22 thoughts on “UFC 237: Media Day Faceoffs

  1. 🔥🐉Si Q Los Admiro Ustedes 🙋‍♂️Son Los Verdadero 😈Cabrones 😈mas Fuertes 👊q Existen son 👊Gladiadores ⚔Guerreros ⚔de Verdad Son 👋Todos Ustedes😈 UFC 🔥🙋‍♂️👊🔥🐉

  2. I think the blow was an invalid result … I watched a video of Mario Yamasaki showing just this "stakes" as an illegal coup. A move or blow like this could have seriously injured Rose like a permanent paralysis … leaving to review the rules after a tragedy would be too late.

  3. One Shot from Andrade and its over for Rose 🌹First Round ist the End . I bet 500$ on Andrade 1 Round tko 💪

  4. If Rose can pull this off I'll never doubt her again. So much pressure on this young lady but she has proven before she can handle it. Humble, quiet and respectful with the heart of a lion.

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