Update 1.91 “Night Vision” / War Thunder

Update 1.91 “Night Vision” / War Thunder

Hello, friends! We’re proud to announce the arrival of Update 1.91 “Night vision”. It brings night vision devices and thermal sights. even more dangerous rotorcraft, and Chinese tanks and aircraft! Yup, that’s right: China is the latest nation to be added to War Thunder. There are tons of exciting new vehicles and many, many bug fixes as well… Let’s dive in! Ground vehicles and helicopters will get image intensifying night vision devices and thermal sights Obviously, only when it’s historically applicable. Image intensifiers operate by amplifying reflected or radiated light. Sometimes they come with an infrared headlamp, allowing you to illuminate an area to see your target clearly… while still remaining in the shadows. Night vision devices with a thermal imaging type of action detect thermal radiation emitted by an operating vehicle. Those can be useful even in broad daylight. If an enemy tank moves or fires, its gun, engine area and tracks can then be easily spotted with your thermal sights! Furthermore, if you’re fond of fighting at night time, you’re in for a real treat: at high BRs the number of night battles will increase, allowing for a more varied gameplay! Now a few words about new vehicles. Say hi to the legendary MiG-21 one of the most well-known supersonic jet aircraft in the world! If somebody says “MiG”, just “MiG”… that’s probably the aircraft you’re going to think of with its distinct elliptical profile and a delta wing. This aircraft can reach the speed of up to 1300 kph near the ground. It is armed with a powerful 30mm autocannon, and has access to a multitude of payload options. Meanwhile on the other side of the pond there is a strong new contender: the McDonnell Douglas F-4, also known as Phantom II. Its twin-engine configuration allows it to compete with Soviet MiGs and it has enough payload options to put a proper strike aircraft to shame. These means of destruction are at your disposal. Just look at all this splendour!… EC-665 Tiger HAD Another interesting newcomer is the Eurocopter Tiger which came to being through a joint Franco-German development project. It’s a modern attack helicopter that has access to a wide variety of air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles. It is outfitted with bleeding-edge avionics and armed with a quick-firing 30mm cannon. Furthermore, with its excellent maneuverability and a very lean profile it’s not an easy target to take down. If you prefer Ground Battles, there is an exciting new option for taking those pesky fliers down a peg or two. Meet the SIDAM 25 Mistral, a new Italian SPAA system. In addition to four 25mm Oerlikons, it is also equipped with Mistral missiles. An excellent “fire-and-forget” type weapon. Its passive infrared homing head allows you to destroy targets at a distance of up to five km. There are also really big ships! Admiral Hipper, the first German heavy cruiser in the game, sets sail from its dock. As of now, this will be the biggest vessel of War Thunder. It displaces more than 18 thousand tonnes, and is more than 200 metres long. This behemoth features eight 203mm cannons as its main caliber almost thirty additional AA cannons and machine guns, and twelve torpedoes to boot! Other countries will get new, bigger ships as well. There is also a new nation coming to War Thunder. You’ve been trying to determine the game’s next nation for at least a few months now. Leave a like if you were right: it’s China that is bringing its armies to War Thunder! You will see different variants of the legendary Type-59 and the tree will feature a 50 ton CM11 tank hybrid as a top Chinese MBT. This tank is built around the chassis of the M60A3, armed with a stabilized 105mm cannon and equipped with ERA packages allowing it to thrive in high level battles. And it’s not just ground vehicles that we’re talking about. China also has a full-fledged aircraft tech tree with the multirole Chengdu J-7 fighter, which is a license-built version of the Soviet MiG-21, coming into the game as the tree’s top predator. It’s nice to be able to play with new vehicles on new locations, so with Update 1.91 we introduce three new maps at once. For starters, we give you an extremely big Ground Battles location called Cargo Port. Visualize two “Alaskas”. Well, that’s about the right size! You might think that a map that big would be mostly barren… but you’d be wrong. Countless port facilities create a very diverse landscape, enabling all sorts of playstyles. Next up is Palau Islands, a location for Naval Battles with a small archipelago right in the center. This map has it all: big vessels have all the room they need for long range duels all the while more agile torpedo boats and destroyers get a labyrinth of islands to play in. Finally there is Japanese Port, yet another naval location. Tactically speaking, it’s almost symmetrical, with smaller vessels fighting for the northern cap point in the bay the center zone surrounded by islands, and the third zone, which is the furthest from the shore forcing you to fight in the open. Even with all that sea action, we’re pretty sure that it’d be really hard not to notice the beauty of that shore, though with all the sakura trees in full bloom. We also implemented a feature that you requested under nearly every Shooting Range. The game now has a map filtering tool, allowing you to mark the maps you don’t like. If the majority of players from the matching queue have the same mission or location marked as unwanted they will get reduced chances of getting a game on that map. Furthermore, players with premium accounts can completely remove specific missions or locations from rotation. Obviously, that’s just a part of a long list of changes that Update 1.91 brings to the game. The full list can be found at our official site; We are also going to discuss many new features and vehicles in upcoming videos on this very channel. So stay tuned! See you in battle then! Take a look at all the things coming to War Thunder with the update with your own eyes, tell us what you think in the comments… and stay with us. There are a lot of exciting things yet to come!

100 thoughts on “Update 1.91 “Night Vision” / War Thunder

  1. When are you guys taking all the chinese planes out of testing, you can seriously only get the I-15, I-153 and gladiator without becoming a paying tester

  2. Please make the Maus an squadron vehicle or make it the same as those little french tanks (research unlocked after some point like unlocking tier VI)

    Point is don't completely lock it out for new players who will not get a chance to play it #pleaseconsider

  3. OFc another nation ctrl+c ctrl+v…. only USA, DE, SSSR have completly tree… another nation have mix uniq and other nation units

  4. "Tell us what you think in the comments"
    I think the Chinese air tech tree is literally all just other planes (even the jets, wtf?)

  5. New vehicle sure xd, also if a prop plane is a night fighter os specifically designed for night actions why not get a night vision?

  6. Im surprised they didnt boast about the new sound overhaul, that was probably one of the best things of this update.

  7. Сук вот как знал на русскоязычном канале т 72 бьют абрамсов, а тут наоборот

  8. I'm getting really excited about the possibility of launching aircraft off of player-controlled aircraft carriers and even battleships with seaplane catapults

  9. English electric lightning? When wilk it be added as the game has 2 of its contemparries. The raf also used the phantom. Will they get a varient.

  10. Улитки извините, но новый звук, го….ще, как будто под водой играешь, ну или с заложенными ушами.

  11. this is cool. like really cool. but so far NV hasnt worked at all for me no matter what key I bind them to (xbox one MnK supported) and why the hell cant console players play Squadron battles. you put the vehicles on our screens and have them available to unlock but then you say we can only play squadron battles on PC… its bullshit. Can anyone help me out with the NV?


  13. I'm not so educated, so could someone please elaborate to pick things they got it wrong, from all this new features compared to in real life counterparts?

  14. Chinese tech tree, you meant a new skin for all the existing vehicles in the game right?

    sigh. the power of paycheques eh?

  15. Oh come on.. Just more top tier stuff for the Press-account YouTubers and no-livers? Most of the players will never even get to use that due to the insane grind. Pity. Was considering giving the game another go, but never mind.

  16. This videos make me realise why I stopped playing the game after over 1000 hours of gameplay. Sad to see war thunder moving in this direction.

  17. Could you please fix the BR-issue?
    Please use the average of the top 3 vehicles in the garage instead of only the top tank. If for instance the Obj 906 gets reassigned (as it did), then your other vehicles may have a hard time (in my case, I had T44/100, IS3 and IS6, when I unlocked the Obj 906).
    Similarly, I started unlocking the T72, but then the tree changed and now I have to unlock all the T54 and T62 first? That´s like 5 tanks!

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