Ukraine ambassador fired by Trump testifies in impeachment probe

Ukraine ambassador fired by Trump testifies in impeachment probe

100 thoughts on “Ukraine ambassador fired by Trump testifies in impeachment probe

  1. If they democrats actually had proof they would vote, they know they don't hence why they won't so it won't go anywhere. No vote then Trump and the white house aren't obligated to comply.. If they do vote and it goes to the Senate it's already been stated the impeachment dies there.. he's not getting impeached. At this point I don't know why anyone cares about this anymore, the media is just keeping it going for ratings.

  2. GINGRICH had a vote in the house for impeaching Clinton Wallace knows exactly what he meant when he said unconstitutional and it wasn't behind closed doors this whole ordeal is corrupt and the Democrats will pay dearly in 2020 I personally will never vote Democrat again never not for any position I'm done and I'm not alone the whole WORLD is literally laughing at America and the crazy Democrats at just how dumb they are just dumd and the head dummy is Adam Schiff with Pelosi and NADLER in close second

  3. umm no chris impeachment has to be brought to a vote first before congress can just impeach, jesus go back to school

  4. She's respected but refused to help find out about corruption going on with Ukraine and Obamas administration. She's nothing but part of the deep state and getting kickbacks too, to keep her mouth shut. Trump should have fired EVERYONE that had anything to do with Obama.

  5. Strong woman like Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, get to live rent-free in donald's, otherwise empty, head, and is a bane to his misogynistic existence.

  6. Chris Wallace just contaminated his reporting with a bias by his opening statement.. first words are in defense of the recalled ambassadors character. This is typical leftist m.o. ; to illegitimize the accusations against her.
    Gee, Chris, have you missed the reporting that John Solomon has done on her? The self-righteous indignation from the reporting(commentary) is misplaced. She’s not a saint. She’s been working against the president in her capacity as ambassador . That’s wrong!
    But the problem is Chris internally applauds anyone who defies Trump, because Chris is clearly a Trump hater too.

  7. so this is the person keeping ukraine lawyers from coming to America. thought she was an open border democrat ? are they for closed borders now .

  8. Never mind the amvassador was bad mouthing the President and most important she was displaying bias during the Ukrainian election! That is a fireable offense certainly.

  9. What gasbag Wallace neglected to mention was that Gingrich held a "Full House vote" before he did the impeachment against Clinton. That, Mr. Wallace, is a major difference compared to the unethical approach being done by Pelosi and Schiff.

  10. This is just like when the Navy Court Martialed the Captain of the Indianapolis, and called the Japanese Sub Captain-Disgraceful.


  12. Chris Wallace doesn't even understand the Constituional basics of impeachment. It is NOT a congressional power! It's a power of the House of represenatives. Not the speaker of the house or a House committee, it's the House of Represenatives power, thus it requires a majority vote to activate the power of impeachment (Non-judicial indictment).

  13. I don't understand why so many people are calling him out he's a journalist doing his job when it reach's the point where an audience won't tolerate any criticism of a politician somethings gone badly wrong.

  14. Newt Gingrich participating in Clinton's impeachment was for probable evident, "stained" cause, not based on failed vapoured alleged Russian Collusion after years of investigation. Who's Wallace trying to kid? He's taking his audience for idiots.

  15. Ambassador Yovanovitch has been colluding with the Treasonous Democrats for years.
    She should never have had any power in Ukraine nor should she be used as a witness against Trump as her History is aligned with the Democrat bribes….same as Joe Biden !!!!

  16. LMAO…. trump's america never fails to be super funny…LMAO…. trump people think he is GOD or a King! looking forward to the riots from trump people to protect him…. hahahah!

  17. Of course she will testify. She a low life criminal. Sounds like a leftover from Obama. How much she getting. And you low life news agencies can’t shut your rotten mouths either. You keep it and keep it up just to keep everyone upset. Fox News you make me sick.

  18. Trump’s domestic economic policy, however, has been standard Republican top-down class warfare. None of that $300 billion went for social benefits or even his continually promised, never-delivered infrastructure plan. Instead, it went mainly into tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy that have done little to boost investment.

  19. Hey everybody! Mi familia just arrived from Mexico in estados unidos!!!!! Thank god President Trump is failing with the wall and my entire familia is now here in the states!!!!! We just got 15 members of my familia from guatemala here! Another 7 members of mi familia will be here next week. The area they went through had no wall. 👍

  20. Chris Wallace cannot avoid trying to smear and obfuscate the story against the President. The ambassador was caught trying to protect the Democrats co-partner in crime & major funder George Soros in Ukraine (following the firing of the former prosecutor by Joe Biden who was investigating his son's firm) by giving the new prosecutor a "Do Not Prosecute List" which included a Soros organisation. The real question is why was the Democratic state dept getting into bed with George Soros in Ukraine when so much money was pouring into Ukraine and disappearing as fast as it went in? The Ambassador was reported as having an animus against President Trump which made her unfit to serve at the Presidents pleasure due to her partisan abuse of office. She was caught between two presidents who are both committed to stamping out corruption. She was the zit that got squeezed out.

  21. SO, Yea, we got rid of SHEPARD SMITH, When Do we Get RID of this LEFTY CHRIS WALLACE?? And BIAS JAUN WILLIAMS…Come On FOX, Clean your Lefty's out of our News House!

  22. We also know that she disrupted efforts by a Ukrainian prosecutor to reach the US justice department with evidence against Joe Biden, but will they report on that?

  23. Oh, Chris-
    Can’t you pour on more bias in your comment?
    Unlike the fired Ambassador, you are not “highly respected”.

    Maybe, you’ll leave Fox like Sheppard Smith is.
    Can see you, both, being on CNN one day.

  24. 🤣Rudy is under investigation now! The walls are closing in on Trump and his corrupt/criminal friends and administration…🤣🤣

  25. with all due respect it would be different if dems had not had impeachment as a frequent and constantly repeated goal for the last three years …..varying from month to month the cause for their impeachment call……it is recorded with video evidence for the dumbest of us not to miss……and all this hoopla because the initial reasons for the Mueller report are being examined now……so much stink now people are finally looking to see where it is really coming from

  26. I don’t think Chris realizes when you try to impeach a president with something that’s not impeachment worthy. It’s actually unconstitutional and illegal.

  27. that ukraine lady looks like one of them social justice warriors. I smell the BS from here. she is another pawn in the dems game to out trump. we see you lady. That hair and them fishlips are dead giveaway of what you are about. my question is How much did the dems pay her to turn up.

  28. Chris Wallace is a Democrat. He let his bias influence his reporting as he accused Gingrich of doing what Pelosi is doing. Gingrich had a vote of the House. Pelosi does not.

  29. Are you crazy?! You are finished! Fox news and there big hero Donald Trump is sinking very fast! The whole world is laughing at you.

  30. Chris should never feature on fox news anymore, he just couldnt hide is hatred towards Trump, quite appaulling though . The best place for him to function properly is CNN and the other corrupt mainstay medias

  31. Who in the hell watches Chris Wallace on Sunday when we barely watch him during the week ?!
    Chris Wallace needs to resign or go over to CNN MSNBC where he'll be more comfortable talkin his communist propaganda

  32. You peep the soft word of INQUIRY instead of INVESTIGATION.. They wanna ne passive with the severity. Really. Guess rich spoiled brats need to ne handled like a baby when being evaluated for crimes against the people. Wow!

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