1. Uhuru Kenyatta you're very soft with your Administrations. Watch what you tell Kenyans. You say this, and tomorrow is a different language. Where do you stand now?

  2. President yuko pekeyake kupambana na ufisadi wengi wao hawako tayari kupigana na ufisadi……Raisi Uhuru mpatie kazi ya DPP William Kabogho

  3. Hii Kenya imekuwa mbaya, watu kujipenda tu. Sasa Wakenya wanaumizwa na mambo ya out sourcing ilhali viongozi wakitucheka tu

  4. welcome to Kenya youngest vlogers… come and knew how we meet in class and it led us to marriage √√√√√√

    1) Limited Company 20K Max 2 days
    2) Business Name- 3K 1day
    3)Current CR12-3 Hours 2500/-
    4) Tax compliance and KRA Pin Registration
    5) Profile for tender- 1 day
    6) Yagpo- 2500/- 2days
    7) Changing Company Shareholding- 2 days
    8) Registering Association and Foundation
    Enolix Consultants
    PostBank House 4th floor Nairobi CBD

  6. I love my President.This war of corruption is for us all including Him His Excellency Hon.Kenyatta.KENYA YETU TAIFA LETU

  7. aki hawa watu wenye wanatusi rais ..hamwezi cheki venye amefanya kazi kutukeep safe 2018 #positivity

  8. I will do everything.. including my last drop of my blood to help you achieve on the fight against corruption..bt let me remaind u my president… that the only way to achieve on this fight,is by inacting alaw that will cub this epidemic… borrow the law from China…

  9. Worst president Kenya has had so far. But with the current trend, I won't be surprised if we see worse

  10. It's Xmas time, let the guy have a couple sir, u r a great person and u execute ur job to point. The guys failing u are the dudes incharge of other departments.

  11. We all have our flows… even our president is human. Despite the fact that amenyonya sana au kiasi, he has answered his questions very intelligently. What do you expect when you stir bats at noon in the summer sun? He has done well, however, Mr. President the other day I was arrested for a DUI and I believe running a country is like driving a vehicle. Dont take national assignments or interviews during your happy hours. You are a figure of national unit…live up to it BOSs. (Paul Keya from Bungoma Town)

  12. Haaaiya My Müthamaki My Lovely Prezzo ' you 4get your wendig Ring löl, Next tym Prezzo en Happy New Year 👑👑👑👑

  13. Najua kauli hii toka Kwa Mheshimiwa raisi inawasabisha watu kulowanisha chupi zao i.e. mavi yanagonga chupi na kurudi tumboni.
    Mali za mafisadi zitaifishwe na wafungwe jela miaka ya kutosha.

  14. Bravo just days before the New Year, U.N new colonies, second  slavery  trade deal  business terrorist  war crimes came out swinging when speaking about U.N,European handling of key evidence N.G.O that could have greatly helped African President's and l am a African personality we are  a American citizens personal,private citizen security protection ourselves well done I'm somali nd somalia Somali ba leh. no one we can accept to interfere or intermingle the internal affairs of our country, our people, our world our partner's  countries we are a American citizen one nation,one people, one African 54 African  to united power of the 54 African countries, others  Middle  Eastern, American  our  partner's  countries and we believe  one people ,one Somalia, one country, one language, one Muslim Sunni sufi the  government  take a good decision for the right time,right people, right place, right management, right leadership. The U.N  police world state the DemonRats want to rule politics.Somalia is problems the entire universe.Let us Somalia is not  for sale l am a Somalia  Young leader l am a American  young Republican problem solving and everybody gets his&her share information it's attention keep focused new security challenge brings political solutions positive change no one control our own dignity, no one control our own country, no one take a way our values.That dude from UN thinks we are in 1800’s or something wrong track long time long way political solutions positive change world different people, different ideas, different technologies U.N project business terrorist, crime humanity's, corrupt U.N,selfinterst, political correctness. He must be expelled from our country. We urge the UN not to send anyone with this attitude towards our internal affairs.We are practicing truth fear  nothing is Somalis believed stop a Tribalism Kenya,Ethiopia,Somalia Muslim Altahad, Damaljadid, Raskanboni,XONF, Xisbu lslam to many flags  States  of Somalia  governors Ahmed Mohammed Islam,Abdi wali gaas Muslim Damaljadid, Raskanboni,XONF, Xisbu lslamAltahad brotherhood's organization's terrorist's in the Putland, Jubaland leader's new project  colonies political  dangerous selfinters,corrupt some Kenya's Police Military headquarters and protesters  terrorist's,second  slave  trade deal business Alshabab,Raskanboni,XONF, xis business lslam brotherhood's organization's terrorist's not Natiinilism. Somalida waa masaakiin walaahi UN iyaga la biila ku dhahayaan lacag bay jaranayaan. Wakhtigii wax na loo yeedhin jiray way dhamaatay waa diidnay in nalagu xukumo dalkeena. 54 African countries, other's Middle Eastern, American others world can't make DECISIONS there many involvements of many countries😂😂😂. somaalya way dhaqaqday viva dooldena qaabka le ee sharafta le hanolato nabad iyo noololviva🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴Viva faramajo iyo khayre and nabad iyo nolol guuul soomaliya masha allhFarmaajo  wuxuu yiri  tabar  yare kasta  oo jirto   qabkeena  waa noolyahay  mana yeelayno  in Nalagu  dulsocdo.

  15. Suddenly its a national fight!!!, lucrativ tender and Jobs were dished out to Close relatives found in your jubilee camp. This is a home made Problem. We hold you responsiable prezzo.

  16. What a load of horse manure. Wasting our time and journalist time. Going round and round ranting on about nothing. What we want to hear is what strict policies and strategies has the govt implemented to seriously curb this ufisadi. These are the people choosen to lead you nation. Each takes turn to leave it in a worse shit hole than it was in the previous term. The wananchi are to blame for all their problems. And I am not saying the alternative are any better. They are just mad because they are not getting their chance to rip you all off as well. Africa needs leaders who are ready to die for their people and turn Africa around. And a people who care about their environment and their nations enough to fight for better quality of lives. Not just think about thier fat bellies and those if their fatcat cronies. The west, east and God knows who else is eating you up from the outside while your own people sadly govts Are eating you from the inside. Are we ever going to wake up??? ???

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