UCI Paul Merage || All About Being a BUSINESS MAJOR!!

UCI Paul Merage || All About Being a BUSINESS MAJOR!!

hello everyone it's Nikki and today as you can see by the title I will be here to talk about what it is like to be a business major I have gotten a ton of questions about this and I figured I would just do a whole video kind of explaining my background with being a business major and what it's all about so just to start off with some background information I go to the University of California Irvine and I am in the pall Mirage School of Business as a business administration major and this is my fourth year here so I honestly when I was coming into UC I did not really know what I wanted to major in and this was kind of how I was with all of my applications to college I knew that I didn't want to do science or English or engineering or anything like that and I figured I wanted something a little bit more general that I could apply to different jobs in the future just because I wasn't sure and I didn't want to come and undecided either so I was applying at some schools as economics but at UCI they had the Business Administration program and I kind of read a little bit about it I didn't really know what it was to be honest and I didn't know that it was any harder to get into than any other major so I kind of was just like okay businessman's on school like click and I turned out I got really lucky and ended up getting in um because Paul Miraj is a super super competitive program for undergrad and I'm not sure the exact statistics but I do know that it is pretty competitive and I'm really grateful that I did end up applying because it's really hard to transfer in once you are already enrolled in UCI so any of you freshmen who are thinking about applying or coming into UC I definitely I would definitely suggest checking out the undergrad program so within my major I that's the only thing I have I have a minor but with posad minh you can emphasize in certain things so basically that means you have to take three classes of the same category to kind of get your emphasis with Business Administration so I actually have two embassies the first one is in marketing and the second one is in organization and management because both of those seem to be really interesting to me it's funny because I originally wanted to do marketing as my emphasis but I ended up taking so many organization classes with a certain professor professor mcLaughlin that I ended up just getting to add the emphasis in as well because it was like I might as well since I've already taken all the classes so if you are beside one student professor McLaughlin is amazing she is so funny and her classes are really really interesting so I would suggest taking those so a little bit more about Palmer rush itself it is a really small school so within my class I believe there's like I probably should have looked this up there's like 150 seats I think per year in the visitin program or honestly at anytime I'm not 100% sure but that means the classes are really small most of my classes are about 80 students each which in college can be pretty small compared to like 200 300 400 person lecture halls but it's around 80 students or less and everyone is so intelligent in this business program which can be really intimidating because a lot of my classmates are just really bright they're also from all different areas of the world everyone is super diverse there's not like one stereotypical business major everyone is really different and so it really brings in a huge flow of different ideas and I think that's really what business is all about so it's really great getting to work with different people that I normally wouldn't have and the last thing about Business Administration is that it is more focused on kind of the managerial side of business rather than Business Economics which is not in the polymer our school is more focused obviously on the economic side of business so that is why I prefer the administrative side it's just because I would rather get into more of like management type activities versus econ because I'm not the best of math and I'm really interested in seeing how people work with each other in business so that's kind of why I chose that so one major thing about being a business major and I think that this probably applies to every school but especially at my school is that you will be working with people a ton and probably more than any other major I would assume is pretty much every class I've ever taken with business has had some sort of group project or group presentation and that's another thing you'll be having to do really often is presentation so try and get comfortable talking in front of people and if you're not you're going to learn how to get comfortable I took a whole class devoted entirely pretty much on business writing and presentations and they taught you how to give a proper presentation which was really interesting because a lot of us never learn that they just kind of throw you out there and they're like go just present to us but there's a whole like science behind it it's really cool and definitely like I said get used to group projects I took a whole class about teams and teamwork and learning how to work with other people so the thing that I love the most about business is that it is super applicable to real world situations because you do learn how to work with people you learn how to speak in front of people you learn how and why people interact and things like that and why people purchase things the way they do and how to sell or convince somebody to do something it's all really applicable to real life situations so I love that and I love being able to apply that to other parts of my life business classes are also super interactive so in general professors will be calling on you they'll learn your names they will put participation into the grades so just expect that and kind of be ready to answer questions or try and come up with questions to ask in class because they will be expecting you to participate especially once you get into your more upper division classes when it's a little bit smaller and you'll also probably have a lot of the same professors um I have had repeat professors multiple times and that is just because the program is really small so you will probably get to know your professors and if you can you should try and go to office hours and communicate with them don't be afraid to ask them questions I love asking my professors questions in class that just kind of apply to more general things that don't even necessarily refer to the class one of my professors that I took was really cool and he had us every so often right random questions down paper and hand them in and they all ranged from like why are you a teacher here at UCI all the way to what is your home life like and tell us about your children and where do you like to workout and crazy things like that and I love also another thing that I really like to talk to my professors too is about getting jobs in the future because they really want to see you succeed and they will often times tell you about job opportunities or give you interview tips or bring in guest speakers who can tell you more about their company and it's really great so definitely utilize your professors because they are there to help you going along with that um definitely take advantage of the resources that your business program has I'm assuming that most of them are similar to my school where they'll have like some sort of Career Center they will have a Counseling Center and they'll give out like weekly newsletters or monthly newsletters on your email and they'll have seminars and I got free headshots through my program and there's all kinds of really interesting things both guest speakers from huge companies come in or even in your classes you might have guest speakers from companies come in and utilize them ask them questions because they are out in the real world they know what they're talking about and they can probably help you guide your path down to getting a job in the future so for me one of the things that I love about business that is not having anything to do with the content of the classes is just the schedule and the breakdown of the classes so for me um generally I have classes either Monday Wednesday or Tuesday Thursday and this coming quarter I'm actually so excited because I only have two days of classes all my classes are on Monday Wednesday so I have Tuesday Thursday and Friday off and I cannot tell you guys the last time that I remember having a Friday class because business classes are generally just two days a week and they also don't really ever have discussions which is usually like an extra class that gets added on to your Monday Wednesday private classes for like regular majors I guess um so it's been so nice that when I've gone into my upper division classes I really don't have to go to class a lot because I only have it a couple days a week so it's also nice because I have Friday off to just work or relax or do whatever I want another really interesting thing that I've noticed about business classes is that they really hardly ever curve at least in my program they pretty much just do grades based on an individual basis or they grade group projects midterm most of my classes are a combination of participation possibly some kind of homework midterm final group project that's like pretty much all you get graded on there's no curving they expect you to do really well that's pretty much it and they kind of I like I like the fact that they don't curve because it's based on like a person-to-person basis so you get the grade that you deserve and you're never going to be curved down because someone did better than you which i think is kind of shady I don't know why people do that but um yeah so I think that the class grading is pretty fair and overall I have not had an issue with that but it could be different based on other programs I'm sure that other programs are different so definitely try and find out how the professor's in your program grade and kind of try and work with that so that you can get the best grade that you can get so the last thing that I get questions about all the time just from friends and family especially is what are you going to do with your major when you graduate Nicki cuz you're graduating soon and I am like please don't talk about it um I to be quite honest I'm still not sure what I want to do just because there is so much you can do with a business major because it is really general and if you think about it pretty much any organization or field of work has to have a business side in order to run so like I said before I'm really interested in the marketing side of business rather than like finance or accounting or things like that which I just do not have the brain for like Finance and Accounting is so hard for me but props people who can do that because I can not do that but I've also recently been really interested in sales and the side of that I just think it's really interesting how like consumer behavior works so I'm hoping to go into something like that but I have yet to decide I'm just gonna kind of try and start working and see where that takes me I'm also possibly thinking about going to grad school to get my MBA which is a master's in business so right now I'm getting my undergrad um but in order to get into an MBA program generally you're going to need a couple years of work experience anyway so I'm just going to go ahead and do that and you're also going to to take the GMAT which is like the basically it's like the standardized testing that gets you into grad school it's like the business grad school it's kind of similar to the SAT in in general um but the GMAT is specifically for business and MBA programs whereas like the GRE is for just general grad school so long story short I'm gonna work for a little bit see if I think I need my masters and I will take the test if I do end up wanting to go get that but it really just depends on where life takes me I have no idea as of right now I'm just trying to get through the end of the year but I will keep you guys updated of course with that and hopefully I'll be able to as I'm going through the job search process put out some videos about how to apply to jobs and how to get interview tips and your resume and things like that um but in the meantime if you have any more questions about being a business major that I did not answer please please go ahead and leave those down below I'd be happy to answer them to the best of my abilities and if you have not already please go ahead and subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up and I will be seeing you guys very soon I hope you enjoyed the video thanks for watching bye

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  1. Thanks for the great overview video. Well done. Were there good opportunities for internships and making potential career connections while at UCI?

  2. Everyone is so intelligent? Lol, i go to samueli school of engineering, and it is sad that all these students are future engineers.

  3. Any tips/ recommendations for building your profile in order to find jobs in the future. Any internships you applied for and/or programs/ tools you used to get your name out there. I’m emphasizing in accounting right now but I’m an upcoming freshmen so things can happen. I want to be able to get a good job after UCI

  4. Hi, thank u for your great video, I have a couple of questions, and I'd be grateful if u answer, so is it better to study marketing, or sales management? Which One makes more? And how much you start making right after your graduation?

  5. What about international business ? I’m considering this be my major but I’m not really sure what to expect from it :/

  6. I got rejected by the business program and ended up getting into uci as “undeclared” student. Do you think it’s possible for me to transfer to the program in my sophomore year? Would it be too late?

  7. I just got UCI BA transfer admission. I am looking for the final step toward a CPA, and I want to finish classes as soon as possible. So I am wondering should I accept CSU Fullerton or UCI admission.

  8. THANKS FOR THE VIDEO!!! it’s very helpful btw 😁 just got admitted to UCI for Fall 2018 for Bus Ad and I’m constantly looking for info ab the school. Glad I came across your video!

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  11. such a great and helpful video. i also uploaded a version of my own and saw ur video in the suggested videos, excellent job, hope to see more from you soon! x

  12. I just came across your video when I searched “business major” and I had a few questions I was hoping you could answer! I’m a kinesiology major, initially I wanted to do physics therapy then I thought about occupational therapy but now I’m thinking about going into the business field instead. I don’t work out so I’m not sure kinesiology is right for me, i never knew how much exercise it involved. I’d rather work with people and managing things or having responsibilities to take care of in an office. Do you think it’s possible to get a job in the business field and work my way up without being a business major? Is it possible to get an MBA without a bachelors in business (I’ve heard you can)? I can’t switch majors since I only have one semester left haha

  13. Thank you soo much for posting such a helpful and informative business major video Niki ! I love your warm and sweet personality.. You're definitely going to go far 🙂

  14. Life will figure itself out. Graduated from UC Irvine many moons ago and the power of this degree finally kicked in 10 years later.

  15. Thanks for this video it really helps! I am thinking of doing a BBA as well, but is it math heavy? Because I'm not good at math and if there's a lot of math I'm not going to consider doing a BBA..

  16. Hi. I'm also a student at UCI and thinking of switching majors. I just want to know, what are the management courses like? I did well in G.E math courses and I believe that I'm good with numbers. I enjoyed doing math. Do management courses deal with numbers often? I'm also into technology so I'm not sure if Business Admin or BIM is better for me. Thanks!

  17. Kissmes1  1 second ago
    Hi! Thank you for making this video! You mentioned that you guys are required to do a lot of presentations and group work..does this depend on your concentration? Can you give me examples of what you guys did in group work and what you presented to the class? I know these questions are a bit weird, but I am an incoming transfer student majoring in business and I would like to know more 🙂 Thanks.

  18. Hello. I am a transfer student who recently got accepted into the UCI Paul Merage School of Business under Business Administration! I wanted to ask you what you are your peers' post-graduation goals are??

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  23. I was a little nervous when deciding what I wanted to study. I decided doing a grade on Business Administration.

    I live in Dominican Republic. I was really nervous because I just knew what internet told me about the career,but you know,I didn't know depply what Business Administration was about.

    I am on my first semester and i am taking:
    Accountability I
    Administration I

    Wish me luck 💖

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