46 thoughts on “Turkish Airlines Business Class SURPRISE

  1. Turkish airline is my favourite airline, i love everything about them. Service , quality, seats everything is great!

  2. After 8 detailed online TK reviews,I got told that photography is forbidden onboard Turkish Airlines. Trust Sam Chui to be allowed to do this however.

  3. Have travelled with the airline a dozen times. The only complaint I have is that during landing time, I get severe ear aches. Ears are blocked and it is painful. Dont know why it happens only in this airline.

  4. I flew Turkish airline for the first time and it was a superb experience. One of the best airlines if not the best in the world.

  5. Harikasın Sam Chui zevkle videolarını seyrediyorum merak ettim görmediğin gitmediğin ülke var mı

  6. Wonderful video, heartwarming, very personable presenter – NormalIy I cannot stand this sort of video reviews, most are just plain boring and obnoxious. Now with the new airport IST this video of the lounge and glimpses of Atatürk airport is a valuable trip down memory lane for a very frequent flyer with TK. BTW, your partner's woollen scarf is very chic – jealous.

  7. From how they started and what they've become now ,they deserve a big thumbs up, massive progress. I flew in economy and the service i received was far beyond my expectations, great service and hospitality. Well done Turkish Airlines, great airline indeed 👍

  8. That Was A SUPER VIDEO, Thank You Mr. Chui!!! We Are SO GRATEFUL, (Living In Istanbul) To Be Able To Fly Almost Exclusively With Turkish Airlines….They Fly Direct To 3 Of Our Main "Hubs"; (LA, TORONTO AND MIAMI) AND My Wife and I Have Nothing But Praise For The Turkish Airlines "Experience"……5 Stars!!!! Happy Travels Mr. Chui! From Istanbul, Daniel Patrick Young. P.S. We're Looking Forward to Our Flight to Frankfurt This Saturday Morning…… (April 20,2019) Although it's a VERY EARLY Flight; both My Wife and I are Excited!!!! We'll spend Friday Evening At The New/Beautiful Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge…….Harika!!!! (Super)

  9. Turkish airlines service are nice but their ground crew in the air port absolutely bad! I'm a Bangladeshi American, I did frequently fly with Turkish, somehow i don't know whether it might happened because of lack of communication skills due to language barrier or in general their ground crews in the airport act somewhat rude. I remember one time one Pakistani or Indian passenger got slapped by a guy who worked as a flight details checker or something while for some smoke reason couple of years ago lot of flight in turkey got cancelled. 😀

  10. By seeing many of your videos, I think the food things of Turkish airlines are one of the best in the world

  11. O yemekleri uçaga gelmeden önce hazirlayan kişilerden biriyim , ordaki arkadaşlar sadece servis yapiyor 👍🏻

  12. Can u show us the horrible side of service for this Airline going from Istanbul To Jakarta try if u dare …

  13. Sam Brother, This is the best Airline with compared to Food, Baggage and Travel Fare.. the best I just love Turkish Airline

  14. I hate Turkish Business class on 777, The seats are good, food if great, but the 2-3-2 configuration makes the seats feel small.

  15. i noticed most people flying bussiness or first class are carrying a lot of bagage, as in their bodyweight

  16. only flew Turkish economy from London to Istambul and then to Izmir, they gave me a full amazing meal in both flights, service was incredible, friendly, happy. I love when an airline like this one and Singapore also, make you feel first class even in economy.

  17. The only bad thing with Turkish is the seating. The food is second to none. But I try to avoid them now because of the owners, but that is another story. Turkish food must be the best in the world, together with Iranian and Lebanon food, and Istanbul is an amazing city

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