Turning Point? Turkey's opposition wins Istanbul rerun vote

Turning Point? Turkey's opposition wins Istanbul rerun vote

29 thoughts on “Turning Point? Turkey's opposition wins Istanbul rerun vote

  1. Tayyip called Imamoglu and his supporters terrorists yet he sided with Abdullah Ocalan, the biggest terrorist so he could get votes from the Kurds. Tayyip is pure evil. He is a calculating manipulating evil.

  2. Imamoglu kind of reminds me of Obama. If you remember Obama was a young senator from Illinois and boom, he came out f nowhere and ran for Presidency. Still miss him now that we re stuck with the blond clown.

  3. Onur Erim has the IQ of an armadillo. Francois is surprisingly well at pronunciation. He said the words gezi, imamoglu etc perfectly.

  4. I am sorry but it s really hard to watch this because the ladies cannot speak proper English. I keep getting lost trying to understand it. And why is no one questioning the fact that Dictator resides in Ankara but votes in Istanbul.

  5. He won fair and square both times. Dictator’s people were not quick enough this time to steal votes 🤣🤣🤣🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷


  7. -Speaker: Hi I am a bit surprised, I am so sorry( why sorry lol) Even tho your English is perfect but I didnt understand what the post-trueuee ….

    -Moderator: That there were claims on the campaign trail that were fallacious that were untrue
    -Speaker: I was just thinking that actually imamoglu was so successful….. what's it got to do with what the moderator said lol

  8. A comment concerning the Russian S-300 system in Greece that the panel Erdogan supporter brought up in the discussion, saying other NATO members bought Russian missiles, why not Turkey? Well, the story goes..in 1996 Cyprus (not a NATO member!! And facing an arms embargo over past decades from the west and US) decided to buy for its protection the S-300 system. Then Turkey intervened and said that they would declare war against the small (largely unarmed) island if the already paid system was delivered. NATO then intervened and the solution found was to place the S-300 in Greece instead, in western Crete (away from Turkey). So in brief to compare the present S-400 situation that Turkey faces with the S-300 of its neighbouring country is totally ridiculous…it is pretty obvious if one knows the facts

  9. if you are in opposition to Erdoğan he calls you terrorist (pkk, feto, traitor etc.) whether you are a politician, journalist, voter or businessman. thats an everday thing here in turkey. because there is no one to judge him or speak against him on tvs. most tv channels dont mention his wrong doings and blame the opposition or the outer forces(whatever they are). some tvs even stopped using the imamoğlu's name before the re-election. they used the term "chp istanbul candidate" until the re-elections. that proAKP guy on the screen knows that better than everyone. he is such a typical akp-voter…

  10. I am an Erdogan opposer . And I am ok that French news channels report and debate the Istanbul elections. What I am missing in the "western" and especially French media are discussions about France's role in the genocides in Algeria and Rwanda. A discussion WHY the EU is turning it's back to an elected president in Venezuela and continue to support a self declared "president" who is the puppet of the biggest Mafia country in the world, why France is intervening in the Eastern Mediterranean gas/oil crisis between Turkey and Cyprus/Greece ?
    Is it because France solved all it's local problems like the yellow vests uprising, Paris slums or even problems related to their colonial past?

  11. Mind your language! Who do you think you are? Politics of the Turkish state is none of your business France 24, mind your own business. Turkish nation has chosen Erdogan for presidency since 17 years. You have to show respect for that!!

  12. The guy with the blue suit is so stupid!!! He claims that Erdogan called the other candidate a terrorist (to repel people from voting to him) but no Turkish news paper reported it because there's no freedom of press in Turkey!!!

    Then how Erdogan would get his word to voters and repels them from voting for the opposition candidate?!

  13. Istanbul mayoral election was one of the most important in the history of Turkish politics. People of Istanbul saved democracy and killed Political Islam. Political Islam was once considered as a savior by conservatives and fundamentalists reached to dead end. Even the supporters of that idea leaving the sinking ship rapidly.

  14. Don't listen to this Onur Erin guy, he's obviously a party henchmen, the only campaign they care about is smear campaigns.

  15. AKP promised us EU than gave us Middle east.We will vote for more secular parties.We want to be part of EU.🇹🇷👍

  16. If they want Turkey out of NATO. So be it. This is a sovereign country. Even in very poor conditions. Nobody will abandon they right to choose. Even the opposition. Look at the history CHP acted with Milli Selamet Partisi (Erbakan) religious right party on Cyprus case.

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