hey guys it's me Miranda I just want to give you a little update I'm alive you've been Xing about the baby that I heard and so I thought it'd be nice to me give you an update shut up so um yeah the update is um he is still alive so um that's good this baby stop it the baby eats um do not kick the camera stop talking I'm literally trying to film right now it's really rude you almost kicked me in the frickin face that's abuse you're trying to amuse me baby don't be st. C anyway he's a total pain in the freaking bytes he tries to kick me in the face clearly it's abuse stop trying to abuse me and I have a cat trying to amuse me so pretty much my life has been really hard lately stomp stomp eat you can see a Bitcoin robot which is why I don't like to film this little brat try old because he's really mean it rude he poops he pees he stomp this cat is not yelling at me I have a cat yelling at me anyway he's really sad see he's nice kicking his shoes off at me throwing his things at me ungrateful keep your shoes on your freaking feet yeah so that's the update pretty much he's spoiled and stop literally stop stop complaining you're spoiled and ungrateful what see what I'm talking about do you see why I have to go through every single thing he'll Emily tries to kill me on a daily basis I'm just trying to be a good parent for him and the mother and the father for him and he just tries to kick me and he Samson he talks back to everything I freaky insane look he kicked off the show again he's like a freakin ninja parkour trying to punch me in the face was freaking point literally stomp so basically Oh stomp the cat and the child are still alive that's the update and he's literally trying to kill me again stomp are you serious right now ah do you want the Internet to leave you bad comments you guys I seriously think I gave birth to a hater like he's so rude abused and I have cat your all my freaking lamps so that was a cool twine anyways um I'm still going on tour even though I have this brat child so if you want to get tickets to that you can you can buy my listings to support me and my fund of trying to stay alive even though I live with this murder rap literally trying to murder me at this very moment no you are I just saw you trying to do it you can't deny it now no you can't deny it I literally have footage of you trying to kill me there's nothing you can say to prove me wrong if this was a true crime documentary I would have evidence against you in court yes the Adeem look at things trying to literally kill me yeah you did I saw it and he tried to eat my food yesterday I literally was eating and he's stomp you literally tried to steal it for me he's freaking cannibal first of all I tries to eat me he's been trying to eat milk from me like a freaking paw but don't worry I have not been letting him eat the milk out of me so I've been saving the milk because it came from me so it is for me so I'm gonna start cooking with my milk cuz I've been saving it so if you guys want to see that leave a comment let me know if you want to see the things I can cook with my milk my son's not gonna be a cannibal but I can be a cannibal if it's with myself so anyway now you guys all understand why I have not been filming with this demon child because I'm literally living with a hating Mudros do you want to um please leave a comment tell me that you're praying for me I really could use your prayers cuz it's been really hectic and stressful trying to live with this thing in my house so you know what if you kick him off you don't get them how do you feel about that no I'm not putting back on you lost your privileges don't kick me it's not fair I'm not allowed to kick you back mom said so now she's never getting these again that's what you can't yeah doesn't feel good does it I don't care how much you put them in my face I'm not putting them back on you don't do some of them after that anyway I'm gonna go um cuz I don't want this thing in my room anymore so I have to get my mole but I hope you guys are having I swear I go on no because they're having a good day probably having a better one then as you can see it's um been a rough time for me over here your toes are disgusting stop putting your naked feet on here I don't want them to end up on wiki feeds gosh I'm gonna get tea monetized stomp your honor to sing her I am stop trying to show off with your whistle tones stomp alright guys thanks for watching and I'll see you next time all right thanks bye guys stop literally even understand that we are filming a video I talked to you about this before when I'm filming don't talk we can keep going you want it's not gonna happen oh can you do that Daniel oh you can I always hear about how babies kimbap can't do that can yeah no you can't are you hungry yeah you are and then we just fed you yesterday you're hungry again hello I'm talking to you you are for real okay I swear mom okay fine I'll feed you what do you want today talk about McDonald wants hot dogs which one do you want I was kind of feeling Taco Bell but what do you think you're giving me the silent treatment now cuz I took away her shoes what was that oh really McDonald's again we've only had three days are wrong I really want to talk about are you serious McDonald's for reals do you fine you can do McDonald's but I'm keeping your toys I'm keeping it when we can share rates Oh morning

36 thoughts on “UPDATE ON MY DUMB BABY

  1. Miranda was your namber l like. Your viveos and l want to be your frend and last ting l live in texas 👭❤❤

  2. Two more things you make the milk for the baby because the baby needs that kind of milk and you act like a and immature teen

  3. Oh and I’m not leaving a bad comment about the baby I’m leaving a bad comment about you Miranda

  4. Stupid cat but Shut up about the baby The baby is a baby he’s gonna make noises he doesn’t know better so shut up about the brat child he’s he’s not trying to kill you

  5. That is not right the baby is trying to eat your milk because that's what baby and parents treat them like that so they give the baby the milk they can survive

  6. He is not the spoiled braty demon you are for treating him this way

    1 like equals better care for the sweet heart baby

  7. Miranda really their womens out there crying because their baby died. U should be with him because. He will be the person that will be bye your side

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