UNBELIEVABLE Anchor Leg In Championship 4x100m

UNBELIEVABLE Anchor Leg In Championship 4x100m

46 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE Anchor Leg In Championship 4x100m

  1. Not a track and field guy here but how can 4x100m be that fast when a lone 100m dash is right around 10 sec? Here you have additional handoff time and weak running start.

  2. actually it was more a case of poor anchor leg running by the guy who was leading at the hand off…poor technique…the guy was totally burnt out as early as the 60 meter mark…panic run…that is exactly how not to sprint

  3. The team in 3rd place had a bad hand off from 3 to 4…..it almost look like the 4th leg was looking back which is a massive hell no…..

    2ndly what the hell was 8th place Iowa Westerns time….. The video cut off at 7th place Butler with 41.89 which means Iowa came in at a 42 something….. Idk where some of these teams are but here in Texas we have Elite high school teams running 39's and a lot more really good high schools running 40's and 41's

  4. The white team shouldve reversed that lineup. That anchor shouldve been first. I keep looking at the blue team. Them boys fast af. Especially buddy that went from 4th to 3rd.

  5. Barton County Babbbbyyyy B C C C!!!! #bartonX 3x national champs jump squad… Pitboys #louisiana #weightroomjunkies

  6. Congratulations spear chuckers you can run, now make sure to hold the tomato’s on that burger and give me the correct change.

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