This video has subtitles so please turn them on! Hello everyone! A new update is coming for BEYBLADE BURST RIVALS with 8 new beys and much more This is Dread Hades, look at its special attack name over there We also have Revive Phoenix, its is here as well and its special attack name Screw Trident is also here, it is good to see Toko getting available Speaking of him, he got a new art and its avatar is also in the game Vice Leopard is here, this is his special attack and avatar Breaker Xcalius is here as well, this is the famous xcalius x4 Brutal Luinor is here, the famous Luinor L4 and its avatar Archer Hercules is coming in the update as well, with its archer attack and its avatar Heat salamander is also here, all parts and avatar Today we will see all of their special moves in action! Get ready! Lets begin with Hyde! (reads with character voice) Valt is here and he will face our Dread Hades, lets begin Valt uses his special skill Our avatar is ready and we will collect special move tiles! He is here again and now we will unleash our attack! Just some extra tiles and…! *special move activation and effects* Now lets go to the next bey! Now we will face Phi! *reads with character voice* Versus this Cuza we will use revive phoenix, and its special move will be done He places lots of special defense tiles and now we will collect the final ones…! *special move activation and effects* The armor comes off and attacks the enemy! And it stays without the armor! When you use your special move it kicks the armor again *special move activation and effects* Feels like we broke shadow cognite like that *reads with character voice* Now we have toko with its brand new character art This art isnt even on his beyblade box! It is something brand new We also have new art for its avatar Unfortunately it doesnt have the Bump frame. Now lets activate its special move…! Just some extra tiles before it begins! *special move activation and effects* Reminds the drain fafnir animation. We even got a burst finish! It is very good to see toko getting new art and such *reads with character voice* We got Xavier now, he also got new art *reads with character voice* Well, i dunno how his voice is as our dub hasnt reached there yet Breaker Xcalius is here and we will see its special move Because of these translations, we can know how the attacks got named before the cartoon airs Xcalius places lots of special move tiles and our attack is ready! Lets collect the remaining stuff *special move activation and effects* Another burst finish and we will go to the next beyblade! *reads with character voice* Now we have Suoh Genji with Heat Salamander *reads with character voice* He is a blader that changes modes with his hair Heat Salamander is here, lets begin His special moves always have big long names With all these special move tiles, the attack gets ready! Now lets get ready for the final tiles *special move activation and effects* Another burst finish and it is all done! Lots of new beyblades coming in this update and we will show them all to you *reads with character voice* Its like he changed his hair mode again Laban is here as well too with new art too Very good to see previous bladers with new art Vice Leopard is here and the battle will begin Lets get this special move done right away! *special move activation and effects* And now lets go to the next bey! Lui is here with new art as wel *reads with character voice* Brutal Luinor is on its way, avatar is charged too Shadow cognite always uses these dodge skills Its special move makes this “metsu” in the board, reminds zwei longinus Now the special move is ready! Lets get the final tiles *special move activation and effects* We have more attack tiles and we can finish this! Cognite always dodges some hits Cognite defeated, Luinor wins *reads with character voice* Now we have Hae-Jin with archer hercules He is too big to battle with kids, I dont know how old he is Archer Hercules, lets begin Daigo uses a boost skill Avatar is ready, lets collect special tiles And now we can see it! *special move activation and effects* More damage dealt to Doomscizor! Lots of new beys await for you in the new update! The version previewed here is not final and is subject to change Theyre soon coming to Beyblade Burst Rivals on android and iOS, which you should download today My favorite was Spiral Treptune and Toko as he finally got new art and rises from obscurity Thank you once again and dont forget to download! See you in the next videos and thank you!


  1. This new content being previewed is not final and is subject to change before launch.DOWNLOAD:
    Apple iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1324708374?pt=118844239&ct=Cyprus2019&mt=8

    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.epicstory.beybladeburst&referrer=utm_source%3Dgoogle%26utm_medium%3Dcpc%26utm_campaign%3DCyprus2019%26anid%3Dadmob

  2. O nome dos ataques do Suoh em japonês não são mto grandes eu acho?
    Eu só me lembro que a chuva da espada de fogo era Jigoku Otoshi… Já o outro lá eu só lembro que começava com Gekirin…esse sim é grandinho

  3. o cyprus que ja tem (bladers) beys que nem foram lancados vs eu que to jogando desde quanto ele foi disponivel (n era nem o jogo completo) e so tenho um orchi (e odax) e clio 5 estrelas. da salve

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