
and further threatens to undermine the peace, security, and stability in the region. Now part of the reason why US troops were
in that region to begin with was to prevent all of these things from happening. Now that US troops are leaving, there are
ISIS prisoners who are escaping the very prisons that our former Kurdish allies were keeping
an eye on. Obviously, their priority now is to save themselves,
and to save their own lives, as a result of this Turkish aggression. But the order that Donald Trump signed is
in regards to sanctions. It’s $100 billion trade deal hammered out
between Ankara and Washington, raises tariffs on Turkish steel to 50% and imposes sanctions
on senior Turkish officials and the country’s defense and energy ministries. So with that said, and before we move on to
what Russia is doing, I wanted to kind of open this up to the panel and get your thoughts
on it.>>I mean, it’s a predictable consequence
of Trump’s decision to pull out of northern Syria. Turkey would not be doing any of this without
the sort of tacit acquiescence of the United States. I think Erdoğan himself was probably surprised
that Trump agreed to do this move in the first place. It’s one of those things that Trump himself
is such an easy person to read in this sense because he’s very obvious like he just says
the thing openly, the thing that past US leaders would couch in sort of humanitarian terms
and sort of slippery foreign policy speak. He just kind of, I’ll right size it, but this
has been sort of a ongoing move the United States has done several times in the past. I mean, the Kurds are sort of a very easy
pawn for the United States, to sort of use in various different geopolitical chess matches. And the sort of playbook has always been the
same exact thing. So this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise
but it’s no less depressing and horrifying.>>So, can you elaborate a little bit on what
you mean by that? Because I agree with you that Trump isn’t
subtle as previous presidents have been. He says the quiet parts out loud. But what do you mean when you say that, similar
things have happened in the past?>>Well, I mean, there’s so many examples,
it’s almost impossible to go through them all right now. But I mean, whether it was in the early 90s,
or in the 1980s, or in World War II, World War I. The Kurds are kind of this perfect pawn for
United States interest because they’re a sort of stateless people that exists across various
states where the United States has geopolitical interests. Some of them are our friends, some of them
are our enemies. And whatever point in time, our enemies need
to be dealt with, we’ll arm and support the Kurds. But then when our friends who also have to
deal with Kurdish minorities in their own countries, whenever they get a little worried
about these uppity Kurds then we’ll abandon them. And, that just kind of that same dynamic has
happened over and over and over again.>>Yeah, and in this case, you have Turkey
and NATO ally wanting to invade northern Syria. And then Donald Trump decides to abandon our
Kurdish allies to make way for Turkey. Now, he has received so much backlash, this
bipartisan backlash that he’s trying to make it appear as though he didn’t intend for it
to work out this way. That he didn’t give a green light to this
Turkish aggression, but he knew what was going on. I mean, in one of the original statements
released by the White House, they specifically said, Trump told Erdoğan, if you’re gonna
do like a mild military operation, we’re gonna keep our troops there. But if you’re gonna do an aggressive military
operation, we’re gonna pull our troops out. Yeah, that’s letting Erdoğan know, if you
wanna go, if you wanna play, we’ll play along with you and pull our troops out.>>Mm-hm.>>I mean, anyway, Adrienne.>>Well, this is very much on par for Donald
Trump essentially having him withdraw the troops from northern Syria. It really just undoes all the progress that’s
been done. And that’s essentially what he’s done here
in the United States. This is his MO, this is what he does. He rolls things back, so that anything that’s
been good, progressive, moving in the direction of stability is now unfolded, and we see how
it plays out. And then pretending like, oops, I didn’t know
it was gonna happen. It’s just how this man operates.>>He doesn’t really strike me as someone
who really has a plan or a strategy. It just really depends on the last person
who spoke to him. And this is true of all of his policy, right? And so he has this conversation with Erdoğan
and abruptly he decides, I’m gonna go ahead and abandon our Kurdish allies after they
helped us fight ISIS. And keep in mind, those ISIS fighters were
being watched by these Kurdish allies, now former Kurdish allies. And so, again, they’re escaping some of these
prisons which poses a danger, like what was the point of trying to fight ISIS? You’re gonna have Donald Trump just undo,
you’re right, undo all of the progress that was made there. Now, let’s talk a little bit more about these
sanctions because some of our other allies have gotten involved. So, NPR reports that US NATO allies have halted
weapons exports to Turkey that includes France and Germany. And with the US withdrawing from the border
area, Russia says its military is now acting as a buffer between Turkish and Syrian troops. Also the Kurds have, Spoken, they’ve spoken
to Assad, Bashar Al Assad, he has agreed to offer some sort of protection. So we’ll see how that plays out. But, Syria, the civil war that was happening
in Syria was very much a proxy war. And with all of these updates, it’s very clear
that proxy war continues. There are all these other world interests
that are getting involved, you have Turkey involved, obviously. You have Russia, you have Iran, it’s not a
good situation at all, and it didn’t have to go down this way. Trump just decided randomly after having a
conversation to do this.>>Although I really do wonder kind of what’s
in it for him because he doesn’t do anything without having a motivation. So, I don’t know what that conversation necessarily
entailed or what conversations he’s having with Putin, or what other foreign leaders
to essentially set himself up. So, maybe there will be a Trump hotel on a
new island somewhere.>>Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised. You’re right. I mean, everything that he does is based on
self-interest. And also whether or not the person he’s speaking
to is complimentary toward him. So, a few more pieces of info that you should
be aware of how disastrous has this been for civilians in the area. Nearly 70,000 children have been displaced
since hostilities escalated last week, and that’s according to estimates by UNICEF adding
that 170,000 children may need humanitarian aid as a result of violence in the border
region. But here’s the issue. Some of the organizations that have been offering
humanitarian aid in the area have left because they’re worried about their own lives, given
this Turkish aggression. Also Kurds have announced that deal with the
Russian and Iranian-backed government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to back them against
the Turkish onslaught. And finally, I wanna read this quote from
Donald Trump. This is a tweet that he posted. Let Syria and Assad protect the Kurds and
fight Turkey for their own land. Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting
the Kurds is good with me,whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon. I hope they all do great, we are 7,000 miles
away. But here’s the thing. This is not an example of us doing an interventionist
war. This was us working with the Kurds to defeat
ISIS. And what Donald Trump did is basically thrown
them aside as soon as he got what he wanted.>>Yeah, and it mean if there’s a breeding
in that war against ISIS, the Kurds are the ones who bore the brunt of it. I mean, I think they lost something like 11,000
fighters in the fight against ISIS. Obviously, way less than the United States
suffered. And they were really the troops that were
at the front lines fighting ISIS day in and day out, while at the same time doing a sort
of very inspiring experiment in radical democracy, radical gender equality in the region. They had women were some of their top commanders
in the militaries, also in the local governments. And they sort of radically democratic governments
that they established in the middle of this incredibly brutal and incredibly complex civil
war, war against ISIS, Assad, the Turks, everything. Despite that they were able to sort of build
this kind of new type of society. And you wonder if that is gonna survive now
that they’re forced to sort of throw themselves in the arms of Assad. It’s just doubly heinous what the United States
did. And it’s one of the more depressing news developments
that’s happened all here.>>Yeah, absolutely. So anytime you hear someone on the right but
specifically members of Trump’s administration claim that they’re concerned about radical
Islamic terrorism, or they’re worried about ISIS,->>Yeah.>>It’s just so disingenuous.>>They don’t really care about that.>>Right.>>Radical Islamic terrorism is a net positive
for the American right. Like it really they don’t actually care about
stopping it, they love to fight it forever.>>They look decided as, in their minds, a
reason why they’re better on national security and routing out extremism compared to Democrats. But in reality, just based on Trump’s action
alone, it’s clear that they’re disingenuous, it’s clear that they use this and exploit
it for their own political gain here in the United States. They don’t genuinely worry or care about these
insurgent groups or terrorism abroad period.>>And something else that really kind of
just resonates with me as we saw those numbers of children’s, the hundreds of thousands of
kids that are displaced or in need. Essentially those kids are gonna grow up,
knowing that they were victimized, violated, essentially left and abandoned because of
what the United States did. And so essentially, it’s just creating more
enemies. And that’s something that Trump has continued
to do, turn our allies into enemies and create new enemies for the United States that could
come back against us decades later

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    There is no 3rd option. He is either an idiot and didn't know or he did know and is okay with this.

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  18. I just hate how you guys keep ignoring that YPG is a terrorist organisation that is allied with the PKK ( internationally accepted as a terrorist organisation). You guys dont call the YPG or PKK you just say PKK to give people misinformation, and the Armenian question is helping you guys with this; they allegedly did it 100 years ago so why wont they do it now.

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    If I pick A, that means climate change is not really that important and doesn't require our immediate attention after all.

    If I pick B, that means the Kurds are not that important as saving the planet.

    Go ahead and answer the FNG question! This is NOT a "we'll, why can't we do both" question. Put your values where your mouth is! What a matter, cat gut your tongue? Yeah, exactly! A or B? B OR A? Which one? OMG, WHICH ONE? So much to think about so little thyme. Tick, tock.

    Pentagon has repeatedly confirmed that YPG and PKK is the one and same Marxist terrorist organization as stated by US & EU.
    How can you defend arming a terrorist organization and making them an ally? US told them to change name to SDF just to make it sound better. Also all Kurds are not in the YPG and Turkey is not operating against all Kurds. There is 20M Kurds living in Turkey without any trouble whatsoever(maybe not 30 years ago but now). Hell, even the former Turkish president was Kurdish.
    The ISIS terrorists was released by YPG in order to keep the US in the region.
    TYT should know better in terms of the terminology and facts! Turkey is not fighting against Kurds they are fighting against terrorists.
    How would US react if Turkey or any other NATO ally would send 60 000 truckloads with arms and train American right wing domestic terrorists only to find out that the same arms had been used in mall mass shootings, bomb attacks and hits against progressives?
    Weapons used by PKK in Turkey during terrorist attacks against civilians have been serial# traced back to arms supplied to YPG by US in Syria.
    I am not a fan of Erdogan, Trump or any dictatorial, sociopath, lying corrupt imperialistic leadership but let’s get the facts and ethical concerns in order.
    To make it simple to understand:
    A terrorist does not become a good guy just because he happen to shoot at your enemy of the day.
    A guy that kills a guy that hustled you at pool in the bar is a murderer even he helped you get your money back.

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    "We write in bipartisan support of your announcement of the start of a ‘deliberate withdrawal’ of U.S. military forces in Syria, and we welcome the completion of this process within the next six months,”

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    Sorry War Hungry Socialist-Democrat’s
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    TYT: We're boming Muslims countries!
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