Twista Won't Answer Vlad's Questions About Gang Politics in Chicago (Part 9)

Twista Won't Answer Vlad's Questions About Gang Politics in Chicago (Part 9)

you know you grew up in Chicago yeah and Chicago always had his violence and it's always had its gangs but as Chief Keef came in you suddenly saw the gang culture in the music because you know even though you make you know what I would consider gangster music you know gangster rap to a certain degree you weren't putting in you know black disciples gangster disciples like you weren't like putting in gangs or even repping gangs at any of your music is that is that a fair assessment close enough for what we talking about close enough yeah but then came Chief Keef and the new breed of Chicago artists and all that started change no no I don't say that yeah I would say since the beginning it's always been gang banging in the music you know if you go back and listen to all of our songs because we all came up from the streets so at some point in all of our songs we would rep or bring up in some form or capacity something dealing with gangs rather it was somebody that was in it or around it but I think what happened with Chief Keef is a technology you know none of us could really get to the masses the way everybody else could I used to say you know when I used to come to New York or County sometime I used to say man y'all could take a train to the record label we got to take a plane to the record label and that makes it that much more hard so what happened is technology reached a point where you can open your laptop in your house chilling in the living room or the kitchen and just press a button and there you are to the world so I think in the Chief Keef error what happened is he was one of the first artists to come out of Chicago and show you Chicago in a whole new light that you wouldn't have been able to see if it hadn't been for technology being able to reach homes the way it was so what Chief Keef it was like now you get to see Chicago in the raw you know the rate way of really not before it gets decorated on any level by the time he gets up here here it is in a row well I interviewed swag dinero who is the the brother of little Jojo okay and he talked about how when little Jojo dropped BDK he considers the that was a song that kind of set off the war in Chicago I mean BTK came out in 2012 what happened when that song dropped and crazy who was going crazy everybody was BTK was coming out the woodwork like hey I'm gonna be TK too you know like the city was just divided fast uber right and this was kind of one of the first kind of like banging on wax kind of kind of songs to come out of Chicago I mean I'm sure it happened before but this I felt like it guys took it to a different level just the biggest banging on wax ever in history steel yeah so the city started to go crazy over this yeah it just became like the street stuff started getting really infused with the music you know there and like the music was influenced in the streets too I mean would you consider that an accurate assessment that once that song came out it started to really set things off I'm not sure you know these guys were there's a whole different vibe and era from from from what I'm in you know you were here to hear things but I'm not really sure you know one I'm not sure to flag man you know that I know enough about now not to sit here and go through intricate details about gang shit you know so even if I knew every detail I would probably sit here look at you with a straight face and say damn Dawg I'll know I'm not you know I mean for me III want this shit to de-escalate you know I mean I don't wanna I don't want to have situations where a person does a song and then and you see a string of bodies after that song comes out which you see way too often in these types of situations and I think it's something we got to stop in general because like I said my project is called you know 96 you don't know saying in that time go back then you had the same thing rappers were rapping about each other on records and getting killed you know so I think it's a problem that that didn't appear from a late situation I think this is something that's always been going on with the younger generation specifically rap you know the guys get into it and you have some public format that they're able to get into it with each other over and they forget that it's entertainment and what platform we own and did we put ourselves in dangerous situations so I think it's a little bigger than that one you know I think it started back then you know

20 thoughts on “Twista Won't Answer Vlad's Questions About Gang Politics in Chicago (Part 9)

  1. Twista is in my top 10 greatest rappers of all time. He got bars dont let the fast rap style fool you.

  2. Vlad don’t know shit about Chicago or Gang Culture. Stuff was way worse in the 80’ and 90’s when the Crack hit and PJ’s were still up. They been banging on Wax you just didn’t understand what was being said

  3. Vlad always lies he wants controversy that way he asks the question people dont die or beef vladtv over facts

  4. Vlad says he wants to de-escalate the beefs but his content in so many ways lights fire to these situations SMH (We don't believe you)

  5. You don’t see this nigga hat banged to the left!! He ain’t bouta sit there and talk about Folk business

  6. Vlad gone ask a lil kid… about the start of banging on wax and except that as an accurate description . DJ VLAD…LEARN FROM AL PROFIT AND DO THOROUGH Background info!!!! Twista wanted to say what the fuck do that lil teenager know!😂😂😂

  7. We from Chicago Vlad we dont do the police ass questions. Shit been bussing before Chief Keef do some more research look up Gang bang City.

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