40 thoughts on “Understanding how Hillary Clinton would govern

  1. I don't have the education to properly articulate or express how much i hate this woman. She is without doubt an absolute text book sociopath

  2. Hillary Clinton payed off by cartels no respect for her she even showed us on YouTube if you think about politics she's no Different then a mob gang of follower s who kill American people Hillary Disrespect s the ISRAEL Flag at least Trump respect s Israel

  3. I believe that Hillary is the left side of the collumn, she is NOT to be trusted. She should be in Jail, or maybe better 6 foot under.

  4. Trump has not made any new military interventions, while the Clintons live depending on creating conflicts worldwide and dropping bombs on other nations. All with a horrible evil propaganda

  5. My parents hate Obama and Hillary. When you ask them why they say Obama destroyed the country and Hillary is a criminal or a b****. Never anything to do with policy or substance.

  6. LOL > Even peeps who like her hate her > she has IRS dirt on all her "Friends" thus the gushing approval > She's the Succubus > Head Witch LA Coven > Bill said it > there you go Mr "Journalist[sic] " investigate THAT

  7. What I'm hearing over and over is that Hillary fulfills the female role of, and this is a direct quote from the video, "shut up and listen". Maybe think about what you're saying there, Vox.

  8. How did the miss the abusive way she treated her staff and Secret Service people watching over her. She throws things at people and is very verbally abusive. Did you NOT see her on the campaign berate the women who just wanted a photo of her? It's very sad. Some of her staff was afraid of her. So when you speak of the staff, speak of all of them.

  9. Hillary Clinton has her fair share of corruption and might not be the best candidate like Obama was, but in comparison to Trump it sounds like a no gamer. Clinton at least has political experience, having been First Lady before, meanwhile Trump is a businessman who got into this unexpectedly.

  10. She is brilliant, otherwise she would not be where she is today, it's my trust what she will never have, not that a trust Trump anymore than her, it seems to me that politics is a hopeless cause, cause there will always be interests in the middle, our country is not gonna get better just worse in every aspect, otherwise the Bible is a lie and god is a liar, and that I do not believe for a second, what most people fail to understand is that this is the country where most wealth is created, which means there is not right and wrong, just competition, if the government was worried about the public things would be different, but it's not, it's a self serving government like all others.

  11. While she was a heavily flawed candidate, she had some good and strong policy ideas…I genuinely think if it wasn’t for all of the scandals over the years she’d have won by a landslide

  12. This shows that the controversies where just bad affects based on how good and how different she was as a person,candidate and leader.

  13. And by arguments and attacks you mean like the two little boys wrapped up in a tarp and left on a train track in Mena Arkansas at your cocaine distribution center airport

  14. what she inspires is fear of being murdered or investigated by the IRS or being ruined by false lawsuits and criminal trials for stuff you never did like travel gate that's what she inspires

  15. and when she says fulfill her profession she means fill up her pocketbook with all the money she could possibly steal from all the places she could possibly steal it and murder anybody who dares to divulge any of her criminal activities

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