Update Mi Band 4 CN Version to Global Version Under 2 Minutes

Update Mi Band 4 CN Version to Global Version Under 2 Minutes

Hey, what’s up? Sami here with Geekbuying. Today I’d like to show you a way to update to the International Firmware for the Mi Band 4. If you have a Chinese version of the Mi Band 4, no worries, with this tutorial you should be able to get your Mi band to support Spanish, Russian, German, French and Italian. The update is quite easy, Let’s go. First, download the firmware to your phone from the link in the description, make sure download it completely. Second, uninstall the mi fit app if you previously installed and then install the app you just downloaded, it might take a minute. Third, sign in to your Mi Fit account. Click Profile in the right bottom corner, unpair your mi band if you have connected one before, if not, then just click Add Device and connect to your Mi Band 4. Lastly you will see the magic. Just change your phone language to one of the languages I referred to in the beginning of the video, let’s say Spanish, you will see the Mi Band 4 is in Spanish! I’ve tested it in Russian, German, French and Italian, all works without any issues. If you are wondering if there are more languages, just stay tuned to the Geekbuying channel, we’ll let you know when we have any new updates. BTW, the Mi Band 4 is on sale at our shop and the price is really great, make sure to check out the link in the description! That’s it, I hope this video helps and should you have any questions just comment in the comment section. I’m Sami, see you next time.

28 thoughts on “Update Mi Band 4 CN Version to Global Version Under 2 Minutes

  1. I installed this app but my band stays in chinese, only change to english if I change my phone to english to. My native phone language is portuguese. With your version shouldn t be the band in english if my phone language was not one of the available language?

  2. Until someone crack the firmware, this doesn't mean anything. Your title is wrong. You are not changing from Chinese version to Global as you say. You are just changing the language of the Chinese version.

    Of you have CN version, it will work in Chinese in your phone be, unless you have English version on your phone and the bracelet will assume English as well.

    The global version allow you to have your phone in your native language and change the the language of the bracelet.
    That's the difference

  3. Seems to work only as long you are using this App Version. If you deinstall the app and install the official one from the playstore, you will get back to CN Version. So not really what I was looking for,

  4. Pros Brasileiros:
    Não funciona, a pulseira continua em chinês usando o celular em português.
    Para que fique em inglês, é necessário mudar o idioma do aparelho.

  5. Hello I can see multiple SKU. CN for Chinese, GL for global but I got a PO which is close to global. DO you have any information about this PO version?

  6. Ok, it doesn't work for brazilians. If you're brazilian you just have to change the language of your phone to English or install the app "Mi bandage". Ok, now, how to turn off "alipay"? Or just take out of the right side of the screen of my band?

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