30 thoughts on “UFC 239: Media Day Faceoffs

  1. Was that Michael Chi….esa….ese…? Love the way Diego says his Name 😂😂😂 you can say it properly in Spanish to chiesa…….broder! That's what makes it even better, Diego is the man!

  2. Ben is so funny! The DJ for Ben Askren trade really worked out for the UFC! Remember when Dana and all of us hated Ben and didnt think he could compete in the UFC. In the absence of Conor, Khabib, Ronda, etc. Ben has put life back into the promotion. Talking and creating beef with the whole division, making himself the bad guy that everyone wants to see get beat but also making fans and winning hatets over along the way including myself. DJ was boring AF, never talked trash and avoided TJ like the plague! Good riddens! We should have made that trade years ago!

  3. Ben askren is a national treasure
    They should have had jan and ben face off and just photoshop their opponents heads on each other's bodies

  4. Thiago rushes out, swings wildly, Jon side steps the fool, kicking him in the light bulb,  as he goes by, imagine what that would look like, BOOM BOOM out go the lights

  5. Amanda needs to put holly down
    I think we might actually see holly get beaten by strikes for the first time ever

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