9 thoughts on “"Two Treatises of Government" by John Locke

  1. This very profound, that our institution is created by the people for the people. Thank you! Now I understand more!

  2. If Locke was around today and I met him, I'd let him use my vape pen. But really, It amazes when you look back in time at men like Locke who lived at a time when it was common to dump human shit on the street and chase your dinner with a musket how much smarter people actually were. I'm not just talking about the intellectual elite like Locke. Even the common illiterate peasant had better dialed-in bullshit detectors than the average liberal arts ivy league graduate of the 21st century. Which is why I do not think it is a coincidence that this video despite being online since November 2016 has such a low view count. The academic scum who run the education system today do not want the common people to learn about enlightenment philosophy such as what Locke brilliantly wrote centuries ago. Like I said before, if he was alive today I would let him use my 6mg nicotine mango flavored vape pen to blow fat clouds during the ignorant lectures of modern academia.

    Also I think it is funny how this video has cuts of people like Obama, Kapernick, and groups like BLM being shown. Those people and organizations are against everything Locke stood for and more ideologically align with people like Karl Marx, Muhammad, and Mussolini.

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