47 thoughts on “UPDATE ON ALL MY CARS

  1. Sadly to say but i got more cars then you iv got 2 lamirghnni adventerdoor, ferrari 458 itallia spider, nissan gtr, 2018 ford mustang, Mk1 ford escort, Ford Mustang 302 boss, Bugatti Veyron 16.4 grand sport, porsher boxer and Nissan skyline r34.
    My first car was My Ferrari 458 itallia spider.
    Where do live well in Dubi.
    Where do i work? Oil workers
    What type of house. Well i got to many 2 houses in dubi 1 in amrica and 3 in the uk that i am renting.

  2. U need Nicole, nicole needs u, u guys make me happy and without you two together it seems like your not happy and I feel like she isn’t either

  3. Those are your dads cars though? You can’t claim them as your own brother. Pretty cocky for being exposed recently. 😂

  4. https://youtu.be/addme/YBnbW6IJYt-gG6noEfw7x58bzR_cFQ adam add me on youtube have some personal questions i want to ask

  5. Watching this video alittle late but hell yeah! Nice oceans shirt was just at their concert last night and they were wearing a LZ shirt!

  6. My z32 trans sounds the exact same way with my rb from the wine in and out of gear and just rb noises

  7. Sick Band shirt Adam! Lead singers a Drifter too, has a Chaser if i recall correctly, plus Adam (6TWO1) Ivell's mates with him!

  8. You are actually local to me and was in a buddy of mine videos Floridas Finest. I would definitely like to get a run in with you either straight line or drift in my built Terminator fox. Obviously you probably get asked this same thing a ton but in the event you are down i look forward to it.

    Awesome content brother. keep it up.

  9. Seems like Nichole isn’t watching his bank account anymore he’s doing a lot more expensive stuff😂👌

  10. This is a cheap way to change your head liner to black, fabric and vinyl spray. U remove whatever interior piece u want and u spray it. Yes it's cheap and i don't know how long it will last so maybe that can be a last resort if you can't find a black head liner

  11. Lmk if you go to a garret turbo for the n54, id love to take the old set up of you’re hand for my 335i…. plus you inspired me to build one 🤷‍♂️

  12. I would love to see a video of you explaining how to import cars and RHD in the U.S. What kind of hoops you have to jump through, what kind of cars can be imported extra.

  13. He keeps saying the new build is a secret, but I saw some R34 taillights in the back of the shop in an earlier video. I think its an R34.

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