28 thoughts on “TV Novel : Eunhui | TV소설: 은희 EP.1 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2013.07.08]

  1. how is it different from dramas? I'd like to watch it but I really don't have time with all the awesome dramas currently airing T T

  2. THANK YOU KBSWORLD ! Didn't know you had a youtube channel ! I never understood why on tv (kbsworld only) the quality video was so bad (yellow/orange satured color). So im glad to see that i can watch it on your youtube channel in hd and original colors!!!!

  3. I'm so happy I can watch KBS tv novel on youtube. So shocked to have found KBSWorld pulled out from Dish though. Does anybody know the last episode of Samsaengi? Would love to find out!! Thanks!

  4. Yes.

    And coincidentally, this is the reunion of Park Chan-hwan and Kim Hye-seon, who both played Jang-geum's parents in "Jewel in the Palace / Dae Jang-geum"

  5. how could that be considered a murder? he acted in Self-defense by pushing the guys hands away that was choking him! – that isn't murder in my book (especially since he didn't know the idiots head cracked open from the fall)

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