25 thoughts on “Turkey's President Erdogan Votes in Istanbul's Mayoral Election

  1. Where u promise erdogan want Islam comeback victory again? The Muslim all the world want see the victory again.then it is god want.must redha

  2. And again ekrem 襤mamolu wins, now everyting's gonna be great. By the way we don't wanna syrians this country we are turks not arab,and arab and turks are not brother

  3. How stupid can you be to vote for a dictator like Erdogan ?!
    My people fought hard against a dictatorship,but it was installed nevertheless with the help of soviet tanks.

  4. Another pos dictator enslaving and terrorising Muslim population. They'll join there jevv friends on judgement day. Remember erDOGan was doing oil business and hence funding Isis terrorists who were let loose onto muslims

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