you all check it out guys we're back with a brand new episode on the channel my name is general Sonia welcome my friends to the official release of the June 2019 update guys I've just updated COC inside of the App Store and now all the new content is officially live inside of the game we have got built a whole nine which I will be jamming very shortly guys it appears there are also some new packs inside of the store the update pack two hundred thousand dark elixir 10 million gold and some Book of Heroes for $20 we will be buying that later on in the episode guys now what we're gonna do in this video we're gonna take a look at every single piece of new content which has just been released by supercell and maybe it's time to sign up to the legend League guys we're blue skies are all that we can find now just before we take a look to see what's come into the game I do want to announce the official giveaway guys I will be choosing one subscriber just one person from this video to win a $100 gift card for iTunes Android or PayPal all you need to do let me know down below in that comment section guys when did you subscribe to this channel that is it I will be picking one person officially from this comment section and you my friend will receive your gift card or $100 PayPal so if you unsubscribe to the channel guys make sure you do hit that sub on and we will be doing an other giveaway as soon as a new season starts and I will give away ten more gold passes just as I did in the previous season guys so make sure you do subscribe to the channel check that out those new inferno towers look pretty damn awesome so first thing I'm gonna do grab that training potion guys let's take a look and see what is actually come so we've got ourselves the changes to the legend league we've got build a home 9 let's just quickly head over here buildable nine guys and I think we're going to upgrade straight to build a whole 9 in this episode now before we do that let's see are there any builder ruins yes there are there's a couple there so let's go ahead and actually grab those guys I am going to grab all of these little cute little seasonal banks and all that good stuff here I potions we've got some more gold there let's grab that guys oh okay we can't grab the hero person there is a builder potion can't grab that either then we've got the route of build of gold we've got the rune of builder elixir and let's go ahead and grab that elixir as well guys I don't think we can grab the Clocktower potion okay so for the rest of it we're just gonna leave it there for now we don't actually need anything else guys if we go over to the Builder base there is probably gonna be something in the shop here yes there is guys memento packs 1.8 million gold 1.8 million elixir and we get ourselves some clock tower potions and we get a statue guys okay so how much is this going to cost to upgrade it 3.2 million gold let's go into our magic items and let's get ahead and drop that rune or field of gold guys hold on wait just before you do can we actually upgrade a wall I don't think we've got enough to upgrade a wall guys so we can upgrade this how long is it gonna take man no point let's go into our our magic items and let's drop smack runa pure gold and let's go ahead and upgrade to build a whole level 9 guys okay let's click that button click the upgrade hold on build the following buildings to unlock the NYX build a whole level so we need to go into the shop and we need to build ourselves an army cap let's put that down over here guys and then we also need to build some walls ok so back into the shop let's grab these walls now before we grab the walls I think we need some gems let's buy ourselves let's get what is it a pile of gems for $4.99 ok so there we go guys the gems have collected if you want to win some free gems from myself make sure you drop a like on this video we're gonna do a special just in this episode guys every single like this video gets I will give away two gems two gems later on this weekend guys every like equals two gems pretty damn simple so let me know what you want to do okay so our me Kemp let's finish that with the gems I don't want to use the book of building guys and let me just see how many focal buildings we've actually got we've only got one so I don't really want to waste that on an army camp now we're gonna go back into the shop we're gonna build those walls we're gonna put them over here there's one two and let's go for the other ones guys three and four and now we can upgrade to build a whole level nine it's gonna be a five day to our upgrade guys we're going to unlocking your defense to new defenses actually with of course the newer the new builder pot 20 more walls new elephants spring-trap and a mega mine okay there it is guys 5 days 1 hours we will return to this in a few minutes time for now let's head back to the main village and let's see what else is happening over here ok I believe there are some new troops inside a lap guys so if we scoot over we've got new levels too earthquake poison paste and the skeleton spell and then we've also got new labels to the Golem guys now we've actually got enough dark elixir to straight-up upgrade the Golem already so there's a hundred and eighty seven thousand dark elixir golem is officially going towards level 9 guys now I'm gonna be buying all these packs because they're gonna help me out so a book of fighting book of spells book of Heroes eight and a half million gold with the Builder potion book the building resource potion book of fighting and then of course we've got the update package world guys so we're gonna be loaded with cash and magic items at the end of this video before we do that let's just take another quick look all the elixir troops there are no new levels we've got a new level – the rage spell as well and that pretty much concludes all of that guys so now what I would like to do is check out what else came into the game so let's go ahead and actually take a look at this guy so attack defense I believe you can change your your actua your bases a lot different to how it usually used to be but if we click this practice button these are actually offering us an insane amount of loot guys now there's only 17 attacks in total but I mean these ones down the bottom are offering 6000 our colleagues are 600,000 golden elixir so if you are a lower level townhall these are gonna be very helpful guys and we are definitely gonna complete these as well but let me just try the top one let's see what this actually is so it is kind of like a new game-mode but obviously there's only 17 times to attack so I wouldn't really say it's a new game-mode guys I mean I think a lot of people were kind of click baiting with that I wouldn't really say it's a new game mode because it doesn't look all that helpful to be honest I mean unless you're like a brand new player this ain't really gonna be that great so let's see what happens are we actually gonna be able to grab all this loot off the water is destroyed deploy goblins to help on the cleanup guys okay so it's basically telling you how to use these strategies guys and what maybe it is kind of helpful at the end of the day if you are a lower Town Hall level so the mortars down let's see if these are actually gonna be up to three started space guys joints moving on to the cannon goblins are cleaning that loop pretty quickly to be honest and there's only what two defenses left in the entire base it's it's quite easy to be honest I think it's impossible to actually lose this unless you just um don't listen to what the game says guys so as long as you listen to what supercell says you are pretty much guaranteed free loop here and in total it might add up to over ten million gold elixir and maybe even like something like a hundred thousand dark elixir I'm not too sure we're gonna allow these troops just to take out the rest of the map because we've got to do it at some point anyway we're already at 50% total damage guys the Giants taking down the the elixir storage is now as well goblins are definitely helping out but bag goes pretty much the rest of the elixir and it is game over guys so let's go ahead and exit this let's exit the tutorial doesn't actually give me that loop oh it did okay awesome so yeah in total if we click that practice button guys we've already collected all the loot from Matt I mean in total you're looking at maybe oh yeah maybe five six million elixir and dark elixir and gold sorry not too bad at all so finally let's just take a quick look at the the final few changes which came into the game guys so where is it game updates the layout sharing legendary design let's keep going guys operation blue skies beautiful level nine and I believe that pretty much concludes most of it apart from the new magic item guys the research potion so does that mean we need to upgrade the laboratory where is our uh sorry I'll spell factory where is the spell factory there it is guys do we need to upgrade it no we don't how do we actually get this potion guys let's take a look so where is it it should be a level one potion in here somewhere let's just see what it's called again hold on my mistake let's load this again guys go down here in its new magic item okay coming soon this is oh it's a magic item sorry the research potion okay so that's gonna give me a boost on the research guys so let's if there's actually a research potion in here no there is not okay supercell hasn't actually offered us any research potions yet guys but once we get one we'll go ahead and use it and then we can of course boost the other speed on the golem inside of the lab guys this my friends is where we will be ending the episode right here make sure you leave a like if you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for episode number 2

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  2. although ur defences r strong,i dun recommend u to put ur townhall at the side without defences honestly,u will lose trophies.dangerous

  3. I subscribe today and turn on the bell and put it all because u are the best clash of clans player ever and i liked all of ur videos

  4. I subbed 3 years ago then i unsubbed 1 year because i quitted and then i subbed again 2 months ago when i started again

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