Unity Visual Novel Toolkit Tutorial01 Create a Conversation Scene

Unity Visual Novel Toolkit Tutorial01 Create a Conversation Scene

Resources/BGフォルダを作成します。 Resources/BG以下に背景テクスチャを置いてください。 メインカメラを消去します。 メニューからViNoToolbarウィンドウを開きます。 テンプレートタブより、”Create a Conversation Scene”をクリックして作成します。 シナリオオブジェクトも作成されています! この時点でも、会話パートを見ることができます。 背景を変更し、シーンを登録します。 おっと!BGとキャラクターが同じ奥行にいます。 Bgをもう少し奥に移動します。 テキストを変更してみましょう。 では、ラストに”Bye Bye”と追加してみます。

14 thoughts on “Unity Visual Novel Toolkit Tutorial01 Create a Conversation Scene

  1. in the latest version 0_Scene is no longer created from the conversation scene template and there doesn't seem to be any way to get it into the hierarchy.  

  2. Hi there, I have a few questions about the ViNo Toolkit. The first thing I was wondering was if you can use this toolkit and still have the ability to have actual physical gameplay. I'm basically wondering if its possible to have my game be a visual novel at fixed intervals, such as after the end of a level, like a cut-scene. I was also wondering if you could also activate this cut-scene by interacting with objects or people. Thanks and sorry for the bother.

  3. the save/quick save load/quick load in adv doesnt work it gives errors saying it looks for _0 Scene thats only in conversation scene not in adv so what or how can i fix this cuz in adv i cant load saved games but in conversation scene it works perfectly

  4. Don't spend your money on this Shit , it is the worst unity assets i ever use in my entire life, full with bugs , the developer will never respond on your email if you need any help.

  5. i used unity 4.5 ish and its not compatible with visual novel toolkit, i changed it to 4.2ish it works perfectly

  6. Excuse me, read this comment please. Umh, to use Unity Visual Novel, we have to install unity 3d too right ?
    (Newbie here, sorry :(( )

  7. I don't even know how to download or open it with asset. Added to asset,open unity,nothing. Starting new project with the asset will crash the program.

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