36 thoughts on “U.S. presidential election 2016/17 explained (explainity® explainer video)

  1. So is the President elected using First past the post as in the UK (despite the electors having to vote during the national conventions). It certainly is not proportional representation.

  2. How did Russia???…..Knew….about the weakliness…of political voting process
    and influenced on its effect???

  3. I think the main problem with this system is that winner takes all for every state. In that case, you are not representing the voters properly.

  4. You want to go for a political position and you don't have any form of spiritual backing I must tell you what a joker you are because you will not only lavish your money on campaign and end up not winning you will as well be endangering your life and that of your family. Chief Wole does it all for those of us in Africa and a few from western countries and today he's made me deputy secretary general in the U.N, this is how it works!

  5. Screwed up the electors part, but other than that, essentially correct.

    A state never has “x number of electors supporting a Democrat and y number of electors supporting a Republican.” All electors will be made up of partisan supporters and are selected by the political party whose candidate won the state’s election. So in the video’s example, there won’t be six Democrats and four Republicans as electors all voting for the winner, but if the Democrat candidate wins, all ten electors will already be Democrats supporting (presumably) their party’s candidate.

  6. Heh now I can roast my class by showing them this after they said that "No such things as electors only the people do it you are so wrong"

  7. So thats why trump won.
    Its weird how no one likes him and he still won. So what why how and how the fuck can you call it democracy.

  8. 2016 DNC Primaries was a crazy dirty cheating one took place when HRC won the nomination by cheating Bernie Sanders am I wrong or what explain please if I am wrong

  9. Making our election process fair and easily accessible ( having plenty voting venues and not closing them down in key areas where it's harder where predominately democratic voters live), Ending "Cross Check" ( that destroys votes on account of finding similar names in different states), having it verifiable (with accountable paper ballots in every state) and New hack-proof voting machines (replacing the outdated machines that were proven to be hackable).
    Our elections would be the republicans worst nightmare.

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