Turkey's opposition wins Istanbul mayoral vote rerun

Turkey's opposition wins Istanbul mayoral vote rerun

[Applause] Jessica just legends well Kissin this we say they're never flossy China Jess pundants on a crane beam Amado calculations are is tombola buzel is material mashanda terminator it's the economic downturn that way that was behind the victory of the the opposition candidate in the capital Ankara as well as in Istanbul even though I don't everyone and responding after four and a half years before they have to face the electorate and presidential and parliamentary elections extended waiting for four and a half years I guess to ask whether after seven years in power they have to ability to transform themselves into a more attractive life back into an electorate which seems to be moving away from them she's in that wheelchair Cinderella schmeyer Haslam they're gonna Tarlov him will trim Istanbul arendelle to Europe

25 thoughts on “Turkey's opposition wins Istanbul mayoral vote rerun

  1. Turkey people are celebrating as they are going to be western slave for next 5 years.

  2. This is awful! The CHP Party is beyond oppressive. They were oppressive to Kurds, Armenians and Arab minorities in the country, they are not a true representation of democracy. Democracy in Canada allows anyone to dress, act, and be whoever they want to be. Hours after these results women's hijabs were being yanked off by CHP followers and were on twitter calling for concentration camps to Syrian refugees. Come on – the CHP is a sham. History doesn't lie, and until they can promise to treat Kurds and other minorities in the country equally…they wont be a democracy. In the past they failed and robbed the Turkish people, and they will do so again. Such a loss for Turkey.

  3. Bravo Turkey . Congratulations to Turkish people.
    Remove the tartar rus erDOGan .
    Hopefully turkey cancel negotiations about S-400 system with the "evil slavic race " .
    Turkey should become 100% democratic country , not a third world country with a "strong fake leader" but lost in poverty.
    Turkey is a secular country not an islamic one .

  4. If Erdogan step down from turkey but mahinda rajapaksa coming soon from Sri Lanka.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 both are same dictatorship Erdogan fully following Sri Lanka former dictator mahinda rajapaksa. mahinda rajapaksa (2005-2014) Erdogan (2014- now)

  5. erdogan doesnt want to let istanbul taken by oppositions so easly so he try his second chance. and he tried some politic maneuvres. he doesnt push his chance too much not because he hasnt got enough power because he needs money soon. turkey one step close to the economic crisis and collapse thats why erdogan needs perception point of west turkey still ruled by democracy which is not for people who know there very well. if erdogan take by force he could risk economy and that would be a big problem in turkey for the general elections.

  6. Ottomans will come back and stop the slavery of Turkey.
    A nation who can't even decide what weapons to buy without facing sanctions should look upon itself Wether its fully sovereign or not

  7. Now american dual politics can enter in turkey easily and can made them syria and iraq, be ready dear turkish peoples.

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