Update After My Fall + Thank You!

Update After My Fall + Thank You!

Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I’m your host the report of the week and Thank you for tuning in to this newest video you know most importantly I wanted to give a bit of an update and recap kind of as to what went down over the last few days because needless to say it was It was quite crazy quite unexpected and just overall, very scary situation, but at the same time Extremely lucky at that What happened was? Unfortunately took a very very hard fall and Wound up in the hospital as a result. I was doing some work in the Attic and this was on me I should I should mention that it was just a mistake on my part guaranteed will never happen again, but I was doing some work in the Attic and when I lost my footing and fell and Fell about 12 feet onto a very hard floor, but I think it was concrete there was nothing to break my fall and I fell first on my Tailbone then the back of my head kind of slammed onto the ground too. And So needless to say it was very very scary went to the hospital and Was checked out most importantly should be mentioned that you know, I’ll recover from this, you know It’s gonna take a while and you know, I don’t it’ll be what it’ll be but I’ll get through it and you know, it could have been so much worse most importantly there were no severe brain injuries, which is which is just It’s incredible It was just so scary what happened, you know, there’s been a lot of pain and of course in a lot of different parts of my body and then I also got cut up with some nails that kind of dragged along my back because I was going down and then I guess my mouth slammed shut and I bit a lot of my tongue and just a whole nice little variety of various injuries I sustained but the good news is that there’s nothing life-threatening and I’ll be able to fully recover and I’ll be back in tip-top shape and in full working order You know in no time really. That’s that’s a really good news here. It was it was really scary And it was a really hard impact but I have and I’m just so glad and so Thankful because it could have been so much worse, you know Falls are are one of those things in it That the levels of severity it all depends on how you land and how How you fall what you land on and so on and so forth and that That very fall could have could have been very very different in regards to its outcome had had I have even just landed a little differently and It was just really scary. So I It was it was extremely unanticipated needless to say it’s uh It’s just so crazy But at the same time more than anything else I’m just so because I know it could have been so much worse I could have been so much worse it it could have been fatal if I had you know, hit the Hit the certain areas you name it it could have easily been so I’m just so glad that despite the pain and all of that You know what? I’ll be able to recover I’ll be I’ll be back at it as usual soon enough and The fact that it could have been so much worse, but it wasn’t it’s just it’s so incredible that’s the best way to put it and One thing that really shocked me that that really just blew me away Was after I you know made the initial announcement as to what happened the response from from you guys the community was just It blew me away. It was incredible. I I never anticipated never expected such a response So I just most sincerely wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support for your kind words your thoughts Thank you all so much It really means a lot to me and I just never expected so much it’s an it’s just It’s incredible but thank you all so much and I just want to keep you all updated as to how I’m doing what’s going on and You just thank you so much. Very just your outpouring of kindness. It’s just it’s incredible truth be told – thank you and One thing that I did want to show you Because I know I explained the situation. I know I explained What happened how I fell? Of course, I could go into more detail But you know, I explained the gist of things at least the bare basics I did I didn’t want to just show you a short video. I Just I was able to film kind of where I fell just to put it into better perspective. So take a look and Then I’ll I’ll be back in a minute All right. Well, like I said, I wasn’t joking when I when I told you that I fell needless to say I was I was not Here I am in the garage it’s one of those attics that’s Above the garage there better reference. You know, it’s one of these that you just pull this thing and you know, then the little staircase will go through and I have to get a floor put there or something, but Needless to say you can see it was my mistake. It was mine. I messed up but for reference, you know, I was trying to get to that board there and You know, I kind of I misjudged my step. That’s what happened and My foot slipped So did I of course and then with that I fell down from there? Onto the ground here and I mean you can see Because what it is, but you can see though, let me get the autofocus off It’s it’s solid ground there’s nothing the cushioned my fall and you can feel the crap that felt down there with me, but This is where my head landed right around here again done solid ground and So that’s how I fell how it was being just Storage I was up there then I just fell because I was kind of moving forward and then I kind of fell back fell back down bad then around there’s probably where My back and tailbone landed and here was where my head whipped back And then, you know the rest of me was all here and the other thing Where it’s showing likewise Is I don’t know how long you can see Right there those are all the nails that got me – because needless to say when you’re falling and all of your weight is kind of going down this Has a little bit of an understatement They kind of left a mark needless to say but yeah, yeah, so that’s where I fell That’s how it happened. That’s that’s the fun story. You know, what a fall that was, It was insane But you know, I’m taking care of myself. I’ve got my water right here in the infamous blue chalice Able to get My coffee intake right there Vegetable Intake right there with the like the v8, but no it does it’s got a lot of good stuff in it and then of course the Absolute essentials of any good recovery. I’ve got my chicken Biscuits from chick fil a. I’ll show you why not You know, they’re very good they’re tasty granted Because my tongue is all bit up. I can’t necessarily Enjoy them to their fullest, but they still good. They still taste good and They still just as good as I remember them, you know, yes The fall did not change my perception of chicken biscuits. They were always a good a Good little breakfast snack best way to put it. Right there for verify verification purposes Right there. See it’s not a prop Chicken biscuit it’s a real one and I’ll take a look. I’ll even go ahead and take a little bite for you. Why not? And the good news at least is despite Biting my tongue a bit. I didn’t knock out any of my teeth. So that’s good some even though you know, I’m glad I’m glad that’s one of the first things I Remember just like a bit checking with my tongue, but there was no no missing teeth. So that that’s that’s good in anyway But no I’m I’m you know taking it easy Resting, you know taking it easy given giving my body a break best way to put it but no I’m staying I’m staying hydrated staying fed you know taking care of myself have a wonderful person helping as well and You know, I just wanted to really make this video to you know, give an update let everyone know how things are going what exactly happens and Just let you know look it was crazy. It was very intense, but In the end. I got extremely lucky things will get better and You know, no matter what I know. I certainly learned my lesson number one to just you know to be able to Watch my step watch where I’m going, you know more of a more carefully best way to put it but also One very important thing that was just reinforced for me and you know with all that happened here I just not to take life for granted things could have could have changed so So horribly with what happens that then and the fact that I emerged so lucky from this You know not to take it for granted things can change in any moments But just goes to show how fragile things can be, but I’m really really thankful that I I made it out you know and well in pretty much one piece and I’ll be around for much longer, which is great, and I also just wanted to finish it up by saying once again, thank you So much for your support. I’ll be keeping you updated going forward You know before you know it we’ll see when the next video comes out but we’ll get something we’ll get something coming up when it comes up and before you know it I’ll be back again with reviews and other videos and Until then I just want to keep you posted. Keep you updated. Thank you for watching and thank you for your support I’m your host the report of the week and take care

100 thoughts on “Update After My Fall + Thank You!

  1. I wanted to make this video to let you all know what happened, how I'm doing and also to thank everyone for their wonderful support and kindness!!!

  2. Hey glad to hear everything is ok and thanks for not playing up your Injuries like some other youtubers would. Take all the time you need to heal and I'll be right here waiting for the next video.

  3. Idk why I find it easy picturing him as a skater dude.. like if he lets his hair hang loosely and dress differently, I feel like he’d really look the part!! 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. The thumbnail made it look like you were a soon to be a mother in the hospital and your husband took a photo of you in labor and you trying to give your best smile.

  5. OMG – I am very very sorry that you experienced this.
    Such episodes in life humble you and also give you wisdom.
    Even in injury your appetite and your resiliant humor is still in tact.
    Prayers and positive vibes for your recovery over time, but take your time – don't rush it.

  6. Bruh you're so lucky. I just fell from the ladder. I was like 3 feet up on a second or third step….i know it's funny but here i am after 5 months of sitting home after my knee reconstructive surgery for my ACL . Count your blessings man.

  7. U r so awesome in EVERYTHING u do!!! We love u enough to just wait patiently for u to recover!!! Don’t rush!!! It takes a while!!!
    Love sent to you from me here in Indiana along with all your fans!!!

  8. I thought he might be in hospital from some really bad McDonald's chicken strips and was really disappointed. glad to see review brah is all good keep up the good work!

  9. I may not regularly watch your channel very much, But all I know is that your a legend and I'm sorry for the fall. Get better man! You'll feel better soon!

  10. You are such a strong individual. I’m so glad that you’re doing well, and that you’ve taken such a healthy and positive outlook on these events.

    Look after yourself, and get well soon.

  11. After I've heard that you feel and couldn't get up, I was concerned and my day was ruined.

    Now that I see that you're ok I'm happy and I wish you all the best my man

  12. Awww man, falls are scary and boy they can leave a mark. Thank goodness nothing is broken. You certainly had angels around you. RNR my fine sir. I hope you have a speedy recovery. 💜💜💜

  13. That sucks I also fell from a open manhole yesterday when some idiot worker left it open. Now I have a large bruise on my arm an legs.

  14. That attic looks like the one from The Exorcist! Also, my boy slayed that Chicken Biscuit! Get better soon! God Bless and take care!

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