Turkey's opposition wins rerun of Istanbul mayoral vote

Turkey's opposition wins rerun of Istanbul mayoral vote

Istanbul changes hands for the first time since 1994 the main opposition CHP candidate Akram imamova Lu has been elected mayor of the city in a controversial rerun that has polarized the nation the 49 year old mayor was relatively unknown but has managed to win the backing of crucial allies such as the Kurdish people's Democratic Party the HDP I'm ready to work with the Turkish president in harmony and I aspire to do that I am announcing that in front of all the residents of Istanbul once the legal process is completed after receiving the mandate and assuming the office I would like to visit him as soon as possible to present a roadmap and opinions and listen to his views Imam of lose-win is a major setback for Ben Ali ilderim former prime minister and a quarter's candidate for the mayoral election yelled Erin's loss is widely interpreted here as an indication of our party's waning influence according to the results as of now my competitor is leading the race I congratulate him and wish him well March 30 the first imam of allah defeated his rival by a narrow margin back party contested the outcome claiming that some of the results weren't ratified by election officials the higher Election Board ordered a reelection undeterred by the decision a memo glue held multiple rallies reminding his supporters that their victory was stolen by a party democracy has won justice has won our people care about democracy I congratulate the future president of the country we increased our gains by having more votes from the our party supporters which means there are also disgruntled the new mayor faces the delicate task of running the country's biggest wealthiest and most populous city but his supporters already see him as the right person to run against President Roosevelt ohan in the 2023 presidential election although this is a local election its outcome is likely to shape the future of our party which faces a deepening crisis loyalists and people across the country all agree our Johanns ruling party has failed to fix an economy in tatters Hashima al jazeera Istanbul

42 thoughts on “Turkey's opposition wins rerun of Istanbul mayoral vote

  1. I dont want anybody to tell us Turks whom to vote for… We don’t care if anybody sees Erdoğan as the Leader of the Muslim Ummah we just care about the fact that the economy is in a big recession that we have very high inflation and unemployment rates and partially because Erdogans family and party is incredibly corrupt! I mean his son in law is right now the finance minister you really can’t make it more obvious…

  2. Yay, now women can be oppressed to not wear hijab in work places again🙄. Some Turks are so obsessed with a western European identity, that when offered their own unique one if east meets west, they clearly turn it down. How sad of a people

  3. AKP had a good run but Turkish people wanted a change.
    Now nobody can call Erdogan a dictator he lost all major citys.

  4. CHP'yi Si Heç Pi diye okudu KCKCKIDJCISJIFJ abicim kimse eğitim vermiyor mu şu salaklara ya isimleri telafuz etme konusunda? Ya bu telafuz bile değil ki aslında.

  5. Esos que se disen con trolar el mundo no tiene cerebro tiene pura mierda en su puta cabeza 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. We warned, We said ; Turkey is secular and will ALWAYS remain secular ! We will make him the next president! This is only the beginning ♥️ 😊

  7. Istanbul has always been full with dumb uneducated leftists who love to suck off the west and try to become european. Anyway, Erdogan is still president till atleast 2023 and hopefully in 2024 we will reclaim the mayor seat of Istanbul


  9. Erdogan is hated by the West.
    NATO will no longer supply Turkey with the new F35 fighter jet.
    Turkey have chosen Russia and the Axis of Evil.

  10. Erdogan will remain president until whenever Allah wills. May Allah keep in power and make him successful and make him defeat the secularists. He is one the few presidents who aren't American and Zionist puppets.

  11. Those who r saying that Ekrem immoglu is a future president let me remind u this is just a dream which is never gonna fulfilled.

  12. All the small party votes decreased and went to imamoglu. Is this illegal ? No. Its freedom. As a human who lives in istanbul and who supported binali yıldırım , i am waiting that what promises imamoglu gave. Lets see.

  13. I actually knew who was going to win before they even voted. Congrats. I don’t care who won as long as they make Turkey 🇹🇷 great again

  14. Okay,let's see whether Imamoglu can fulfill the campaign promise as targeted to the istanbul residents?if not,then it is proven that the istanbul residents are still unedecuted.

  15. Is democracy coming to Turkey? And it should not be fake failed democracy like pakistan which has military selected puppet PM.

  16. A real victory for democracy which is under such threat worldwide. Let us keep fighting for freedom! Congratulations, Istanbul, and thank you!

  17. yes I love democracy freedom of speech freedom !! you shouldn't be arrested for speaking out the whole world needs democracy

  18. True democracy not vote riging and hacking like for Trump in America against Clinton, Big up Turkish people

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