9 thoughts on “Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri launches Web Portal on Land Pooling Policy

  1. China-Pakistan are our external enemies.What about our internal enemies ???? THE BUILDER MAFIA OF INDIA. So powerful is thus MAFIA that PM of the largest democracy MODI, his entire cabinet take order from BUILDER MAFIA.
    Why Modi Govt protecting urban Dacoit BUILDER MAFIA ???
    Obviously for CHANDA .
    For CHANDA/PARTY Fund this Govt has given free hand to BUILDER MAFIA for looting middle class ,Hence destroyed Lakhs of families.
    RERA supposed to be a tool to contril fraud builders has become another JHUMLA. Modi has cleverly drafted RERA to protect Fraud builders, Hence RERA in allIndian states has become a failure .Modi's game, passed strong RERA in Parliament, builders panicked, sent cash to BJP , BJP diluted RERA though states.Remember money BJP got from BUILDER MAFIA is not their money it's our hard earned money looted by BUILDER MAFIA. So in real terms it's BJP which is looting us common citizens through BUILDER MAFIA.
    Modi don't have guts to tame BUILDER, the milking cow, their main fund donor.
    Hardeep Singh Puri as MOHUA is helping BUILDER MAFIA only .

  2. Sir, delhi ki unauthorised colony ko regularised kar doo delhi ki public uss govt ko sallo saal yaad rakhegi jo isse regularised karegi kyoki ye historical moment hoga kyoki aaj tak sari party ne sirf aur sirf jhuthe vade hi kiye hai….but i hope bjp govt do it soon. Thank you.

  3. At last Policy starts..good wishes for end users and Builders also..hope all goes well in time bound manner and good quality homes at reasonable prices for Delhi residents..Good

  4. Great Job by DDA for the new happening in Delhi. I would appreciate and really loved to see the way to welcome the main guests with the saplings.

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