85 thoughts on “U.S. paid $1.3 billion more in cash to Iran

  1. The US paid nothing to Iran, they returned the money they stole by getting the crooked global bankers to freeze Iranian assets and as he stated, this was their money.

    Can anyone guarantee that the US funds are not going to those terrorist the US has been sponsoring since the 1950s.

  2. The only way people will realize Obama and Hillary are complete shills is if it becomes mainstream, which is sad since the media controls the sheeple mind.

  3. The false accusation relating to weapons of mass destruction relating to Iran's peace nuclear energy programme Iran's nuclear programme was entirely legal it's similar to the position of the Western Powers and the Western controlled media concerning the illegal Iraq war relating to weapons of mass destruction that was based on a pack of lies the Western Powers and Western controlled media are just not credible

  4. …If Obama had any balls he would of made good on Jimmy Carter's deal with Iran and delivered those old-ass F-14's that were supposed to be delivered in 1979…And deposited the rest in the United Negro Fund…He is way worse then Jimmy Carter…He will go down in annals of history as the most ineffectual President ever…

  5. the media should stop pushing the "hostage payment" bs; who on this earth believes the US would pay 1.7 BILLION dollars for a handful of virtually random -assed people?

  6. God only knows how much of that cash the Democrats skimmed off the top before they (allegedly) shipped it Iran. Obama is probably already using the cash to construct a Bond villain-type lair in his homeland of Kenya. 😉

  7. LOL Trump is going to shit out his heart when he finds out. Hopefully someone nearby has the presence of mind to stamp on his tiny little walnut of a heart before he sucks it back up.

  8. " Iran backed terrorist groups" they means Hezbollah who defended Lebanon from the Israelis, and who now are fighting against the "moderate rebels". how much propaganda is that CNN reporter spews. please check the nasralah Interviews, they are very informative, explain a lot of what is happening.

  9. yes White America you better pay up if you want to live the Anunnaki are here Planet X Nibiru and where they're from where they're settled when they were here on Earth Iran

  10. Iran didin't get fighter jets because they kidnapped and held our people hostage for over a year and made themselves to be our enemy.

  11. So you're telling me we gave the bleeding Iranians basically 2Billion instead of the people whom need it like Veterans and Wounded Veterans?

  12. these Funds were to be released as credits over time after confirmation that they were keeping the nuclear non proliferation agreements this cash is proof of Obama's TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rubio is a product of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, one of the most zealous agents of israel in D.C & Florida. His top donors are dual-citizen zionists like Sheldon Adelson, Paul, Singer, and Norman Braman, a past president of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. All of this money, trips to israel, and influence from individuals who pledge allegiance to a foreign government represents a clear and present danger to our republic.

  14. The Philippine President called Obama "The Son of a Whore", he should have called him "Iran's Whore" – via @haystacktv

  15. If you want to cut off all contact with Iran, and march towards war, then don't pay them.  But don't sit around and say we can only pay our debts to our friends.

  16. But we can't afford to rebuild America take care of vets,homeless,poor inner city schools or anybody who needs help.but hey if you need to create another boogeyman for ww3 they gotta be well armed .lets not forget 4billion for Israel every year

  17. And how much did Iran have to spend to prevent the US and it's crazy jew and arabian think tanks from invading it for no rational reason?

  18. http://mfa.gov.il/MFA/ForeignPolicy/Issues/Pages/Behind-the-Headlines-Hamas-exploitation-of-World-Vision-in-Gaza-to-support-terrorism-4-August-2016.aspx

  19. We know who Fox & CNN are? You are bullhorn of provocations.

    This is Iranian Money and still you haven't paid back the interest after years and years freezing the money.
    Shame on you. You bastards stole the Iranian Money, and now you pronounce it with """loud voice""" $1.7 billions $1.7 billions $1.7 billions to make an exaggerated image for the audiences.
    Why you never make clear for US citizens when they pay 1% tax of everything they buy everyday to Israel!!!!!
    How many of these 1%ssss are sending to Israel by every US Citizen whether poor or rich?
    And also who pay for Billions & Billions $$$ of Weapons & aircrafts to Israel for FREE? Weren't US citizens same as the last question's answer?

  20. There is a reason why the footage showing a pallet has a blurred out portion. The Iranians lifted the footage from a 1991 video showing the procedures inside the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLrpg8Bya24 'Published on 4 Jan 2013 Inside the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington D.C., 1991. The video features the assembly line of printing, cutting, and sorting machines, and the process of producing paper currency with a Koebau-Giori-De La Rue Intaglio Color 8 Printing Press. The machinery operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.' Check out the above video link at 6:08 to see what the lying Iranians blurred out on the 1991 original video footage. What is blurred out is 'THIS SKID ONLY $ 2.560,000'

  21. CNN fake news the money that we gave Iran is not going into the military it's going into their economy bullshit liberal shit eater it's already proven that they are giving money to Hezbollah to fight Israel and to give weapons to Syria to fight is real and kill its own people in Syria wake the fuck up stupid people

  22. That money was given to the USA by the Shah. Why should it go back to the mullahs, who removed the Shah? Of course those mullahs back terrorism. So, Obama’s release of those funds has signed the death warrant for future victims of Iranian jihad. He has been crowing about how these funds have opened up a conversation between the two countries. Has he never heard of taqiyyah? He can’t trust anything they say to him. Obama is either naïve or evil

  23. Obama aided money to terrorism as well. All the people who supported him. You are blind rats. He is the snake. He lured you all in with lies. Trump 20 20. Fuck you obama supporters. You are stupid pieces of shit!

  24. How many pallets of cash were there ?
    why was Congress not notified ?
    why was a helicopter waiting fueled and ready?
    why was there no bank to bank transfer?
    I bet they are really nervous

  25. Made me angry what they handed over you knew it will be used to build weapons.US General Patton had it right should of carried on and ruled the World.Dont think it would be worse and might be good having a foot on there necks to toe the line

  26. This is some bullshit !!! The U.S. owes trillions of dollars to other countries… And Obama decided to pay Iran the $400 million back from a 1979 arms deal… But in 1979 they had a revolution and they took American civilians as hostages for over a year so we kept the money… You take our people hostage, then you get a drawing of Mickey Mouse flipping Iran off !! HEY IRAN.. FUCK YOU !!! And we keep your money. When Iran took our people hostage I say they forfeited their money. But NO ! Obama decide to pay the $400 billion with interest. For a grand total of $1.7 billion to Iran. The leading state sponsor of terrorism. Good job Obama, Fag.!
    We owe money to lot of different countries and yet Obama decided to pay back the one Country that is the leading State sponsor of terrorism…
    Pallets and pallets of cash flown to Iran in the middle of the night…
    Weird ?

  27. So their excuse is that we owed Iran for a payment made by Iran before they became a totalitarian state? That would be like sending Nazi Germany billions we owed before the Nazis rose to power we had a contract with democratic Germany. Not even the same state. This should be investigated along with the Clinton Foundation. Where's all the outrage? 18K views on CNN, no wonder most Americans don't know this actually happened (or don't care).

  28. And they say trump is a horrible president….give me a fucking break. Obama gave money to fund terrorism…..sorry fucking president if u ask me. Piece of shit

  29. Hillery will be needing this money to build a new mansion in the middle-east for her and Huma A-BED-IN to live AFTER they are exiled from this country.

  30. All you whining assholes know this story is so fucking twisted. This was their money all along. Educate yourself!

  31. I thought the u.s government is controlled by jews, that's what marxists, muslims, fascists & communists tend to tell.

  32. Should gave it to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 love from USA we love you Saudi kings for keeping the peace in the Middle East and buying our products! And brands ! Thanks my Sunni brothers! You’re land is all if the Middle East ! We will oneday invade Iran and give you lots of land .

  33. If you’re getting your news here you’re either a fool, or you think by being a scripted left agenda minion it will shield you from the socialist/communist dnc (it won’t.)

  34. he didn't care a hostages, he was just back Iran terrorist. Fox had been reported this for years.

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