48 thoughts on “Update: Jet Li reassures fans about his health after photos of him looking frail went viral

  1. If Gsbe Law has this health problem and it doesn't go away and leaves the universe, that means Gabriel Yulaw, the evil Jet Li who by now has probably already taken over the prison colony universe and will eventually be The One.

  2. Jet Li, one of the most badass celebrities of the 90s and 00s. Really miss what he brought on the big screen, a big loss. But I'm glad he's doing ok.

  3. I do wish Shifu Jet-Li all the very best for his Life and Health ! Ageing and also sickness is certainly a problem also for Martial Art Masters – but it doesn't mean that this is a problem in all cases – more or less it is just a matter of Luck and Bad Luck and that is all – there are always two Sides in Life like Yin and Yang – a bright(white) Side and a Dark (Black) Side. Therefore it is true there have been and still also quite to VERY old Grandmaster of Martial Arts in History. In Historical Japan for example many old Samurai exist who were still – very healthy even when they were already 60 years old and older – who were still feared on the Battle Field – because as well as of their still good agility as also because of their Fighting and Battle Experience. On the other Hand also the the greatest Fighters like the great Miyamoto Musashi – the perhaps greatest Sword Fighter of World History – can be hit by a serious Desease like in the Case of Musashi by Cancer. From others like the fierce Samurai Lord and Budo Master Kato Kiyomasa – also one of the 50 greatest Warriors of World History in my Opinion – we don't know how they would have been with 60 Years of Age and older – because they were killed before they reached an old Age. This is just simply Life and Life has a Bright Side and a Dark Side – like Nature itself ! I personally are very thankful for Master Jet-Li's Work in total – because he showed us very good what the Human Body and Soul really is capable of if both work together in full harmony and the greatest Thing to do it and show it – is by doing Martial Arts. But do it with Heart and Soul for the Good and not Evil, for Justice and not Unjust and for Freedom and for a real and not unreal (untrue) harmonical Colourful World – that is the Legacy of Martial Arts to Mankind and I hope that this Legacy will continue – for the benefit of Mankind, Love and Truth !

  4. DON'T DO it dude we care about you and your already a legend 🙁 please your an amazing guy , rest and enjoy your life knowing you've helped us all

  5. glad he's handling his condition well. i know most people would end up depressed and stay quiet

  6. The world knows you have a big on your shoulder. You will never be forgotten. Your motivation will continue to inspire other.

  7. My action hero. Please LORD allow not him to pass this early. In the name of Christ. It would be devastating for me.
    Really he will appear in a new Mulan film??? WOW. A wish come true.

  8. He is suffering from Hyperthyroidism n refuse to accept western medicine; but only meditation.
    You won't survive long, Jet Lee!
    I speak w experience.

  9. Glad I seen this update, he will always be one of my favorite martial artists in the martial arts movies that I will always love to watch! 😆👍

  10. You will over come this be strong my friend I believe in you jet Lee where there's a way there must me a cure to stop fast ageing illnesses and your other illnesses I hope you get better stay well my friend peace

  11. one of the greatest martial artists and movie actor, i love his movies and admire his courage and authenticity, i wish him a very prompt recovery and look forward to seeing him on the big screen again soon.

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