UFC 239: Jon Jones Los Angeles Media Day Scrum - MMA Fighting

UFC 239: Jon Jones Los Angeles Media Day Scrum – MMA Fighting

are you guys doing good good John this is three fights and pretty quick order for you man physically mentally I mean how difficult is this is a stretch for you it's not difficult at all you know physically I feel great my weights already down mentally I feel really great as well those are very familiar to be here you know when you fight so often you just get this comfort where you just you know he's building his own I feel the way I did when I when I was like super young playing and just back to back to back only difference is I'm a little more mature and what a little more sure and my team and that self and I'm a good place I'm really excited gonna be here it's a need to make up for lost time is that part of the motivation to drive yeah 1,000% you know I have a lot of supporters that stuck with me even throughout my house having an activity and and this is my way to say thank you to my fans for being there and yeah I'm just like I'm just more grateful than ever to really get to like every champion it's a special job I have and I just wanted to write by it and yeah I just feel like there's not many things you can do in life like to like to make this type of income so it's like this but my body's gonna hold up why not just smoosh it right into the worlds fall off right so I'm here to just continue continue you know domine and collected for my family's future yeah this fight obviously lot to be made my headless power I mean is that the biggest concern with him and is that the way to beat you I mean everybody's trying to figure out this riddle and I think maybe the one thing people say is one shot knockout you gotta catch them do you think that's the way to beat John Jones is that what you're worried about right now I mean I mean historically it hasn't been the way because no one's been able to do it right I feel like I feel like it I feel like my fiance has enough power to knock me out if I put my hands behind my back and let her hit me on the chin it's not about having power it's about being smart enough to win the shot and this far no one's been smart enough to do it so I tried to get intimidated by muscles nice we know you're working towards you know go status you want to make sure that establish what is the the champ champ thing fit to you and then we see one right next to you and I just wonder I mean it doesn't seem to necessarily appeal to you quite as much do you feel like that establishes you as a great by having to wait times I think I think I think it's awesome to become a champion but I also know that I have time to do it I have a lot of time together right now I'm 31 years old I'm one of the youngest guys in the division I feel no need to rush that continuing dominance at light heavyweights working out great for me you know provide for my family and breaking records and when the time is right you know I'll try it at a heavy weight as well I think the quickest way to make that happen is for the UFC to reach out to me and say hey yeah we want to take good care you take on some bigger guys and our guys if this fighting doesn't work out for you have a financial advisor I mean you're out there giving advice to people what's the motivation behind you reach down kind of share what you did you know the reason why I came out and and I and I encouraged fighters to think about what they're paying management teams is just because there's a lot of fighters out there that's walking away from the sport um nothing and and at the end of the day you know I just feel like everyone should should be earning what they get and and I just wanted to educate some of the boys that they have a day it's like true legacy morals are are how you affect other people's lives and I felt like a 1 f1 athlete reevaluated his situation and and signed a better deal with this program and ultimately save more money for his family then I helped and so yeah it's about changing lives and giving back and that was my way of doing it just in just in a small way yeah for sure you know you know my brother sent an NFL you used to manage this you know in football taking 1% 2% and in MMA you know it's common for guys 20% 25% and we're making a lot less money than NFL players so something doesn't feel right to me about that and just to voice it Wow just bank a little bit outside the box I know that's a lot for some people I'm grateful for anybody who got the opportunity to reapply with my mentality is to win no none of that or be killed stuff yeah my mentality is the wind Natalia's to go out there and fight try to fight flawlessly have fun with the gifts that are blessed and and that's what I plan on getting my office is going out there if being what I've always been and that's a guy who looks at himself as extremely skilled and mainly just the guy who truly believes that's I think those are my greatest strengths that's my belief I think could be all of family be for sure it was extremely entertaining both of us ended up in the hospital a lot of people to this day thinks you want and that's what makes it such a great play I'm definitely honored to been in it but I don't look forward to having fights like that I'd like to I like to get out of the fights you know feeling good about my face and let my brain and things like that so I don't strive to have those type of wars but I'm grateful that I did because now I know I'm capable of surviving that pepper coming out on top and pushing and leaving them on my heart out there that's a good feeling historically in the past you like to put to watch your you and your team watcher philosophies a game plan around them from the outside it seems like Thiago doesn't really know what he's gonna do until he's actually in there especially in his last few fights of light heavyweight how do you prepare for a fight oh just by learning his tendencies you know you learn in his favorite punches his favorite kicks at the end of the day guys they tend to do what they what they're good at out there and some of his tendencies yeah he's capable of a lot of things he's an athlete he's very personal but we do wait he has favorite techniques that he goes to and we prepared ourselves to counter those and to use those to our advantage it seems like ever since you came back people have been bringing up Daniel Cormier trilogy you moved a heavyweight champion seems like they're telling you what they want to see you do right what are goals that you've yours you set yourself or is it fighting in New York breaking were title defense records yeah just remain undefeated just continue dominating toughest guys in the world and doing that against you know the Thiago Santos in the world that's a huge that's a huge task in itself and and if I'm able to do that it would just be extraordinary and I believe that I will I'm working really hard I believe more than ever that I'm meant to be here and there's no coincidence that I'm in this position and I'm you know I'm just earning it day in and day out Sean did you see what happen when Sean O'Malley on this card I'm curious what your thoughts were about you had a flag drug test for Austrian and they came out set up we think it's some old stuff that's in there the flaring up so it kind of related to your case a little yeah so I wonder if you heard details and I don't know if it made you almost nothing to revel in somebody else's problems but feel good to see like a seize this happens to people yeah it doesn't make me feel good you know I know how stressful it could be to be in this situation I hope that uh hope that he is a clean athlete and that he through that and you know I think it's great for the sport is extremely entertaining he's different and that's what we need so you know I won't be one of those athletes to rebel or to celebrate in someone else's sadness you know I wish nothing but the best for him and I hope that he can figure it all out what do we see on July 6 we kind of fight it's gonna go down July 6 I'm glad I'm going out there and just be myself man bein being the believer that I've always been being the hard work I've always been and I split I'll blow up there and have fun and just like what if I my god through my my work and do my channel that he's blessed me so some kind of business to finish up a loser a lot of sanyas well why does that name keep floating around man you know I I don't know it's because we look kind of alike but or what I don't know I don't know he's an exciting guy and people want to see us boy I'm here he wants to do it I'm here though my heavyweight division sitting at the top of the throne if you want some he knows we're fighting how important was it to have finally in Diego in a camp at the same time for Cinco it's been great having holiday go I can't with me we were pushing each other all three of us are very similar when it comes to spiritual believes things like that you know so we've been doing a lot of praying for each other and training support each other and I feel stronger sending out a strong Union people and I feel like we gotta represent our team very well and a past press conference you kind of tease pedro muรฑoz which tells that you were saying like say something negative about Kody Garber and kind of as a joke because you were headlining the card underneath them Ben Askren jaurim ozv all have had nothing positive to say about each other as a champion at the top of the card you kind of like seeing these fighters below you like also toeing the line promotion guys whoa man but oh yeah it's great it's good to see the guys on the car to supporting the car and trying to sell pay-per-views you know I'm always down I make beans constitutional and makes them spicy but my phone's been extremely respectful and I love I love doing it that way too so if me and Tim are gonna talk too much trash about each other and definitely encouraging all the other guys to forget it spicy for us and one final one chillin retired this past weekend are any thoughts or reaction of Adam him walking away for good

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  2. I don't know why they keep bringing up the cheeseburger guy! I mean he lost twice and the last one was by KO! Thiago looks like a very strong opponent but it'll be difficult to land that one strike knock out! I mean you never know, but is highly unlikely.

  3. You shouldnโ€™t get paid as much as an NFL player. They have a game every week. You have a fight once in a while โ€œSteroid Bones Jones!โ€ We all know you will take it again. As you always do because you canโ€™t make it with out it. I used to respect you till you kept coming up hot on your tests. I bet without the steroids, Rhonda could smack you around! You call out Brock. I call you out. Stop the steroids and be a real man and fight clean.

  4. Jon Jones is a class act. I really like him….he's gifted, but I would love to see him move up to Heavy Weight. That would be awesome. God Speed to him. I hope he continues to cement his legacy.

  5. lol That Fat guy asking jon all the questions is such a smirf. he thinks he so cool i bet he would be knocked out within 1 min if he stood inside the cage ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Watch "Malignaggi vs Lobov Recap And Ngannou vs Dos Santos Preview" on YouTube https://youtu.be/zsLBn6NlaKw

  7. I'm loving this active Jones making up for lost time. Good on you, squeeze one more before the year is done against Johnny Walker.

  8. He is right, all of that power means nothing if you can't land a shot. Now stop trying to hit me and hit me!!

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