24 thoughts on “twisted sister – leader of the pack

  1. For some odd reason with a "Tory" leadership contest and the whole Brexit mess to contend with..I'm drawn to this song in Theresa May's final days…

  2. Did you really vote for him? 
    Everyone did. It was unanimous. 
    Hey, is that a beret you're wearing? 
    Gee, it must've been great torturing infidels with him. 
    You gonna try to burn the oil fields today? 
    By the way, where'd you meet him?
    I met him in the Baghdad streets 
    His giant portraits smiled at me 
    See his pictures? (Yes, we see) 
    That's when I fell for 
    The leader of Iraq!
    The West was always calling him names (names, names) 
    They said he had nukes and he's clearly insane 
    (Just 'cause he kills his friends don't mean he's insane) 
    They said he raped his land for cash 
    But I love a dictator – with a mustache 
    I'm sorry they hate you 
    The leader of Iraq!
    Can you really blame him for gassing the Kurds? (Kurds, Kurds) 
    Or whacking his sons for their dissident words? 
    (Don't run away from the Godfather then try to eat your words) 
    His war with Iran was great! 
    And big deal about Kuwait! 
    He's my kind of despot 
    The leader of Iraq!
    Then one day the Coalition arrived 
    Must've told the UN they blow 
    As Saddam hunkered in his bunker 
    Run into the desert, I begged him, Go! 
    But whether he heard, I'll never know 
    (No no no no no no no!) 
    Look out! Look out! Look out!
    They say there'll be freedom but I wanna scream 
    Remembering the thrill of his wicked regime
    They're cheering in the USA 
    But authoritarian megalomaniacs don't come along every day 
    I'll never forget him 
    The leader of Iraq!

  3. If the singer's playing the part of the leader, then shouldn't he be the one getting in the crash? Then again if that were the case, it would ruin the song.

  4. I am a freaking Mexican . And I just love twister sister lol they call me súper Javi aka the leader of the pack 😅

  5. I'm just glad that they had a chance to cover this song before Lars could talk Hetfield into covering it.

  6. This is what happens to abroke band that suddenly has two hits then pour a shitload of money into the next album and it stinks . This video cost them about a million and when Mosst people saw it they douche chilled hard. For one thing dee is way too for her to even want him . The cgi syunk,the song stinks and they look horrible.

  7. fanfuggintastic I love metal and love a laugh, who says it has to be all deep horror and angst remember having fun?

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