Update 1.93 “SHARK ATTACK” / War Thunder

Update 1.93 “SHARK ATTACK” / War Thunder

Good day, friends! We are proud to show you the Update 1.93 “Shark Attack”! It introduces a long list of highly anticipated vehicles into the game. and also adds new ammo with previously unheard-of capabilities! There is a new apex predator in the American Ground Forces tech tree say hi to the new top tank bearing the name of Creighton Abrams. This model, the М1А2, features a sturdier turret and an independent panoramic sight for the tank commander. This tank also has access to a new М830А1 HEAT-MP-T round with an electronic fuze that makes it especially effective when fighting helicopters. Chinese armor manufacturers roll out their own titan The ZTZ-96 main battle tank. It comes with a stabilized 125mm smoothbore cannon coupled with an auto-loader. The tank’s turret is protected by a special composite solution making use of steel, aluminium and titanium alloys giving the turret up to 500mm of protection against HEAT projectiles. Look, up in the sky… here comes the Ka-50, the legendary Soviet Black Shark a premium rank VI helicopter found in the USSR/Russian tech tree. This is the first helicopter in the game with a coaxial main rotor design giving it superior agility, speed and airlift capability. The Black Shark is armed with heavy bombs, a frighteningly punchy 30mm gun and, most importantly, twelve Vikhr missiles with a tandem HEAT charge capable of destroying targets at a distance of up to ten kilometres. The BMP-3 needs no introduction. It’s a fast amphibious vehicle armed with a 100mm gun a coaxial 30mm autocannon and, of course, the Arkan missile system these ATGMs penetrate up to 750mm of armor! There is a very big addition coming to the US Navy. And we mean, a “BIG” addition. Give a warm welcome to the USS Pensacola, a heavy cruiser armed with ten 8-inch guns (or 203mm guns, in metric units). Despite its considerable displacement, this is also THE FASTEST American cruiser in the game capable of going at 32.5 knots — or 60 kph. Finally there is the big-bellied Saab 29 jet fighter, colloquially called “The flying barrel”. Yup, that’s right… it’s a pioneer heralding the arrival of the Swedish Air Force! This aircraft is known for its distinctive look and — surprisingly — its decent maneuverability… but in our game the Saab 29 comes with yet another very important feature. Every player that purchases the Saab 29 OR the Finnish VL Pyorremyrsky fighter aircraft will get access to the incoming Swedish air tree consisting of dozens of unique vehicles which will be available with the next big update! Now a few words about other newcomers. Italians get their first helicopter, the A129 Mangusta boasting a pair of powerful engines and a sleek profile capable of operating with excellent aerodynamic qualities and allowing this heli to perform a lot of advanced aerobatic maneuvers. British tankers are in for a real treat: they get two great new vehicles. The first is the Vickers Mk.7, an MBT that is armed with a 120mm cannon, features composite armor and boasts excellent mobility it can reach a speed of up to 72 kph… in OFF-ROAD CONDITIONS. Yup, that’s exactly right. The second tank is the Centurion Action X, henceforth described as the Chiefturion. This is an experimental model featuring a well-protected ‘mantletless’ turret and a quick-firing gun. Say hi to the premium Hunter FGA.9 a variant of the interceptor that many of you are familiar with. This particular Hunter was protecting the skies of Rhodesia, a former British colony in Africa. Today that country bears the name of Zimbabwe. and this fighter is yet another British aircraft available in War Thunder. France is following in the footsteps of other nations by getting its first supersonic aircraft An F-100D Super Sabre variant, coming in unique colours. This bird was a part of the French Air Force throughout the sixties and the seventies. Then there is also a new, better UI for armor inspection for all those times when you want to check your tank or your ship’s survivability in the safety of your hangar. It’s more intuitive and more convenient to use. These are just some of the new things coming into the game with Update 1.93. As usual, if you want to take a look at the full list of changes, look no further than our official site. And there will be tons of in-depth videos about new vehicles dropping on this very channel very soon as well! See you in battle! Don’t forget to leave a like and a comment below… and stay tuned for more!

100 thoughts on “Update 1.93 “SHARK ATTACK” / War Thunder

  1. Hi everyone,
    Can War Thunder add some INDIAN vehicle to the game .
    Aircraft- Tejas mk1
    Tanks- Arjun mk2
    Helicopters- LCH (light combat helicopter) n HAL RUDRA
    Warships- Godavari warship.
    And ATGMs also
    Gaijin give your reply on this ☺🙂

  2. Stop making Russians undefeatable, we're done of those auto loader cannons equipped with infinite penetration atgm

  3. Second, community asks to remove stupid helis or at least make AA better on killing them and you put a silly 10km killing machine?? THE WHAT, are you serious?

  4. Allies keep getting stuff and axis keep getting stave of content, having to deal with unbalanced, uptiers and bs.

  5. Matchmaker is still broken. Our World War 2 era tanks are still being forced into battle with Cold War era tanks where we are outmatched and outclassed. Battle ratings need decompression. Realism is gone from RB. The map rotation is boring. 7 years of the same capture the flag modes. I could go on, but here we are at 1.93 and the game is still a beta test nightmare.

  6. Being honest, I’m waiting for the return of the old vehicles so more variety means more balance, Gaijin is doing this to the Modern vehicles, I’m just waiting for the WW2 retribution.

  7. The new update is really good but my account got deleted so I had to download again the game and start from the start of game

  8. 2019 War Thunder Supersonic Jets Update new vehicles..etc.
    Me: Rank 2 T34 1940 Panzer IV F2
    2050 War Thunder XWing Update Y Wings Space to Space Battles ATAT heavy sci fi Tanks Laser ray
    Me: Yay M1 Abrams jet fighter

  9. is there any new low to mid tier armor or plane or ship that is fun to use, like the HE 100, the p40, m3 stuart(family), the t34, and etc

  10. Is this a joke? M1A2 with 600 mm against Kinetic and 900 against HEAT? I knew you guys are retards from the M829 performance being trash but this is just unbeliveable to make this tank so weak.

  11. Soooo, there's a (sweet) rework of the armor penetration simulator, a few new vehicles to add to the broken meta, and… that's all?

  12. I live in Florida in Pensacola to be specific and it feels good to know that a heavy cruiser is named after your home

  13. About the most disappointing patches i have ever got a chance to see. Japan is the biggest joke apparently since Gaijin has never heard of it and must have forgotten to add something. Still missing Helis. Which at this point it is meh. However SPAA is most needed. Another type 90 ? There are somes pros to this patch though. But Japan getting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

  14. ok first off the ka-50 is way too over powerd stop being a money hungary dev team most of the things in this update are premium it should not be at 10.0 with a AUTO tracking system and why dont you put good helicopter in the us british or french talk about russian bias great job being money hungry

  15. Ok someone please explain this to me. I just got
    my Ostwind and noticed after I died, I noticed the huge rpair cost and I have not even parts mod yet. I
    looked up and this is what it is.

    Wirbelwind br 3.7 Max repair cost……..1911 S/L
    Ostwind br 4.7 Max repair………….7400 S/L
    Ostwind II br 5.7 Max repair ……………..2100 S/L
    Why is the Ostwind soo high??

  16. Could we get troop transport trucks? They could be able to provide allied tanks with extra crew replenishment, then get a bonus on tanks killed by people with the crew members you gave them similar to the scouting bonus.

  17. You could add to the game the Brazil tab … we have a famous version of the P-47D, great versions of the AMX-A1, the F5E Tiger 2, A29 Super Tucano, K390 and more!

  18. Stupid update. Why is the ammo for the bmp 3 so mich expansiv? It is the same ammo from the bmp 2

  19. What if we got artillery added, but it was an activatable ability similar to scouting, where once you activate it your camera tracks the next shot you fire, similar to the kill cam in that it does not show any tanks as shot travels, only the map itself. This would allow artillery guns currently in the game (m3 GMC, VFW, etc) to better make shots without exposing themselves, without throwing the balance way off. If it is too bad, maybe increase artillery brs by 0.3

  20. Thank you for **** helicopter battles again Its ımpossible to grind helicopter with your non flared and air to aired heli. You cant do anything when someone locked you a missile. I havent got money for your over powered premium helis and thats mean ı can play with helis anymore because ı dont want to die non talented rich people with their ka-50 or eurocopter 's. YOU ARE KİLLİNG THİS GAME STOP İT!!!!!

  21. Probably the least that has ever been done while still being treated as a full update. This should have been like 1.91.5 or something.

  22. Oh look, another update with more vehicles that'll each cost the same than a good AAA game, while the gameplay issues remain the same.

  23. Honestly war thunder is great and innovative. However how in the hell are higher tier vehicles so expensive? The game isn’t worth spending 100’s of dollars I don’t understand. Probably losing hundreds of players daily. Stupid

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