TVJ Midday News: Highly Anticipated Summit – October 17 2016

TVJ Midday News: Highly Anticipated Summit – October 17 2016

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom
with about two hours to go before the highly anticipated crime summit the
parliamentary opposition says it’s not expecting a definitive position on the
issue the meeting will involve several stakeholders including the private
sector government officials and members of the public sector opposition
spokesman on national security Fitz Jackson says today’s meeting is an
important first step in the fight against crime the meeting gets underway
at 2 o’clock at the Jamaica conference center and will be closed to the public
mr. Jackson says a joint statement will be issued following the meeting and we
will decide seek to decide on a way forward after this first this
consultation exercise we the People’s National Party had a similar
consultation it led because of the intransigence of the government to make
an effort the private sector group in recognized importance of having the
government being integrally involved because at the end of the day it is the
government that has to be asked to implement whatever is agreed to we have
proposals coming out of the consultation what that serves to indicate a
collective position but it must be led by the government because it has to be
implemented and with the government participation o we expect to be able to
move forward with those collective thank you opposition senator Lambert Brown is
taking the justice minister to task for failing to publicly speak out against
the arrest of innocent persons those people tell me this position smells of senator Brown was contributing to the
debate to extend states of a public emergency in the Senate he said that 85%
of the 4111 persons detained since January last year have been released
without charge meanwhile another opposition senator
Kelly Knight warned against mass detentions pointing to the 1992 deaths
of Agana Barrett Ian Forbes and vasa Brown as the constant spring police
lockup the men died after suffocating in a crammed and the st. Catherine South
Police have listed seven men wanted for murders and shootings within the
division among those listed as wanted for murder is 21 year old Damien Henry
otherwise called devil of burke road old Harbison catherine ground commander for
the state of emergency in st. catherine south superintendent Winifred Campbell
wants the men to turn themselves in he was speaking at a stakeholders meeting
last night Martin Brown he frequents limbs did and it wanted for murder
he’s from what’s move in Port Morrison Catherine Damien Henry OC devil is 21
years old he’s from Baroda old harbors st. Catherine he’s wanted also for
murder in Ellis OC Borden sakaba garden Sullivan wanted for murder
Marlin Bennett short man who shot man ROC Jamal is from golf in Gregory Park
he is wanted for murder properly wanted Stokely Collins OC
pepper from Windsor Heights central village
he’s wanted for the murder of Alvin Brown all right Dean Brooks OC kid of
Boston Road Waterford st. Catherine is wanted for shooting Jason Duncan Oh Sita flan OC big I
wanted for shooting with intent five persons a ten-year-old boy is dead after
sustaining injuries from a motor vehicle crash on Monday Colin Lloyd jr. was a
student of the lime Hall primary school in st. an T V J’s Prince Moore reports
what was a routine for ten-year-old Colin Lloyd jr. also called a CJ on a
daily basis became tragedy in a split second on Monday afternoon it’s
understood that CJ was on his way from school when he attempted to cross the
road near his school in Lyme Hall when he was hit by a bus he suffered serious
injuries and was rushed to the Saint Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital where his
condition worsened he was then transferred to the Bustamonte Hospital
for Children on Tuesday he died a day later on Wednesday evening his mother
Deandra Ridley told TVJ news that on her last visit with her son he asked to use
the bathroom but she told him he could not move so he should use the Pampas
which he was wearing he responded no the mother says shortly after his breathing
worsened so they’re gonna put him in the ICU no getting him ready to go to the
ICU he started fighting them because they said that he’s getting confused
because there’s no oxygen going to the brain so you got he started getting
angry started fighting them by literally fighting them and
he started reading through his nose his father Colin Lloyd Cena is still trying
to cope with the loss CJ was very strong all I wanted was just to see me Colin
the state of peein Holly wanted was to see me
just hold me principal of the lime hall primary school Janet he described Colin
as a good student a very promising young man very manly very friendly you know
and we really hoped that we he would have survived know at his desk these
notes with all too familiar are IPs and gone too soon
the police have since confirmed that the vehicle involved in the crash was taken
to the motor vehicle examination Depot in st. Anne’s Bay for testing the driver
has been interviewed and has been warned for prosecution burns more TVJ news
the Jamaican Labor Party and the People’s National Party have agreed in
principle to participate in up to three political debates ahead of the next
general election they will be organized by the Jamaica debates commission
Jamaica’s next general election is due between February 25 2021 and June 10 of
the same year however Prime Minister Andrew Holness may call the election
early in a release today the Jamaica debates commission said a Memorandum of
Understanding was signed yesterday by the general secretaries of both major
political parties the proposal is as follows the first debate would focus on
social issues the second on the economy and the third debate between the
contenders for the office of the prime minister the debates will be broadcast
live via television radio and the internet and it’s time for a break here
on the midday news but stay with us more so
is right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news a government senator has again defended the government’s push for the
implicate implementation of a national identification system saying it’s an
important tool in helping to quickly identify and catch criminals Senator
Charles Sinclair was responding to opposition senator Lambert Brown who
questioned the crime fighting strategy T BJ’s Krista Campbell reports at
Wednesday’s the sitting of the Senate Lambert Brown pointed to a spiraling
crime situation plagued in the island and a government he said is losing the
fight to bring crime figures down he noted that robberies remain a challenge
making special note of a recent incident at a Western Union in st. Elizabeth
unknown brothers got cornered within 24 hours three weeks know how we can corner
some breeds of criminal robbing a Santa Cruz business in the bright up there and
it tells me where to dote and have some lack of confidence in the leadership
that feel to capture those people he insisted tools are available for the
government to use to help solve certain crimes especially when they’re caught on
camera that went senator Kerry night was Minister national security official
recognition the technology official recognition was introduced to pika that technology exists in the world
it exists in Jamaica has it been used and it has that has been doing a very
good job in identifying persons who may have applied for passports using other
names and income back since the implementation of that system and I’ve
applied for passports it picks them up quite quickly
government Senator Charles Sinclair stressed it’s why his government had
been advocating for the of a central identification system which
would among other things help to make it easier to catch criminals video footage
from the robbed reality in st. Elizabeth watching against because those persons
may have no identification at all they may not be the ruin of a passport they
may not be who will offer an electoral identification
so what Christa Campbell TVJ News there’s a call this afternoon for
Jamaicans to do more to protect the environment by restricting developments
which destroy forestry and mangroves there’s also a view that local hoteliers
should contribute towards conservation efforts more in this report the second
tourism resilience summit of the Americas was teased and the regional
headquarters of the University of the West Indies over two days last week and
the stakeholders who attended warned local authorities about paying lip
service to environmental protection for them promises and plans won’t save
residents the infrastructure and the environment when disaster strikes a call
was therefore made for local leaders to prove they are serious by stopping the
destruction of critical areas such as forests and Mont groves in Montego Bay
there is a Marine Park which protects all the coral reefs that the hotels and
Montego Bay use for visitors but they do not pay the operational cost of that
Marine Park so there’s a spillover I’m not an economist but I know spill overs
are bad and I know externalizing costs about it causes all kinds of distortions
so you know one of the things you’ll have to figure out is how do you stop
the distortions how do you create a fair and just economy as far as tourism is
concerned and in your own self-interests how do you make sure that the natural
basis for your business continues to survive in addition to saving
livelihoods conservation efforts can also save lives one of his speakers at
the summit recalled his trip to a Baku in the Bahamas
just months before Hurricane dor-win struck Heaphy is a region including
Jamaica should learn lessons from what that hurricane did in Nabucco out of all
the destinations we chose to reach out to conduct two of our annual crisis
readiness in response workshops which we rotate every year ironically we did them
in Abaco and Grand Bahama in April our challenge with how to better prepare and
respond to these unfortunate and increasingly frequent occurrences and
pay professor ation regional leaders were also encouraged to use their
collective voice at global summits to get action on climate change or Shane
masters TV genius and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00
for the prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production
teams good afternoon

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  1. Unno a big up dutty Lambert unno is a set ah big fool y he doesn't want a national id system …simply stop someone he doesn't have an id u can take him to check his identity … By law everyone should have an id if u dont have i . u go jail until ur properly check …… Come on people be smart n stop been daff

  2. When I hear Jamaican politician speak I have to wonder I wish Jamaica there are talking about…… Is this the same Jamaica Mr. Brown actions cause Good Air & Creameo packup and leave Jamaica to be what is today….. OMG to Mr Lambert Brown…..

  3. KB Knight was minister of national security when person was lock up at constant spring police station when 12 men died ….. Now he is giving advice the country about police behavior …. OMG again…. Jamaican keep allowing politicians to play politics with our lives…

  4. Jamaicans dont like to lived by law in their own country thats why they dont want proper id system but they are glad to lived in other people country and obey their I'd system let the USA tell dem to take out half their blood and one of their eyes to I'd dem and they will enter the USA and see , none will have a problem , we are our own problem .

  5. Pot a cuss the pot said it black, we need to catch all those criminals, but we need to start with some of u who sitting in parliament, because ur finger is pointing back at u .
    If u r serious about criminal plz prison that dishonest one who stole the money from the education system ,until then you all r criminal.

  6. You are a damn liar, crime has been an issue in Jamaica for decades, during both parties while in power. None of the parties is competent when it comes to crime.

  7. Why are we Jamaicans Republic of Jamaica need to know what is going on behind closed doors all these ministers are discussing our life what about the people of Jamaica they need to know what's going on

  8. I love when the PNP are oppositions because they attack the JLP and show them up so we get much more attention to problems, l really love that, keep up the good job PNP light the fire.

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