U.S. Government Printing Office: Working with Libraries

U.S. Government Printing Office: Working with Libraries

the US Government Printing Office takes great pride in its mission of keeping America informed on the three branches of the federal government GPO works with the library community to provide free open and permanent public access to the documents of our democracy for nearly 200 years this has occurred through the federal depository library program the public can visit any of the twelve hundred and fifty federal depository libraries throughout the country and access information on virtually any topic finding federal government information is easy as FDL free information dedicated service limitless possibilities why is it important to have free access open access to government information really it is it's at the core of what all of us do as citizens in this country it's how we vote it's how we get a driver's license it's how we pay our taxes it really is important to be able to go to your local depository library and get the information you need to interact directly with the government one of the things that makes federal depository libraries unique as opposed to just your public library or school library is the fact that we're charged with making sure that government information is available for the public just the access that it provides I mean think of it it's a it's a nationwide network it's already in place throughout the country a convenience for for the American people rather than having to go to the Agriculture Department or the Interior Department to the countless agencies in our federal government to get information you can go to you can go to one place one library and you can pick up any sort of material that you would need documents librarians provide the key to helping members of the public locate the information that they need but being a librarians more than just knowing how to find books and show books to their patrons I'm working within the FDA LP means that I help lead the public to wealth of resources they mean I've been aware of and didn't know they had access to one of the things that you get in a depository library and in depository librarians and the staff is that you not only get the person right in front of you but you get the backup from the government printing office you also get the backup from a community of librarians around the country you get not just the person that's in front of you but you get 1200 people who are going to help you find that piece of information brace and individual librarians in our partnership with GPO bring to the program is our expertise our knowledge our skills with the with the materials and the content and the way the agencies work together can find information to help my dreams come true I can find information about medical issues I might find information about on small businesses I might go in there and find information about my ancestors doing genealogy research so the possibilities for the user of libraries whether they walk in the door or access the depository library from their computer at home the possibilities are really limitless is made up of about one and a half million items we have all the legislative materials executive branch being Supreme Court Bend guide for US government for kids children's book published by NASA and the USGS and it's called The Adventures of echo the bat nation from how to raise ostriches to the journals of the Continental Congress the conical Gardens book and history of the United States Capitol and omen in Congress Booker to digitize the publication's of the Civil Rights Commission consists of paper cds mikesh microfilm electronic items we're in public access to government information any government document meant that percent of the scope of our program if you need it it's available in our federal depository library program well there are many people who don't know anything about federal depository libraries so I would say try it you'll like it these libraries are treasure troves of government information to learn more about federal depository libraries in your area you can log on to GPO access gov

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  1. I'd strongly recommend flipping the content of this video and lead off with Cindy Elkins talking about the types of questions that can be answered at an FDL, then Mary Alice and the others highlighting material (Adventures of Echo the Bat, etc) that's available. Then end with background on the program. Hook people first, then explain. Finally, the end URL should be to the Depository Directory and not GPO Access. Though you should make videos about GPO Access!

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