UPDATE NEWS! – Brawl Talk Tomorrow! – Update Sneak Peaks! – Brawloween Update – Brawl Stars Update

UPDATE NEWS! – Brawl Talk Tomorrow! – Update Sneak Peaks! – Brawloween Update – Brawl Stars Update

make sure to subscribe to my channel and like this video for more amazing content! Master will take a zombie on telling lies some so information about the next object Today we made a video talking about the Morris mortuary But we didn’t specifically talk about I just said the video that is going to be a Halloween event and others so because on by the time I Recorded our video there wasn’t any teaser or that animation that came up. So today on broad stars actually on Uploaded an animation video talking about Morris’s mortuary Also, he talked about some other stuff They actually talked about some other stuff, which we’re going to get button to learn into this video So guys before Clinton make sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on the post notifications for more amazing content And like this video if you enjoyed it and in the comments down below, let me know What do you think about this obvious like post? like before on the brawl talk how this how do you feel about this objects that want to be a very good update or Is there going to be a small update just so come all the Halloween update? So yeah So first off let’s talk about some stuff that were revealed in this on in this teaser or animation videos that they uploaded Number one is does. This object is going to be a broad-winged update. This is confirmed by the Process deftly. Well, we also got it right in the yesterday’s videos. Yeah Next update is going to be Halloween based or hell Halloween themed objects. Yeah Also numbers – the thing that was also revealed in the next of the next update was Also that on the brawl talk is coming out tomorrow So make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow since we’re going to have a broad talk talking about all the update stuff and all the news that We are gonna have an neck next update. So make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow. I’ll also be doing a small analysis of the brawl and of the brawl talk as well as I’m going to be Be I’m going to be suing as some hidden features and next Roasters objects that were shown in the brawl talk was not a lot of people have noticed us. Yeah. Um Number 3 the things that we all read also on so on this song teaser slash animation is we saw these three all three brothers actually fit in the Horace’s mortuary which are the two brothers currently we have this circle myself don’t have any idea about the two brawlers are Frank and Morris’s But two brothers were actually have on let’s say the Halloween is on themed Which car is Sam actually said in the brought opium video where he showed us every single on every single theme that we had like the wild Western the Jim crab the Retro retro palace and the other stuff. See ya We got we got that and Caeser about the next update. It’s coming out Very soon. I’ll have a video about it Talking about the last and tomorrow. So let’s talk about some other stuff that we’re shown in the videos. Yeah Pass that on. It’s about Frank and Moore’s just a living in the Morrises mortuary and yeah the the world living in there and there and there partying as well with some other skills like near the expanding and the Dependent nearest kin and that’s not with more skin. They they were having a party so that means these brawlers are also going to get let’s say a small like update or change to The to something else we still don’t know anything. Also. There’s a part in the video where more so what Frank open says Something and there are millions of bats contact came out. See is there anything? anything let’s say We revealed their CI we still don’t have any idea So guys, um, that’s it for this. We just made a quick video for you guys Just talking about the the brought up coming out tomorrow and so on yourself We should subscribe to my channel and like this video for more amazing content turn on post notifications So you miss you so you won’t miss tomorrow’s video. See you guys in tomorrow’s video and peace out You

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  1. To be honest whenever there's a brawl talk there's always a new brawler…

    So I'm saying that the new brawler is coming!

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