Update on confronting trespassers

Update on confronting trespassers

27 thoughts on “Update on confronting trespassers

  1. So if the value of the land the guy bought isn't too much, maybe you could buy it from him? Just a thought. This could turn out to be an opportunity.

  2. I do not own any land but i agree 100% with you. If and when I cross over into someone's property #1 I get permission to do so, #2 if granted permission i always respect their property and follow any rules or requests that they have asked if me. Bottom line is respect your neighbors and or fellow land owners.

  3. As a kid we had our property marked No trespassing/No hunting!! When people came on our property we would yell at them and if they did not listen we would flatten their tires.🤪😜🤪😜

  4. Anytime any person decides it’s ok to cross a fence or a locked gate without permission, especially when there’s signs that explain not too, they are in the wrong, obviously. Whether or not they think it’s ok to do so. It’s not that hard. Those people are lucky that you as a land owner you decided to handle this professionally and courteously because some others wouldn’t, and by that I mean they’d be met and removed by force. It’s common sense.

  5. It's clear
    It's your property, you don't want them or anyone on it. The signs warn and advise this.
    It's your decision not there's. End of story.

  6. And again you are appsultly right it is a very big deal, and if you are getting any comments against you those are assholes that dont own their own property and dont have any respect, Thanks for sharing this with us made me feel better that someone else thinks the way I do about their property you worked hard for it as I did, God Bless Brother hang tough !!!

  7. Brother I'm with you on the road issue, if he was able to use the road without him being on any paperwork he wouldn't have to help keep it up and I know this because I had 2 other families using my road and I was the only one to keep it up and it cost me and my wife a bundle every couple years or we wouldn't be able to use it in bad weather !!!

  8. I'm still with you Buddy, stand your ground, Love it he should have done his homework before buying !!!!

  9. Just found your channel, and I'm loving it! An just my opinion but…….you are dam right on what you're doing or did, lol. Stand your ground on all trespassers, cause if not everyone will be up there. There is a right way of doing things and then their is the hard way to do things. The latter will just cost the people money! Lol, glad to hear you're doing good.

  10. I don't own land anymore. But in my option I believe you did everything right. End if I were the new owner of "said" property I would of contacted you in person or by phone and asked first. If nothing else because this guy is LOST. You do it for respect.

  11. Your right and that guy has a huge problem. Maybe you should suggest a one man bicycle peddling helicopter. No gas he hovers to his place.

  12. Why don't you turn your road on your property into a toll road. Then you can give all the proceeds to help a cause that really matters in this world. Maybe you can call your new toll road "ANAL THRUWAY" Just sayin

  13. I really like your videos, this being the 2nd ive watched. I did see the first part of this story. I decided to subscribe. I live in a small rural town in Indiana, and alot of people here have the same problems as you are with this guy trying to move in on you.

  14. Now if he comes up with something that is in writing from original owners saying that there is a right away through there that isn't documented but was written years ago and can be proven guys that changed it because I have people that have an agreement with the previous owner of my property and they're trying to make me change the road but the only thing it says is that I update the road and maintain the road he does not say anything about plowing it does not say anything about you no potholes and all that it just says that I don't let the trees grow up in it and I don't block it basically please contact me under Joey Trask on Facebook I'm in Maine and I know that I lost a different but I might need your help

  15. What happens if a neighbors kids are playing on your land and get hurt then what do you care for them and it becomes an adult problem or do the kids get punished I'm only an adolescent so I'm not old enough or on my own yet just curious how that would work

  16. Trespassing on marked land might get you a one way trip to ER. As you said marked land is dangerous to those who trespass as landowners we don't know their intent. Keep to your way. Great vid to.

  17. Kudos
    Younger generations and needy folks feel entitled to free for all and rely on Gov to take care of them.
    Or those who are use to getting there way by being difficult lol. "SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS GREASED" . great for u standing ur ground.

  18. Why doesn´t the guy fly to his property? He could make a sort of lunar lander with 10 kN rocket engine. Would sort him out immediately. With 10 kN thrust it could be a pretty comfy vehicle too.

  19. 👊💥🍻🍻🍻🍻👍
    I can see you're a humble man and did everything right in this experience. Keep following your truths. 👍

  20. Some states don't require giving a easment. You as a land buyer better make sure there's a leagle easment or it's not landlocked. Or you sol.

  21. In my opinion, it shouldnt matter if a persons property is posted private property or not. If you didnt buy the land then you have no right being on it. What gives you the right to be on someone else property if you didnt pay for it. If it dont belong to you, stay the hell off it, period.

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