29 thoughts on “TV reporter Courtney Friel hit on during live interview

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  2. Dude looks better than the one guy she with right now lol She is beautiful can't blame him. The only fine anchor her eyes are so beautiful the sparkle like stars 😍

  3. What can you say?  Many Attractive girls go for the unattractive….  There are many theories why…  Evidently she likes "Squishy" – exactly what a normal person doesn't want….

  4. He doesn't look good enough to walk around without a shirt on…. "Get Real". but apparently she likes squishy guys

  5. What a bonehead!  First he asks her out and then says a "Fire" is Pretty Cool…. Like he has a chance in H*ll

  6. He just casually walks away. Nothing is as serious as reported on the local news, especially in southern California.

  7. I'll would've date this guy if I was gay haha. Gotta luv this guy. "Yeah, wow ur super pretty, wanna go on a date sum time?? with a small doggy and without a shirt. That's classy bro lol.

  8. is she always had bad outcomes from her interviews? I just came from the video where the little boy that she made cry from a single question haha

  9. I live in California Los Angeles to be exact I see KTLA 5 studio nearly every week I watch the reported and Courtney Friel is by far the hottest reporter Kimberly Chang next but these reporters are fine

  10. You will actually be surprised how well his question works. It's so direct that a lot of women are taken aback by the confidence to approach and ask a question like that.

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