U.S. Government Publishing Office:  GPO History

U.S. Government Publishing Office: GPO History

this is the United States government publishing office celebrating our legacy of keeping America informed from our beginning on this site as the Government Printing Office in 1861 with an employee role of 350 men and women and a plant with 26 steam-powered printing presses through decades of technological innovation that brought us from handset type to the largest battery of typesetting machines on earth from those 26 presses in 1861 to hundreds of presses of every type and specialty with the most varied bindery anywhere and with an output of tens of millions of documents forms posters and other publications all of which made us the largest printing plant in the world GPO has not only produced those documents but since 1895 has put them into the hands of the American people through our depository library program our bookstores and our distribution Arrangements on behalf of other agencies through generations of ongoing technological advances that saw the breakthroughs of one decade improved upon by the newer developments of the next through nearly 50 years of innovation with digital systems to our latest transformation as a multi-faceted hub of digital publishing activity which has brought us to a threshold at which ink on paper shares the stage with digital products and services such as secure credentials and smart cards ebooks mobile phone and tablet apps and gov info gov our third generation of advanced searching and delivery of online documents all of which opens access to official digital and secure or government information in ways that our GPO forebears could scarcely have imagined as we celebrate our legacy of service to Congress and the nation the mission of the 1700 proud and dedicated men and women of the government publishing office remains unchanged making US government information available to all keeping America informed you

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