UFC 239: Holly Holm Los Angeles Media Day Scrum - MMA Fighting

UFC 239: Holly Holm Los Angeles Media Day Scrum – MMA Fighting

how important is John Jones and Diego Sanchez getting ready to fight on the same card band for your preparation the same coach's Society for the most part my smaller I like to I like to look at how together than me so I'm not trying to be him I'm just trying to kind of take just learn from him John's one of those fighters it's like you talk about an unbeatable fighter everybody's beatable no matter what world came here but something about John is he like the way I like to put it as who doesn't know how to lose okay so he's beautiful but he was not a loose because he's going to go in there and it doesn't matter if it's gonna be the toughest fight the fighter that's gonna come in and give him the scrap if I didn't come in and try already you know kind of technical it doesn't matter John will find a way to win who doesn't know any other way see type of fighter that will pull you aside with advice there's a key more of yeah like showed through what he thinks he will definitely try and give advice and like hey I think this would work for you this would be great for you you should try this you know he definitely does that and I really appreciate that about him he's been actually very instrumental as training camp at our gym the heavy weights class trains before the lightweight class he knew everybody above like you know 170 s here in everyone that's so he's done spying by the time I start and so this camp anytime he's been there he stays and it's helping coach with my coaches watching around you know I appreciate his time he's competing with the knowledge of our coaches so for sometimes me to hear what he thinks I very very much appreciate it's obviously been a while since we last saw you fight was it was that a blessing in disguise to get back down to 135 and go through like this is John's third fight like you said third fighting since your last fight has it been a blessing in disguise this time between fights I'm training I'm wanting to get better I'm learning and going forward I'm grinding and when a fight comes with comes I mean John's had three fights since my last fight and before that it was you know a year and so and the year before that I think I had three fights to his one phi n so you know anything can can be what happens in there all I know is that I hadn't taken a year off year so I don't feel like oh my gosh it's been a year since I've been in this be so hard you know I know that I've learned a lot and I'm a different that was against Amanda she obviously looks pretty unbeatable and these past few years what do you see any holes in her game that you think you can take advantage of every single fighter has holes every single person yes there's holes she has less holes than most people because that's how she's been able to get to where she's at but every fighter has holes and so we're just and a fighter that I don't know if he's part of the gym or much anymore about Donald Cerrone had a pretty unfortunate situation to happen again when you see to today watching that as someone that has trained with this person for so long what do you think was going through his mind as someone that knows him probably better than I feel like everybody's different um I I think that anybody you know some people are gonna go through difficult situation and come back somewhere you know beat down too much you know he's always been there there's a reason why he has obviously your focus on July Estates has anyone in the UFC come up to you for what's the next thing she does have two titles and two weight classes that you've competed it and after your win against me can Anderson your exact quote was I want a tall has has anyone come up to be like well if you beat her you can fight her again for another bottle I'm not looking past her so I haven't thought of anything past this fight I'm just I'm just thinking about July's here's a perfect example of white I'll pull your eggs in one basket I thought I was fighting a stool and now I'm fighting men yes so you know after this fight who knows who knows what's gonna happen but all I know is that and that is winning that fight official between you and a spinner because it felt like a rumor and then you guys weren't at the press conference of people was it real was it not it wasn't real I was treating the whole time that would never just wait so two weeks before the fighting be like well I don't know there was a lot of things going on a lot of like contractual stuff and things like that but I was like there was nothing that was gonna stop him that there was a thing of wanting to I only had one pot left on my contract and the LC wanted to renegotiate and I was saying well I can always just finish out regardless if we can't come to terms like I'll just finish out my contract so it was kind of stuff like that but I actually was in the middle of training and the press conference I wasn't on the main like yes yeah so yeah so it was like one of like when they didn't have me go to the press conference it was like wool dig it wasn't there either because it was I was actually training and then I got a text from Izzy our wrestling coach was like did I just pulled your card no your fight from the carton I was like and I was actually in the middle training by the time I checked my phone it was like you know 30 minutes an hour after he find out during the press conference did he know before him no none of us knew he didn't know he just said Dana just said your fights cool what happened I was like mmm that's news to me as well and it was already all over Twitter and everything by the time I even left the gym so yeah like I said he texts me but I was in the middle of training I didn't even get it till later so but that's I mean that's just things happen in this sport and that's why I'm leaving in July 6 because you never know and how long between that fight being pull off the card and getting offered Amanda newness how much time went you know I kind of kept training the whole time there was a couple of days that kind of stopped myself mentally let go of it I thought you know if I do wind up having this file Amanda I don't want to be like I need to kind of mentally let go of training for a little bit so that I can just kind of start mentally a little bit fresh I don't mind being you know in training and physically doing things but mentally for me is the hardest thing to always be up like that so I wanted to give myself a little bit of a break and then was right back at it

38 thoughts on “UFC 239: Holly Holm Los Angeles Media Day Scrum – MMA Fighting

  1. She still training with Jackson and Winklejohn….she needs to do what Cowboy and Diego did and gtfo of there. Cowboy said its all about if you can pay the cash you can show up and train and spar. They are generic just going through the motions.

  2. Holly is one of my favorite female fighters been watching her for awhile now, been waiting for her to take another crack at title…Don't count her out

  3. Sad eyes… awesome six pack.. Legs of a goddess… and a sweat little ass…. But enough about Jon bones jones…. GO HOLLY!!!!

  4. Holly don't get into a scrap.circle try front face kick mix up your head kicks use elbows a flying knee something she hasn't seen from you spinning shots when she backs you up…

  5. These questioner was asking some strange ass question. Half that interview was about Jon Jones and like 20% was actually about the Amanda vs Holly fight. TF 😡

  6. Actually started the interview with 2 minutes and 40 seconds asking about John Jones…. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  7. Jbj will lose as soon as hes fighting guys his own size on fight night at hw…wait and see..I'm holing the new generation of fighters coming up at lhw can match jbj skill but it seems like that ain't happening

  8. Holly has lost so many and had so many title shots, it shows how weak the women's division remains. Take away the Rhonda win, and she's never won a big fight in the UFC. Yeah, she's a nice person, but…

  9. I've always enjoyed Holly Holm fights, she goes for broke quite a bit. But I feel like she's starting to show some signs of CTE. Does anyone else have an opinion?

  10. Holly looking beautiful in this one. Her bravery deserves respect, always looking for the biggest challenge and the hardest fights. I think Amanda is a very very hard fight for her, she is a little quicker and hits very hard…

  11. I hope she is not as predictable as in some of her latest fights…punch, punch, low kick… punch, kick. move left high kick.

  12. Jon Jones needs to get with Holly Holmes, they would make a hot Couple! Doesn't always work that way, I think it would be Nice! Lol

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