TVJ Midday News: King Street Tax Office Evacuated | Dengue Cases on the Rise – November 5 2019

TVJ Midday News: King Street Tax Office Evacuated | Dengue Cases on the Rise – November 5 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Tuesday November 5 we do apologize for the late
start but a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom noxious
fumes from the King Street offices of tax administration Jamaica in downtown
Kingston have resulted in the building being evacuated the fumes are also
reportedly affecting offices on nearby Orange Street including the criminal
records office which has also been evacuated the incident has been
confirmed by chairman of the Police Federation
sergeant Potrero with dengue cases on the increase the Nurses Association of
Jamaica is calling on the Health Ministry to be consistent with its
fogging methods to reduce mosquitos TVJ similar pulling reports 51 persons have
died from dengue related deaths from 2018 to present that’s according to the
ministry of health but president of the Nurses Association of Jamaica
nej Carmen Johnson believes some of those deaths could have been avoided if
the fog in by the Minister of Health was consistent it’s a mixture of chemicals
that they used to do the fog in what persons are recognized over a period of
time that image is not consistent across regions and so I’m a mixie tosser
knowing another set may mix it another way one of the complain that me that we
have heard is that because you take persons aren’t to do the work without
the requisite training and they themselves have complained they find out
that yeah that consistency in how you do things isn’t there
miss Johnson says over the years the profile of the 80s the jab time mosquito
has changed and it is no more aggressive what we found is that they must just
seem to be more violent and as I said you find that the patient especially our
children we need not be of starting the having feeling febrile the temperature
goes up 200 and 300 and to and so they are sicker than they have
ever been again we lock the number of it space
that we have in any intensive care units and so some of these patients when they
come down and are very ill they are not able to get into an intensive care you
need to be cared for the maj president says it’s a public health problem in
need of urgent attention she added that the increase in the number of dengue
cases is impacting nurses it affects donors again with increased patient load
having to care for some of them themselves are affected and some of them
their children or grandchildren also affected we have had a nurse in the
center near who lost her grandson to dengue we have had other nurses whose
children have been so affected by dingy so you know have your family member with
severe didn’t get to care for well it seemed a after kimono to ensure that
those who come in with it and so kind of create a frustration within their main
meanwhile health minister dr. Christopher Tufton taught TVJ news
recently that the Minister of Health will be making changes to how it goes
about fogging similar pollen TVJ news meanwhile the Western Regional Health
Authority is calling for an enhanced vector control program on that side of
the island TV jeiza Shane masters picks up that story health or Authority is
calling for sustained help in treating dengue cases speaking to journalists
recently in Montego Bay st. James acting regional vector control officer Ryan
Morris noted that Western parishes have seen a significant reduction in the ADC
depth a mosquito since July we have seen sixty-seven percent decrease in our
areas index in the western region from as much as 18% don’t to 11 visi
attributes to the work of the enhanced vector control teams put in place by the
Health Ministry however he says there could have been a greater reduction in
the mosquito population if there wasn’t a halt in the program between May and
June every time we have such a program we make a dent in control of the
mosquito we you the Erie’s index as an indicator of
organs and as such we would have seen that going down having had this program
January to March we saw that we had index going down we had cases going down
the program ended March he says even though there has been a reduction in the
mosquito population the number of cases in western Pasha’s is still troubling
but another source of concern is that the ABC tip time mosquito is not the
only source of dengue the ADEs ever picked us or the Asian tiger mosquito
also spreads the virus this new vector I will speak of tend to prefer the more
vegetative area so you are not only concerned about a domesticated one which
circles in and our own room so we didn’t know how to think a little more about
personal protection so bushing of overgrown era lots that have been left
unoccupied and it’s becoming a forest please those no pause at read for the
the vector which is transmitting some of the most deadly illnesses but are the
chemicals used in vector control effective yes it is affecting however
the militaire are the spring that you call it fucking only get rid of the
other mosquito and if our love seller cultural activity is not in tip-top
shape we will realize that in short short order we will see I don’t mosquito
again mr. Morris also noted that climate change is a major factor in dealing with
the mosquito population having temperature variation that will cause
mosquito larvae to come into production much faster than what we are used to so
we must admit that climate change temperature has an impact on
proliferation as such mosquito control is an integrated approach not just
fuckin ocean masters TV genius and the United States Center for Disease Control
and Prevention CD see says so far this year 2.7 million
cases of dengue have been reported in the Americas 2 million were recorded in
Brazil and more than 100,000 in Mexico Nicaragua and Colombia the CDC’s dengue
branch in Puerto Rico says there has been a massive resurgence in dengue
fever in several countries around the globe the cases have been the highest
since 2010 Prime Minister Andrew holder says he’s seeking to strengthen
Jamaica’s relationship with China mr. Hollis who is currently in the Asian
country for an official visit says he also wants to see an increase in
investments from China and just to be clear and to be on the record we can’t
give fiscal incentives any more in other words we can’t buy investments because
that’s what fiscal incentives amount to you know giving tax breaks and reduce
cost on on duties and so forth we can’t do that because what that is doing is
reducing our revenue and thereby impacting on our debt potentially so
what we have to do is make it easier for people to do business in Jamaica so that
they will choose Jamaica Chinese investors have been spending heavily in
Jamaica especially on infrastructure projects and it’s time for a break but
stay with us more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news a woman is claiming negligence following the death of her daughter at
the Port Antonio Hospital the deceased woman was pregnant
I went into a hospital you see my belfie heavy heavy head and then Caramon caught
him and after the terrible period then gets to him that fits three tiny
boyfriend said and then adapter fame up it caught him in response the hospital
says a report is being compiled on the matter it will among other things
outline the events leading to the woman’s death one man is dead and
another is on the run following Sunday’s shooting incident in a section of
Highgate st. Mary the dead man has been identified as 37 year-old Jason McLeod
according to reports mr. McLeod was sitting on a wall in the community when
a man approached him with a gun pointed it in his direction and opened a far mr.
McLeod ran into a neighbor’s house his mother told TV Janie she was at church
when she heard explosion colleen fernman I get in my car never for me to get to
mommy turned on the road yeah let me turn on the road Missy never in
septum–ah get shot miss away in the bunny veranda so Miss Emma answer me he
was later taken to hospital where he died doing that much but you know him
don’t owe me anything no nothing so making us anything but about him a 63
year old woman has been murdered in Clarendon she is Edna winter of Havana
Heights phase three reports are that shortly after 12:00 Monday afternoon
miss winter was at her regular spot on fuller road where she and her daughter
operates a stall operator stall when explosions were heard Ms winters
daughter told TVJ news that she was not with her at the time of the incident
however her one year where the Sun was left with her
mother miss winters body was found with gunshot wounds but the baby was not hurt no carryover
as we told 12 o’clock every pillow hey I got a coil and a mile behind a Buckeye
fridge the parish of a st. Anne has recorded a marginal increase in murders
this year compared to 2018 addressing a recent stakeholders meeting in the
parish head of the st. Anne police Senior Superintendent Calvin small noted
there were two more murders than the 35 committed last year as for other crimes
shootings are done by 236 last year 34 this year robberies are up 64 this year
47 last year break-ins are down 80 last year versus m71 this year ribs another
sexual offenses are don’t significantly we are seeing only four recorded versus
21 last year and lastly we are seeing six versus well five this year versus
six last year ssp small says out of the 235 major crimes in the parish aureus
accounts for ninety four of those crimes followed by scenes
Ann’s Bay and brownstone he also outlined communities for special
attention there is steer tone weird now we are we have increased our presence in
that in that space because of some shootings and a murder occurred here
recently we have pieces like parrot own where we have to pay special attention
to that era do two instances of murders and shootings that we have had in that
space meanwhile SSP small is also concerned about the number of fatalities
due to road crashes in Saint Anne he noted that since the start of the year
there has been thirty road crashes leading to thirty three deaths from the
roadway leading from mommy Bay to Discovery Bay the main issue is speeding
careless driving careless you know overtaking with or without due
care but it is not an easy task on times to catch some of these drivers when they
are driving recklessly and in sports defending champions
Kingston college and Wilma’s will vie for sole leadership in their group today
at the stadium East in the quarterfinal round of the ISA Manning Cup
both teams are tied on three points after recording victories in their
opening game however a win for other teams would send them top of the group
and a point away from the semi-finals kickoff is at 4 p.m. meanwhile
camperdown and Charlie Smith look to stay in contention for a spot in the
last four when they do battle in the opening game at 2 p.m. both saw defeats
to KC and Wilma’s and a win for either would keep them alive in the race for
the top two semi final spots TVJ and TVJ Sports Network we’ll have live coverage
and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime
time news package on behalf of the news sports and production teams good

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