UPDATE 10/22/2019 Natureboy Goes On Crazy RANT😱 With EX Carbonnation Member Its WAS Crazy

UPDATE 10/22/2019 Natureboy Goes On Crazy RANT😱 With EX Carbonnation Member Its WAS Crazy

hey guys back with another video but
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you guys respond to this one here so about 4:30 in the morning you guys
probably won’t get this video until this afternoon
um but Nature Boy woke up I think he did a 24 hour live so that means every time
that hour was up Nature Boy was live and this was after velvet had did her live
at old Matt so he was in his feelings we already know that so around 4:30 this
morning because I go to bed early and I wake up extremely early sometime I go on
to nature boys live he is talking to a young lady who you see me have on my
channel peewee she is the young lady that used to be an X combination member
she’s to be over the in combination and now she’s actively always on live
talking about nature boy her experiences and she’s very vocal about it but she
calls in 4:30 this morning and was talking with nature boy and he was
straight to me disrespecting her I mean he was saying that you know that she
failed that she was weak that she was lost and that same energy that peewee
gives when she’s talking to other I GE members or channel holders it was gone
she had no energy at all she was mute she allowed him to speak to her and such
a manner that was insane for number 1 for number two this man physically
cannot get to this girl and I couldn’t understand why I felt so much fear from
the silence he was talking to her and all she did was listen it was almost
like she went into carbonation all over again and when she heard his voice
she went into a trance and he just went on and Nature Boy went on and he went on
he was ranting and raving because see he listens to UM pee-wee’s lives and I
think that the reason why she does the lives is because she wants him to hear
um her pain and she wants him to know how she felt when she was in carbonation
and so when she called in because she inserted herself into his life when she
called ne let her have it but see the question I want to know is what position
what place was peewee in her head to even call him in the first place you
don’t have anything good to say about carbonation a nature boy you’ve been on
lives interviews and you say things that either could incriminate Nature Boy or
it just makes him look downright dirty and so to to this morning you decide
that you want to converse with nature boy then you get on alive and you don’t
even say anything and you just let him like totally in my opinion to control
the whole conversation and just totally just disrespect you demolish you I have
nothing against peewee but I just can’t understand what made her just get on
alive with him knowing that he’s not gonna have anything good to say to you
your our lives constantly and you speak about this man constantly and that’s
okay because that is therapeutic for peewee to be doing that is
therapeutic for her to speak how she feels about the situation over in
carbonation and also to give us a glimpse into the mindset of how it is to
be a part of carbonation and how you have to be why you’re over in
carbonation so that’s okay that she’s expressing herself but I
think the most important time that she should have expressed herself was when
he allowed her to get on to that call early this morning she should have spoke
to him because the person’s name that she always has in her mouth is Nature
Boy and it’s a long time coming she should have spoke when she had a
chance and she should have expressed how she felt and not allowed him to cut her
off the few times that she did try to say something and she should have spoke
freely like she speaks with everybody else who talks with her the only one it
would have mattered to would have been between them two maybe they could have
hashed something out I don’t know I doubt it I’m being sarcastic but you
should have seen or you should have actually heard this conversation it
wasn’t a conversation it was just Nature Boy venting to peewee about how he felt
about how weak she was how weak a lot of the X carbonation members are he’s also
of course associating velvet in Omak because they’re recently the week X
combination members that went on live in nature boy’s mind um so he’s saying that
everybody’s week you know he thinks Velvets weak because she’s selling
jewelry and they’re not supposed to sell anything so he’s on this tangent with
peewee and I think the better choice would have been for her
not to enter onto that call with him and maybe if she would have went into the
live because we’re all you know welcome to do that and listen to him listen to
the rant but don’t insert yourself if you’re not gonna speak your mind when
you get a chance to do so so that I didn’t understand but it just was a
little bit eerie it just was creepy that this girl literally didn’t say a word
when natureboy opened her mouth it almost like took me back in time like I
almost could get a feel of how it felt to be a carbonation for a moment how
controlling and manipulative that he is of the conversation of what is being
said in the conversation and who was going to dominate the conversation he
displayed that leadership it was almost like she went into a trance of fear and
it’s weird because he’s over there and you’re here so why the silence now and
you’re a very talkative person you don’t have any filters actually on your mouth
and I just can’t understand how one person can have so much to say and then
when she has a chance to speak to Nature Boy and I know he listens to what she
says cuz I’m listening to what she says I share it with my community all the
time lately but it just gave me a feeling of man it’s really rough over
there with these people in combination and it’s easy for us to criticize them
but these people are ultimately stuck and I and I seen that just from the
behavior of that girl that was on the live with uh nature voice this morning I
said tonight early this morning and I said to myself she almost like went back
to carbonation she like you almost forgot I don’t have to be
silent I’m safe I can say whatever’s on my mind because I am NOT in carbonation
he’s not my leader he’s not the chief in my home so if I want to say what I have
to say I’m going to say it and I don’t care what an ancient boy has to say
but that wasn’t what the case was she was silent and I don’t understand why
she even got on to the call in the first place but I just wanted to share that
with you guys because like I said you know this is not a channel of me trying
to tell you not to follow or listen to any of the teachings of nature boy we
have choices I welcome you to go check his channel out his links are always in
the description of all my videos but just be mindful

19 thoughts on “UPDATE 10/22/2019 Natureboy Goes On Crazy RANT😱 With EX Carbonnation Member Its WAS Crazy

  1. She probably thought she was strong enough to confront him but hearing his voice live may have triggered her.

  2. They scared of this demon he has a demonic force and energy it's sick and no where near godly let alone a Messiah more like a demon straight from hell

  3. I think anytime you refer to someone as your higher self you have to feel this person is superior to you so I think she still might feel this way… I also don’t think he gave her a chance to really express herself.

  4. Everything you said about the mindset. Thats what Velvet was saying at the get go! Ya saying Velvet getting revenge. No she wanted out that toxic brainwashing relationship. And she wants another chance at love again and be FREE in the mind. I dont blame her. I'm sure her family is happy for Velvet. PeeWee. Is scared of him like all of them.

  5. Thats why Serenity not going back. They all know whats its like. I wouldn't go back either!. Them trolls supporting and fighting for him they need to go over there since he's the christ.

  6. Seriously why would she call chief LoL !! These women have no common sense when it comes to men!

  7. he shifted so much during that live. No wonder she was in a trance. His presence is strong through the screen. Listen narcs , are spirits w no soul or soul is “hand in hand “ with the narc but not attached. So these ppl are more likely to attract demons. Ontop of that he keeps makin multiple personas ( persons = spirits ) soo his influence can be very strong & freighting. He freaks me out at times lol
    Also narcissist abuse even though you escape the narcissist it is not easy to heal from. Wether u date them or not.

  8. She wasn’t strong enough..she need to heal because that’s why she’s not strong enough. That’s why velveta literally acts like he doesn’t exist..because that’s best at this point. There’s no telling what they went through over there.

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